ASAP Ferg - Pantie Lover Lyrics

Every time I walk up in the club, I got like two bitches
Every time I walk up in the club, I got my crew with me

Every time I see you with another nigga, you be like she love me
I'm the nigga gettin' middle fingers, don't you think I could be your hubby?
You be runnin' with them pro bitches, don't you think they gonna fuck me?
I be runnin' with a crew of niggas, that's why they call me ASAP
I don't give a fuck who you was fuckin'
I don't give a fuck who you was lovin', girl
Sippin' on the Henny got me buggin'
Better call a nigga back and tell me somethin', girl
I just had my partner got me trippin'
With [?] you trippin', girl
Now your ass need to get a whippin'
All in this bubbly, got me slippin', girl
I had you strippin'
Leave you limpin'
When my friends see you
I hope they ain't see you, like that
How you gon' do a nigga like that?
I fucked hoes, but a nigga right back
Fucked hoes, need to get my life back
Fuck, I need to get my life on the right track
I bought you Alexander Wang, I know you like that
With a dinner at Felice with a nice snack
Them Twitter bitches lyin', I ain't pipe that
I'm 'bout to start a pussy riot, need a light pack
Cause I come with groupie bitches, they 'on't like that
Tried to fuck a groupie bitches, they 'on't like that
All I need is you for a night cap
Beat that pussy up then I'm gonna give it an ice pack
Bet my dick a nigga picked the right track
With a tough beat with a light rap
I'm tired of givin' you niggas a nice trap
Young Fergenstein, mic jack

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ASAP Ferg Pantie Lover Comments
  1. Cesar Dawwg

    listened to this since '15. still goes hard. dont burn out this joint lets just enjoy this to ourselves.

  2. Jesus hernandez

    This song is is a hidden gem. One of my favorite ferg songs

  3. vanessa Luna

    Better than the original

  4. Mexsie Jenkins

    Son this shit goes so hard smh

  5. Johnny Eternal

    Oooaaaoooohhh ~

  6. Kevin Lopez

    Idgaf who u was fucking girl

  7. GetABag Bitch

    still my fav ferg jont

  8. Alfonso .Williams III

    While everyone was playin Danny Glover, I pulled up flossin bumpin Pantie Lover 💯 Life and times at NC A&T

    Javon Patricio

    did ferg do this first before thugger did glover??

    Alfonso .Williams III

    Patrick O Danny Glover hit airwaves first to my knowledge. Then ASAP got ahold of the beat and killed it

  9. Stephen Lunardi

    2017 still here

  10. Raymond Perez

    so underrated...

  11. rowdy rox

    sippin on the henny got me trippin

  12. Fire Rain

    It's asap rocky fools

  13. Shadira Amado

    asap ferg lol stupid auto correct

  14. Shadira Amado

    hell yeah sounds like some old school 3 6 mafia but with a sap Greg twist

    Equilibrium x

    Sounds like Bone Thug

  15. eli ziolkowski

    idgaf who you was fucckinnn

  16. 7kaztheman

    talk to me nice or don't talk to me at all!!!!

  17. Thomas Stanley


  18. James Robert

    Damn this go hard

  19. Real Wooka

    I see you ma nigga
    StreetHustlasEnt x ASAP

    Rush Maggin

    Ferg went hard!

  20. Real Wooka

    First comment, shout the homie Ferg on this shit!