ASAP Ferg - Tatted Angel Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Yeah, shit I'm going through a lot
Art Basel night out but I'm caught up in the spot
Left the Pigalle party, I'm in the crib tryna plot
I can't even sleep, I'm tryna get the guap
I'm thinking all I need is a big tour with RiRi
And a couple more radio hits to get TV
Just hit Virgil to try to get Yeezy
He working on the album so it ain't gon be easy
Damn, and my girl just caught a nigga
Rolled up unannounced she ain't even call a nigga
Seen shawty through my door and got in all her feelings
Going crazy, hope she don't get your boy evicted
Shit I ain't even call them niggas
It's been a long time since I even talk to niggas
Couple childhood friends turned to awkward niggas
Cause when you get Benjamens there come in all the villains
More money, more problems this shit is real life
The game is WCW real trife
Dumb, broke up with a good girl who had my back
Now it's gonna be hard to find a real wife
Time to deal with the snakes and all the fake loving
Why everytime when she fuck me she always want something?
Always asking bout who's who? And who's that?
And oh, I do's this, do you rap?
Opportunists are opportunists becoming fluent
Cleopatra in every factor, she never losing
She will juice them until his empire come to ruins
Sometimes I think, what the fuck am I doing?
I'm strong but I'm only human
And my tolerance is low so I'm never using
Sometimes I wish Yams was never using
When we toured in UK I knew I'd lose him
Yeah, I know I'd lose him
He went to rehab a year before and he seen improvement
But the fame and access is what abused him
But he in heaven now and I know God'll use him
Yeah, I know God'll use him

Tatted angel, I'm cuffed to hell with diamond bangles
And this world is a whack bitch she never faithful
She would fuck any rich nigga for diamond Jesus
If you wanna get in the game watch how she play you
Tatted angel, I'm cuffed to hell with diamond bangles
And this world is a whack bitch she never faithful
She would fuck any rich nigga for diamond Jesus
If you wanna get in the game watch how she play you
Play you, play you, play you

[Verse 2:]
Shit feeling too hard to get far
Feeling like a butterfly, shit, stuck in a glass jar
Wanna be the man, you gotta risk it all

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ASAP Ferg Tatted Angel Comments
  1. sushiTECK

    bro come back to this sound. the game needs this . still bumpin in 2020

  2. alessio marrone


  3. Matthew Bailey

    This shit is so sad, RIP YAMS

  4. willy

    rip a$ap yams

  5. Yousif K

    ❤️dis joint always make me think bout my lost ones

  6. human/update

    This song and beat ...beautiful.

  7. Nick Papp

    Man how people dk about this song


    I was listening to this at work one day thinking about my brothers drug use, got really scared n start crying... We made it through. CFO VAMPIRE 4 LIFE!

  9. Michael Gonzan

    This song hit anyone different ? I can relate to almost every lyric in this song it’s crazy like why is life setup the way it is ? How do I keep pushing n strive to be the best I can be when I’m human like I feel like I disappoint everyone even if they tell me otherwise? I just want to be something my lil bros can look up to but I’m far from what I want to portray to them I smoke drink etc done it all except tweak or meth and they have no clue but fuck I can’t get a grip anyone have any advice ? I’m a middle child who has two younger brothers looking up to them with an older brother who I surpassed atleast in the eyes of society I have surpassed him



    I'm also an older brother, i smoke and drink and everyday I want to stop. for the past year it's been on my mind every single day, to try and be better for my brother. I lost a good girl, I dissapoint people, I try to be better though.

    As long as everyday you know you need to change something and you constantly think about it, one day it can happen. The day you stop trying is when its all over. Good Luck battling your demons, you aren't the only one fighting. just don't stop fighting brother.

    Alejandro Barajas

    Been feeling like this for years I know tha vibes

    Junior Udo-Okon

    Fuck. I'm the little bro who watched his brother battle for 8 years and finally turn it all around. Shocked the entire family. When from dead broke and depressed to a 100k a year job working for Wells Fargo. Little did we know that he was working, struggling and trying to be a better person every single day. Wasn't until he told us that, that we knew. Keep trying. Small steps. 1% better every day no matter what and you will become the person you dream and aspire to be, I swear it. Like my brother above me said, keep fighting man! You got this....

  10. Eric Brito Fitness

    i dont listen to asap ferg but this song is different

  11. Александр Афанасьев

    this singing in the end man. cut it pls, you are no singer

    Declan Jordan

    Александр Афанасьев fuck you budddddy

    That high guy

    Eat a dick 🍆

    Geo Romero

    His intent in the end is like drowning. Like Kendrick's god's gangsta intro. He was purposely off.....


    fuck hitting notes Ferg releasing pain on this. thats hurt vocalized

  12. Erv Orozco

    And i aint even calling niggas its been a long time since i even talk to niggas

  13. Paula Garza

    straight slapper, fuckin banger

  14. R. E. Kamilleon West

    He never made another song that sounded like this. Still my favorite from him


    R. E. Kamilleon West which one

    bad-quality-rap 41

    the pain was real on this one

  15. Rift Salty


  16. Owen

    ik God will use him