Hoo, hoo, hoo, ayy

I feel like I'm a giant but I'm 5'8"
I feel more defiant when y'all hate
Y'all the only niggas runnin' in the car race
Serve a nigga with the butter like parquet (Yeah)
Rap niggas all soft, so strangé
I'm a little bit of Pac, bit of Kanye
You a little bit of Fox and Beyoncé (Right)
Any beef come to me get sautéed
Yeah, the fake ones runnin' with the hard face
Bet that pump to your tongue make your heart race (Grrr)
And I hope you take it all the wrong way
Leave you slumped near the pump, near the bar place
This red light put your ass in a dark place

You a trill nigga, get your mothafuckin' hands up
You a real nigga, get your mothafuckin' hands up
You a real nigga, get your mothafuckin' bands up
You a real nigga, get your mothafuckin' hands up

Celebration, coronation
No debatin', crown me king, I'm tired of waitin' (Yeah)
People's champ, I gotta face it
You disgracin', people sensin' that you're fakin'
I'm the Lord, I might go Satan
With the flow and take 'em out, annihilate 'em (Yeah)
No mistakin', new sensation
Hood Pope pullin' up to rule the nation (Alright)
And I came a long way from the stash house (Yeah)
Now I switch spots like a Dalmatian (Right)
Little kid played by the crack house (Yeah)
And I got my moms out when my ass paid (Alright)
Gotta understand when I black out (Yeah)
I don't give a fuck 'bout a wack hater
I don't give a fuck 'bout no rap favor
Need to bow to the Lord and say all your prayers

You a trill nigga, get your mothafuckin' hands up
You a real nigga, get your mothafuckin' hands up
You a real nigga, get your mothafuckin' bands up
You a real nigga, get your mothafuckin' hands up


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