ASAP Ferg - NV Lyrics

[Hook - A$AP Ferg:]
Almost crashed the car Mike
This the second time yo' fuckin' ass been swervin' all night
You almost crashed the car Mike
This the second time yo' fuckin' ass been swervin' all night
You almost crashed the car Mike
This the second time yo' fuckin'

[with Hook:]
Yeah make this right fat boy
Hit the fuckin' right nigga, hurry up nigga make this right
Gangsta Grillz you fuckin' bastards

[A$AP Nast:]
Ayo, quit the speculation
My rhymes devastating, fuck that sorry for the wait shit
I spit that funky fuck yo mama all up in your face shit
This that pop a shot so it's big so you’ll replay this
Just peep don't say shit
Like on the real my .40 weighed in
Loaded with shells I pop a shot and leave you with a face lift
Remove your body from the scene down to my mama's basement
The fuck I'm wasted, a load of sins to send to Satan
Patiently waiting, upon my time to [?]
I know you hate this, cause I'm a winner one of greatness
I rep this A shit, that's to death ain't no replacement
Fuck you Twelvyy, Fergie, Rocky, all you niggas ain't shit


[Spoken with Hook:]
This nigga is a jealous ass bitch
Yo mike, this nigga's a bitch
Yo Nast, my nigga I love you and all but
You be trippin' some times

[A$AP Ferg (A$AP Nast):]
Wake up, hear the story
Cause Nast was starting to bore me
We had a couple of shortys, it was two with the orgy
(Aaw here this nigga go with his fuckin' story)
I was in Russia, don't you ignore me motherfucker
We had some motherfuckers, types of bitch to fuck your mother
And fuck your brother
Hol' up, the little one
Type to lick his booty til' the doo doo come
(What type of shit this nigga on)
She nasty, but I fucked her anyway
If you like me in Russia any day
I used a condom, it ain't like a nigga went renegade
And Nast was cuffin'
He wanted to take the bitch on a little date
And it comes to find out, his black ass couldn't even penetrate
(So what I caught the fuckin' head
I heard she had aids, so I'd be motherfuckin' dead)
You motherfuckin' devil, I'ma tell Rocky
Like "I'ma kill this nigga, and don't you try stop me"
Hold on, you got a gun, you gon' really try to pop me?
(I don't give a fuck if yo ass kinda stocky
Yeah I'm the cousin of Rocky, I'm supposed to be first
Now say your last words, rest in peace DEEFERG
And you's a bitch nigga, you don't put in no work
But nigga I do, you get put in a hearse)
Get that gun out of my face
(Pussy motherfucker yeah your ass is the worst
And Twelvyy he aiight, but his ass gettin' murked
I'ma kill all you A$AP's in due time
So you can rot in hell with your mildew rhymes, motherfucker)

Nast put the fuckin' down
Put the fuckin' gun down my nigga
Watch out Mike

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ASAP Ferg NV Comments
  1. Tyson Lambert

    Why tf they let mike drive the car doe

  2. Tyson Lambert

    Why the fuck isn’t this on spotify

  3. goodsmoke83

    off one of the most criminally underrated mixtapes

  4. Nicholas Wilson

    Always loved this track. Sounds like an old DMX track

  5. bowZaa Π

    make this right fatboiiii

  6. Jalen Mason

    Nast go way to hard to not have his own album yet..

  7. Angel Lifelong

    Who’s here in 2018

  8. fuggggggggggg

    This song is so funny

  9. ItsOurFault

    "Remove your body from the scene down to my mamas basement youre fuckin wasted the lord of sins the son of satan"


  10. Og Saiyan

    Sounds like Yg-1AM

  11. SleepyP 420

    20 people be some mark ass bitches

  12. princexico

    Love this!! Reminds me of old school hip hop.

  13. Blaze17

    damn, this is so hard

  14. Packdusie .11

    this beat is so fucking insane man...

  15. Patrick Ward

    Nast and Danny Brown need to do a song at some point

  16. Slow Mobius

    Sounds similar to Sandwitches by Tyler the Creator featuring Hodgy Beats

  17. George MH

    thiz shit is fire🔥

  18. Slave Tune


  19. Alexandra Nicole


  20. David Skucas

    you wood know IF you where a good rapper

  21. Awhiteguy94

    this song is great it got that old school sound

  22. Coconuts 4 sale

    i would give up my left nut to find that drum sample. fucking face melting beat

    DCM JR

    Mieszko Grondowy mobb deep cobra


    Who the fuck is Mike?

    Abraham Lincoln

    that white guy in most of ants videos I think don't get mad if I'm incorrect

  24. Isaiah Flynn

    listen to my diss i made to the instrumental

  25. Ben Dover


  26. Prolific Pops

    This beat is sinister as fuck. The song wasn't that good but this beat could be ripped apart if Nast was rapping like he did on Trillmatic and Mobb Deep or Wu-Tang hopped on this with him.


    this song good.

  27. Jaime M.

    Beat is grimy as fuck 😈

  28. hellohello194

    heard this beat before im sure

    Jaime M.

    You're right. They sampled it from Mobb Deeps Cobra

    R M L

    +Jaime M. omg this beat was sampled from i run new york by 50 cent haha didnt know mobb deep made it

  29. Leafy F Baby

    people Need the realize that this the type of shit Wu use the do, I grew up on the Wu so ik

  30. DesertRat760


  31. Korey

    fuck this shit is so grimmey shit fuck dope

  32. Erick Reyes

    Damn this song is Badass and sadistic in its own way!

  33. Ricky Bobby

    It reminded me of a ODB song

  34. Dusta Rhymes


  35. SDD ClanTv


  36. Nothin

    Fucking dope.

  37. I’m crying in a corner While i count my money

    Squad shit gang gang

  38. Thomas Jefferson

    Deniro farrar should have spitted on this track y'all wouldn't be hyping out these niggas so much if he did. dope song but it would have been perfected if deniro farrar ate these niggas up


    this song was so wu-tang ish or like new york denirro is a hella dope raper but who wouldnt have done that good on it to me

  39. Deux Kami

    "A load of sins to Satan" -A$AP Nast

    Blvck Out

    A lord of sins the son of a Satin

  40. R A Z I E L 6 6 6

    Demonic Shit... Fuckin Beat is Sinister

    Sam Chen



    +Sam Chen Fuck odd future

    Prolific Pops

    Big L, Mobb Deep type shit

    R M L

    +King Pops apparently its a mobb deep sample


    Correct, the sample is from Mobb Deep - 'Cobra' (2005)

  41. 666melodeath666

    I played the siren part so loud in my car i saw a couple of cars actually stopping on the side

  42. Cudder str8 legend

    im confused with this song are they talking shit to each other? ferg and nast and who is mike the driver? will someone with some insight on the lyrics tell me ive been waiting for some1 to make a video about what there talking about but nothing yet. i know what there saying but are they really talking shit to each other im confused with this one cuz if they were wouldnt we here more info of this idk just let me no something if you do no anything? i understand the song somewhat but dont get the shit they say to each other it fell like there talking shit back to each other and that confuses me and what ever happened to asap mod album that was suppose to come out in 2014 is not happening???

    Jack Cronin

    +Cudtr strt legend the idea is theyre in a car chatting shit to eachother and their driver mike is drunk. At the end nast pulls out a gun because he cant handle the bs


    Ey yo, quit the speculation!

    Cudder str8 legend

    @1Cali kush Smoker3 im a 93 bby and have been getting back into 90s rap not my gen but i still love a lot of it anyway whats the song name your talking about fill a homie in you a 80s bby ?


    I'm not sure but I think the song is Ferg and Nast arguing on who is the better rapper vs. who popped off. Like Ferg got up off of stupid songs and Nast had been grinding on shit with the mob and solo but never got attention hence the name NV like envy. My suggestion would be to check Genius and see if Ferg verified it yet cuz he seems to go do that every now and then

    Chndllrr III

    Cudtr strt legend the driver is mike and nast and FERG are in the back seat talking Shit. Nast brings up a girl and FERG gets heated

  43. 愁い-Unorthodox

    That beat is so fucking evil

    R A Z I E L 6 6 6

    Forreal! Its that Devil Shyt mane

  44. Matthew Hay

    2 people almost crashed the car Mike.

  45. Taylor McIntyre

    first verse is fucking fire

    Caesar The Ape

    Nast goes fucking off, we needed a Nast album before Twelvvy.





  48. Phillip Unkown

    Best Combo

  49. SoufianBDesign

    This one is fucking dope man!

  50. Promoting Sounds

    This goes so so hard


    @Promoting Sounds almost crashed the car mike

    Berjal West

    +swutted lol