ASAP Ferg - Meet My Crazy Uncle (Skit) Lyrics

[A$AP Rocky:] Check it, check it, check it, you remember Gina from down the block?
[A$AP Ferg:] Gina.... with the
[All:] FAT ASS!!
[A$AP Ferg:] That's my dawg right there
[A$AP Rocky:] Ayo ain't that Psycho on the corner over there?
[All:] Psycho!
[A$AP Ferg:] Pull up, pull up, pull up
[Psycho:] Yo what up neph' neph'
[Person 1:] Psych what's up
[Psycho:] Just gettin' a couple sets in at the park

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ASAP Ferg Meet My Crazy Uncle (Skit) Comments
  1. Cp Is king

    What was he thinking when he made this

  2. Jays Edits

    What is this 😂