ASAP Ferg - Psycho Lyrics

Ah, yeah
Ah, yeah
Ah, yeah
Ah, it was all at the park
Colonial Liquor was his odor
The fragrance of a rider soldier
ODB was his persona
Oh you want the power?

I got an uncle and his name psycho
He had a dance and they scream "go psycho!"
He would dance, work out and fight your ass at the park
(For the bills, for the hundred dollar bills)
And he got two sisters preggo
He fucked the other one to get one jel-o
And he took both kids to the ghetto ass park
(On the hill, shit'll get really real)

He used to have the braids with the cuts in his body
Most stucked out, kept the hammer with his mommy
Grandma had the arthritis pain in her body
Kept the burner in the mattress, so her son don’t catch a body
Gassed and he danced, smoked crack with his posse
Front flipped through a building window, land in the lobby
He was cut like Bruce Lee but he didn't know karate
He came home bloody screaming "nobody can stop me"
Nobody can stop me, I'm the baddest survivor on this planet
Fifty niggas better kill me, nigga cause I will do damage
Checked out the psych ward, I am nothing to manage
My life cut deep, nigga I'm nothing to bandage

I got an uncle and his name psycho
He had a dance and they scream "go psycho!"
He would dance, work out and fight your ass at the park
(For the bills, for the hundred dollar bills)
And he got two sisters preggo
He fucked the other one to get one jel-o
And he took both kids to the ghetto ass park
(On the hill, shit'll get really real)

Where they be drinking forty ounces
With the brown paper bags for the ounces
No matter what day you found his ass at the park
(Hungry Ham, fuck around and get killed)
When he got kicked out of his bitch crib
And he had nowhere to lizz-ive
Always find his ass on the benches laying at the park
After dark

Don't get it confused Uncle Psych, I love you to death
Just wanna get a couple of things off of my chest
Growing up you always was buck-wilding with stress
And though I'm older now, I don't know how to forget
I used to wear your Timbs around the house when you left
And if you had an open soda, I would finish the rest
Pretend I'm older, I like the liquor odor you left
Then put your camouflage vest on like I'm holding a tec
Then point it at the mirror like I'm holding your rep
Though that mirror wasn't me, but it was you I reflect
Wanted to be like you, jail tat on the chest
With the rugged cornrows and a stab on my neck

I'll rob shit like that you know, cause I'll rob anyone, I, I don't care. It was a 9 to 5 for me, you know. It was like a hobby to me, I was the gun man, I was the dancer, entertainer, you know what I mean? I did it all. Like I said I had a deathwish, I'll rob anybody. Aye hold up motherfucker you see I'm talking right?

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ASAP Ferg Psycho Comments
  1. Mark Mattiacci

    Every body got an Uncle Tony

  2. Kotd 9

    still by FAR the best song Ferg has ever made...i remember listening to this when it first came out...couldnt find it for a year but ive found it again :) eve gonna be 2020 soon

  3. Johnny Meringues

    Everyone got that smack head uncle that peaked at 17

  4. John Becker

    Why does this bring out my emotions the song and the beat makes me think about the good days and when family actually stuck together when I didn’t have no worry’s

  5. Taylor Yon

    My best friend took his own life on 10/08/19 this song is one he looked me in the eye and sung. I will never forget that moment and it really hurts but I’ll get through it. Rest easy Christian we all miss you.

  6. joromeo maddox

    Reminds me of my Uncle Travis so much... RIP UNCLE TRAVIS!!!!!!!

  7. Young Flood

    one of the most touching songs from this generation of rappers, Ferg painted more then a picture.

  8. Justin Dias

    Probably the best song on this album

  9. Flying Fairy


  10. Milkbud6

    who’s still bumping this in 2019

  11. Mr S

    What a banger 🔥


    2019 y sigue sonando .!!

  13. Donal O Cleirigh

    Clams casino made a 🔥 beat

  14. Michelle Duran

    Can’t believe it’s been years since I listened to this song, jamming with no worries at all.

    Paulo Castro

    Michelle Duran too 😭🌧

  15. Nicklas

    wow, Uncle Psycho is a Legend lol

  16. Jerky Jones

    Amazing song.


    It so hot in here💧💧🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Ryan Lysak

    This beat + Fergs flow = Bread n Butter

  19. SHEVVY

    This is HipHop

  20. Jamyson Frierson

    Wu-Tang-like beat

  21. G . Dillon Surujbhan

    Trap Lord here still #2019

  22. Richard Gregor

    my uncle died a year ago from cancer. he was wildin throughout his younger life. he used heroin and had been to jail multiple times. he had several children he never really raised. but he was always good to me and cared for me. this song speaks to me on that. Rest in power, Uncle Fish

  23. Deadly Nightkid

    Sample ?

  24. Dillon DeShane

    And he got 2 sisters prego he fucked the other one to get one Jello

  25. Deee Mnz

    This song was ill.

  26. i PP7i

    Clam casino interview brought me here one of his personal fave joints he made so fkn dope.

  27. Nellz Apex

    He had a dance and scream go psychoooooo!!!!

  28. iLeon4k

    Man this tune will never die man it's so underrated!!!

  29. prince byron

    2019 and still lit

  30. Amina G

    still a classic

  31. Kiyera

    Heard this for the first time darn near 3 years later.

    Love it. <3

  32. Latif Syr

    2:08 وحش

  33. Abraham Serrato

    Who is the girl singing in the background?

  34. andell ryan

    aha let it bang

  35. Pako Briggs

    Really best song from him, one of my all time Favs

  36. KiN CAMELL

    No Joke.

  37. Thorsten J. Keck

    The Beginning of the Beat gave me Ultra Bounce :D

  38. Metro Lurking

    Its weird i have a homeless uncle in toronto that smokes hard fights everyone at bars i remember i used to look up to him so much and now i dont even know if hes alive ill just have to go and check the park to see if he is

  39. mitch corry110

    This song is🌡☀️🔥

  40. Kimberly Douglas

    This song is soooooo good love hip hop

  41. Christian McCaffrey

    This is real hip hop telling a real story. If this doesn't give you chills then GTFO.

  42. TopFlightSecurity415

    as of right now this is his best song of his career so far...unless someone can show me a better one

  43. TopFlightSecurity415

    he needs to do more story telling raps like this...i like his music but he still hasn't really done enough to respect him as a lyricist

  44. TYPE OF

    NOSTALGIA !🔥🔥🔥

  45. Rizzy Durant


  46. David Dewar

    can anyone tell me songs like this with that old school 90s sound? I like this and Our street

    Morgan Conley

    David Dewar nas I kno I can

  47. Boris TheWolf

    That Sax. Is dope AF!!🔥🔥 Best track FERG Ever done.👌

  48. Avery Blue

    Jesus Christ that first verse is so hard.

  49. DopestreamvibesTV

    ASAP ferg need to do more story dead ass shits hella clean

  50. Gian Tone

    He came home bloody screaming nobdody can Stop me .. damn

  51. Xenophagia

    Dudes lyrics are so good. Especially on Cocaine Castle.

  52. Farvez Afridi Faizur Rahman

    Clams Casino is a magician holy shit.

  53. Ezekiel Soriano

    damn he sounds like Pac

  54. Vlad

    Great song

  55. Brandon Bledsoe

    RAWR ! A$AP is a T-R3X inna dah rap game ! Long live A$AP!

  56. K1ngJok3r

    1:10 is that busta??

  57. Billy Block

    always talkin bout his uncle

  58. Rexx Colt

    You can hear the pimpen in this.

  59. SheppardDeGamer! !

    “Front flip through a building window and land in the lobby.”

  60. kidprep

    Good song...but uncle psycho was a terrible fucking role model

  61. dirtysouthbaby L

    For tha bills, for tha hunnid Dolla billssss🔥🔥

  62. Joshua Hernandez

    I feel like smoking a blunt to this song this shit goes hard

  63. Njabulo Madisa

    still hits home. ❤

  64. Redmer Van Der Kooi

    Is he english or american

  65. Duffy Conlon

    I feel like everyone has an “Uncle psycho”

  66. Duffy Conlon

    My favorite song of all time.

  67. matthew smith

    Easily my favorite Ferg track.

  68. Avery Blue

    Man that first first was intense.

  69. Hassan Pinkney

    My nigga ferg

  70. WesBass17

    Ferg is a future legend

  71. Vittuu mun ovelta

    Does anyone else get little wierd forrest gump feeling from the beat?

  72. Blackfoot Bill

    Everytime I hear it I literally invision him taking a hit of crack then jumping through a window and landing in the lobby 😂

  73. Trebor Garcia

    I’m that uncle 😬😬

  74. Yo*_*


  75. Vehicles Of the World Empire

    Asap Ferg best in the group

  76. Apodaca

    2018 anthem

  77. Isaiah Alsup

    R.i.p uncle J. Killed in Baltimore for nothing :( this song reminds me of you. You've survived Many shots. But this time chose to move on from this life

  78. Roberto Chacon

    Video is a MUST, for real 🤗

  79. Kurt


  80. Nick Kesich

    Clams Casino

  81. Ms Gonsalves

    I can't wait until he comes to Atlanta!!! 😆 I love his lyrics! See you soon! 😘

  82. Maxx Law

    Bruce lee wasn’t a master in karate he made jeet kune do

  83. Benj

    Why does this guy always sing about his uncle?

  84. Oguz Tyga

    At 1:09 he Sounds a little bit like tupac 👍🏼


    Asap ferg um dôs meus cantores favoritos gostei muito dá música brother é nois


    Asap ferg um dôs meus cantores favoritos gostei muito dá música é nois brother

  87. jaanis saarm

    Wow, listened to this while sober many times, but only now that im baked i hear the woman in the background of the hook.

  88. Sean Rambo

    RIP to my Uncle Psycho

  89. Riley Cheatham

    A little window shopper sample?? Song is dope

  90. Zoie Michelle

    30 second, unskippable add on Psycho??? tf you think this is??????

  91. Cevdet Klmn

    Best part is for me

    My life cut deep nigga i dont need a bandage

  92. CPGoat #3

    On his busta rhymes shit

  93. Stephan Salvatore


  94. David Caetano

    Listened to this song high af and could hear the girl in the background singing so vividly and tripped me tf out

    Daniel Delgado

    She sounds like an angel I wanna find out who she is so I can hear some more.

  95. William Barragan

    my Insta @fvkkyou (don't follow it tho). Trust me don't follow it. I got problems