ASAP Ferg - Swipe Life Lyrics

Picture me in the club, all the models around, bitch
Tip for the bottle girl, all the bottles around
Just bought me a brand new Bim', so I stunt when I come around
Fuck all my enemies, I'ma stunt when I come around

Hunnid swipes, got a couple hundred off a swipe
Swipe, bought a Bentley off a swipe
Swipe life, got two Rollies off a swipe
Swipe, oh, holy moly, swipe life, swipe life

Stolen identity, whenever I put it down
Fuck all my enemies, whenever they come around
My homie done did a year, nigga you held it down
So I bought him a brand new Benz, now he stunt when he come around

Hunnid swipes, got a couple hundred off a swipe
Swipe, bought a Bentley off a swipe
Swipe life, got two Rollies off a swipe
Swipe, oh, holy moly, swipe life, swipe life

[Rick Ross:]
My goons all in that van
My shoes all in that van
My tools all from Afghan
Poppy seed residue on my hands
Sacrifice for my gang
You test me, know you're testin' my aim
I drop them bombs all in your barrack
Barack callin' my name
I just grabbed a new Benz
Took them stocks off of that thing
I put them 4s under that bitch
Got your bitch rockin' all of my chains
I been rich a long time
That boy be still droppin' that flame
Been rich a long time
That boy there still got the cocaine
I pay for the Cad', I might swipe the card
Then I may get head, or I might wipe your broad
I'm cutthroat like that, I cut dope like this
And since I'm always on your mind, can't forget I'm rich, bitch

Swipe, got a couple hundred off a swipe
Swipe life, bought a Bentley off a swipe
Swipe, got two Rollies off a swipe
Swipe life, oh, holy moly, swipe life, swipe life

Henny, Mo' up in my coupe
Skeet is all up on her tooth
Beeper goes off, I'm like, "Who?"
Why I go off in the booth
Better be watchin' your tongue when you speak
Don't even talk to me, please
I keep that banger on me
Swipe and get all of my cheese
I bought my mom a new house
I bought my bitch a new dog
I brought my trap to the house
Bow when you talk to the lord
I come through with a banger, nigga
And I put a big diamond on her finger, nigga
And you know all the bad bitches hangin' with us
Couple rappers couldn't even get a table with us
Couple hater niggas always tellin' fables on us
Guys stealin' money, try the tables on us
But, fuck it, I'ma keep the money real tight
Cause I gotta keep a banger with a hundred swipes

Hunnid swipes, got a couple hundred off a swipe
Swipe, bought a Bentley off a swipe
Swipe life, got two Rollies off a swipe
Swipe, oh, holy moly, swipe life, swipe life

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ASAP Ferg Swipe Life Comments
  1. Quan Cheese

    I live the swipe life on tinder 🔥

  2. ChaNeL GlObal

    The new update was very good

  3. Ps Louboutins

    Pharrell Williams produced this track

  4. G37vsWorld

    “Stolen identity , whenever I put it down”

  5. Og maco Sheesh

    I heard a noise that sounded like the beginning of this song and it took me 2 days to figure it out.

  6. David Lopez

    fuck this is so hard I forgot about this dec 2k18!!!!

  7. Hagley Prod

    Those 808's sound sooooo good!

  8. goldenstate2413

    Beat 🌋🌋🌋

  9. Andrew Birch

    This song is dope

  10. sam fox

    Fucking gang

  11. No Stress

    A$AP FERG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LIL PUMP>>>>>>>KENDRICK LAMAR>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> J.COLE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ETC

  12. Javier Ortega

    [Insert fire icon here]

  13. Cyrrus Sego

    Jeez. These comments so ignorant. He talking bout the black card. Never ending $. Illuminati confirmed. Stay woke

  14. Daniel

    That bass gets so loww

  15. untilthelight

    This is my favorite song it’s lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. anthony pescante

    This song made me rob a bank

  17. sanonboi

    Beating down the block! Bass overload!!!

  18. President Elect

    Knew this song was gonna be 🔥🔥 at 0:01

  19. Darth Immitis

    This shit wangs

  20. Cactus Jack

    Most underrated song in 2016 still bangin in 2017

  21. seemor buttz

    Goes hard in my new Benz $$$ Always Strive and Prosper

  22. SuperXAlien

    bro you The best (y) Nigga

  23. Kidd_bleedem

    This and yammy gang fire

  24. Ciara Turner

    This beat go hard

  25. Christopher Garland

    bump this n tha truck on 26"s


    Throwback joint

  27. Daniel Lewandowski

    I took a shit #SwipeLife

  28. Jahha H

    beat similar to new level, but still dope

  29. scottiebones

    this sounds similar to trappin ain't dead

  30. jaayxxtrill

    hardest song on the album 😈

  31. frist mum

    good shit

  32. Kate Frangos

    For a sec, I thought this was about Tinder :P

  33. M WIS

    love his style

  34. keith beese

    dora the explorer be like swiper no swiping

  35. princess leylah lit


  36. Charlie Kelly

    The vocal layering for Ross on this track makes it so heavyyyyyy

    Charlie Kelly

    He should do that w his own material

  37. Jonathan Boileau

    Why tf he look like a chilis chocolate molten cake tho?

  38. Tony Webb


  39. saimOp.

    2:18 SKIII

  40. ASVP Roach

    Use caution, this track is not to be underestimated.

  41. Josh Roberts

    this beat is on a new level lol

  42. Olivia

    U can imagine the 1st time I played this at a house party

    Austine Machel

    Olivia Tiley 😂😂😂😂 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 for real.


    Olivia Tiley Probably set it tf off. This beat goes so hard, it's pretty crazy

  43. TheOfficialOMMY

    only ross verse i been feeling... first half anyway 😂😧

  44. fagget dove


  45. Ashton


  46. Jorge Duarte13SGC

    the beginning of the song how the beat strat nigga damn

  47. Felix Hansen

    I like how the beat on the start just goes from the left to the right ear and it just hits you, Ferg is lit AF



  48. skigh45

    I play this when I go on tinder swiping sprees .

  49. Helen Robertson


  50. Dj Blaze Inhale

    The blow the pills the yak the herb

  51. Jeong Un Shin

    Rick Ross is LLLLIt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Heritage MABUNDA

    loool how are people not realising that the beat is LITERALLY mimicking Section Boys- Trappin Ain't Dead

    Alan Olympus

    Heritage MABUNDA Majority of beats within rap are sampled. Nothing special boy

  53. MysteryMrR

    Why is their no instrumental for this!?




    Become producers you filthy casuals...

  54. john Blow

    AHH Ross

  55. david elliott

    yo girl mad i be burning to many blunts bitch

  56. Jorge

    Yo son when that beat kickz in omg

  57. dick butcus

    that beat

  58. RastaGMC Sierra

    Ross you on some new shit!!!

  59. onDAgrind96

    knocking the door off the cars bumping this

  60. Mochymoch

    Its not easy to get people to check out my beats, do me a big favor & help me out by listening to some fire beats!

  61. Freddy 24

    Daim I was toasting some marshmallows out of this track

  62. Average Joe

    Got two rollies

  63. dudesocool1

    top 3 cole Kendrick and ferg

  64. Taylor Mickelson

    FERG!! Your song blew my subs!!! :'(

  65. OfficialNefzNetwork

    lemon pepper my wings big boy ✋✋

  66. NoLimitJ !!


  67. Uzigirth

    I used this as my channel intro lol

  68. Straight Gang

    shit lit

  69. Matthieu Lisette

    This dope is 🔥🔥🔥

  70. Helen Robertson

    he needs to make a video of this song.....

  71. Alex Cook

    rick cuts the dope then turns himself in like the nark he is

  72. Krisi Sirakova


    987 Bruh boy

    true dat

    Емил Тодоров

    а не бе


    Привет 🙈

  73. Ayy Trizzy

    This shit bang hard asf it's fire 🔊🔥

  74. Dez Buckets

    Standout track fr

  75. GNTRY

    This bass knocks so hard on my speakers this shit real af ^_^

  76. Christian Carrillo

    i slapped my grandma to this song

    Amber Collins

    Christian Carrillo 😂😂😂




    Hahaha 😂😂

    Gioanne Treviño

    Beat so good makes you wanna slap your grandma

  77. Warlord Cleon

    ASAP ferg is a piece of shit in this.

  78. Martyna Bortkiewiczi

    sickest beat on the album 🔥

  79. Trey Baker

    Fuck outta here nigga! 😩😧 this that demigod shit ⚡

  80. FloChris

    Cassius Clay

  81. FloChris


  82. Fábio Bernardes

    dsmn rick ross just went in

  83. IceColdGaming

    Does anyone else find that this beat sound like Tokyo Drift...... O_O

  84. GoobyPls

    rick ross killed this for real

  85. Maciek Szwedyk

    widac ze wzroujesz sie na zabsonie

    Adam Charlik


  86. SCRIM

    dat beat. FIRE

  87. jdogbeck1

    Q on this with a verse like let it bang OMG 🔥

  88. JSupreme 713

    that beat tho

  89. Ronny

    Anybody else feel like they ears hurting when you blast this on headphones?

    Hermes L

    Yes my left eardrum hurts..

    Farmer John

    Ronald & Hip Hop Mine just get a massage

  90. Janique Thompson


  91. Zayd Draper

    I'm struggling with getting people to listen to my music. Pls help a nigga out and check out my new heat it would mean a lot and feedback is definitely welcomed.

  92. Cristóbal Rodrigo Piña Rebolledo


  93. W.M Escobar Mc


  94. x Legion x

    rick ross

  95. Thebasskick

    Sounds like og bobby johnson to me lol

  96. Juan Aguilar


  97. Jacob Villanueva

    right when the first beat hit i knew i needed to pull out the fire extinguisher

    Ivan Tucker

    Jacob Villanueva lmao