ASAP Ferg - Floor Seats Lyrics

Coo-coo, damn

Floor seats for the Knicks
Couple models blow a kiss (Huh)
They don't even want a pic
Wanna lick up on the (Yeah, yeah)
I done made a couple hits
Goin' hammer with the Bic (Huh)
God handed me the gift
Nothin' slammin' for a brick (Yeah, yeah, right)
Rollie ain't got a tick (Tick, tick, tick)
I attract a lot of ticks (Huh)
Gettin' caught up in the mix (Hoo)
Hollywood, same chicks (Right)
Didn't know that I'd be doing this (Yeah)
Went to school for paintin' pics (Huh)
Now I paint the bigger pic (Coo-coo)
See, I'm really with the shits (Damn)

We all grinded for the floor seats
Now all of the pretty girls, they know me
I'm on a jumbotron, you can't ignore me
Just look at my seats, I'm sittin' cozy (That's right)
We all grinded for the floor seats (Huh)
Now all the pretty girls, they know me (Coo-coo)
I'm on a jumbotron, you can't ignore me
Just look at my seats, I'm sittin' cozy (Hoo, hoo, hoo, oh)

Tiffany store on Fifth
I'm performin' with the glist' (Huh)
All the glist' up on the wrist
Waterfall, not the drip (Yeah, yeah)
Montage with a bitch
Massage with her tits (Huh)
Hit the 'Gram with a pic
Whole computer catch a glitch (Yeah, right)
They say I remind 'em of Rich (C'mon)
Richard Porter with the chips (Huh)
Lookin' like I caught a lick (Woo)
You a hater, just admit (Right)
You niggas be owin' like Rick (Yeah)
I put you on to this shit (Huh)
I was born in this shit
I'm the don of this shit

We all grinded for the floor seats
Now all the pretty girls, they know me
I'm on a jumbotron, you can't ignore me
Just look at my seats, I'm sittin' cozy (That's right)
We all grinded for the floor seats (Huh)
Now all the pretty girls, they know me (Coo-coo)
I'm on a jumbotron, you can't ignore me
Just look at my seats, I'm sittin' cozy (Hoo, hoo, hoo, oh)

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ASAP Ferg Floor Seats Comments
  1. Jacob

    Not many people would know the music in the background is actually the prodigy smack my bitch up

  2. Sabi Kale

    Yes i prouldly say that i am here cause of V

    oussama boutey

    Sabi Kale fuck out of here bro if u listening to that pussy shit u don’t have nothing to do here

  3. Originality 0

    Who thinks producer needs to stay and make as good beats?

  4. Darrian Cauley

    Yooo that smack my bitch up sample tho🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Rosetten Schimmel

    Im Here for them wheelies

  6. Ken Gutierrez

    Ferg feels so underrated yet makes fire ass hits

  7. ayrton_ cardenas黒

    Cómo vienen a joder por su Taehyung.

  8. Adebajo 420


  9. Loso Colon

    Visuals 🔆

  10. IIPimpKingII

    Ferg featuring Elmo

  11. Michael Davies

    This song better be in GTA 6

  12. Swapnil Jain

    Ferg got them bangers after bangers.
    I love this song, bruh.

  13. balf of all balfs

    who came here for the sick video

  14. Bow & Bugs

    Please, can anyone tell me what kind of bikes this is???

  15. Hard Kick

    I heard Prodigy smack my bitch up at the start

  16. Nick The Greek

    What the fuck are people talkin bout in the comments

  17. JimBro STUNTEX


  18. E Rigoleto

    Damn very well done

  19. nezics

    came back to appreciate


    Nigga used a sample from prodigy smack my bitch up..damn cuz


    клип ахуенный


    Harlem wave u already

  23. Bal Gehakt

    UHhH WhO elSe Is hErE beCaUse oF TahYeUng (or something)

    Fck off im trying to find comments about the song, they should delete the BTS crap.

  24. Bal Gehakt

    Who else loves the song but not the high pitched scream in the background?

  25. Migi A.

    Dickriders of taehyung 🤷🏽‍♂️

  26. Vin Nayar

    Whos here after eating thai food listenin thaiyung while practicing taichi then drinking some chai tea

  27. Lulu Sh

    Imitating Childish Gambino's This is America

  28. Casual_Dropout

    Here because of ferg

  29. Juan Enrique Teyaotlani

    On minute 1:07 there is a girl with a t-shirt of a mexican metal band called Transmetal, is this a trend on the US? use t-shirts like this?

  30. Alo Alo

    Does anyone know where you can find this yellow pants he wears on the bike

  31. Lo Quillo

    Me voló la cabeza amigo 🤑🤑 estoy re loco encima jaja

  32. Sushi taro

    The name of the sample is smack my bitch up by the electronic band the prodigy

  33. Sushi taro

    Well that prodigy sample makes the track even more lit

  34. Harun hashim

    Mad respect to the guy who does ASAP gang videos

  35. John Chase Mitovich

    Nobody gonna mention how dope the beat is with PRODIGY mixxxed in???

  36. Йоу Бич


  37. Piege a morue 42

    Im fucking flex when i ear that flex bro !!!!

  38. Peter Istrate - personal

    wtf is this shit?

  39. Dillon aka Flamellon

    Dont know who tf taehyung is but i came cause ferg drops constant fire

  40. Ali Drdr

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥i like😎🔥

  41. Mel Mello

    Vim por causa do TAE

  42. Charles williams

    Asap ferg ate this beat💪👊. Nice direction and editing also.

  43. SirSmokeALot

    smack my bitch up sample
    I like

  44. YUU OKM TV


  45. SunnySinclair1979

    Piru piru all day.


    Bu sarki değerlenicek 😅 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  47. s l u r p s スラー

    no one gives a fuck about no bts or taehyung just listen to the music and gtfo

  48. Septirian Ekaprasetya

    Salute to the editor

  49. ′′bboycemxWrt٠1ჳ6′′

    r.i.p to prodgy long live ferg

  50. Adam Jordan

    That bassline though


    Rip juice

  52. Viktor Reznov

    Its Riga baby

  53. Hype Studio

    Me: *can I get a number 1 with a large coke please*

    McDonalds drive through speaker: *0:47*

  54. Francesco Mancini

    Sei forte a$ap!🔥

  55. Parallel Blader 1

    who else want a bmx now

  56. STEVE Westside

    You be Owen like Rick

  57. Cloud Trash

    Coo-coo, damn!

  58. Syrus La-Tunje

    I just noticed Brent faiyaz is in the video

  59. Cesar Ramirez

    Eres la mega súper riatota perrote, el mejor

  60. Edgar Tzul

    This vid gives plain Jane vibes

  61. Cool Story Bro


  62. Rodney Little

    These effects though. Sheeesh

  63. KZA On The Track

    его байк стоит дороже чем ваши тачки

  64. D. Miller

    It's like he captured the vibe of NYC in the late 90's early 2000's 🔥🔗🤘

  65. ADHD

    Too many ch1ng ch0ng fans in here gross


    😈 🏆


    Manhattan center for math and science


    East Harlem’s finest warrior

  69. GeoCool

    Anyone knows whos the girl on 1:34?

  70. cali . itm

    God handed me the Gift

  71. Real Cuz

    Damn I forgot how crazy the visuals in this video are

  72. Emre

    Çok iyi be

  73. MikeBrz_

    Ballers !! The Rock has spoken to me about this music

  74. Rock D


  75. Karla Romo

    Shit I’m here because of Taehyung I don’t care about nothing else lol #bts

  76. Periklhs Papadiwths

    Who came here just because he likes the damn song?

    J. J.

    Periklhs Papadiwths i wish they took the shitty yelling out

    Bal Gehakt

    @J. J. Yes omg same

    legreat Spacejockey

    @J. J. if you mean the coocoo, then that actually adds to the song. it's basically his trademark adlib. it makes it better like the most songs in this album has that and every song sounds different but has the coocoo and makes the song sound more hyped. listen to pups and butt naked, sounds dope af.

    J. J.

    legreat Spacejockey no i mean the shit in the song not the coocoo

  77. Unknown ;p

    Anyone else see that dude fall off his bike

  78. Ryan Bradford

    CHUMP KID! BBBBANG☝👊👐bitches!!KING1

  79. 6th Day Fitness !!

    Song could have been perfect he didn’t do that weird voice thing

  80. AMK 3

    the start and the scream in the beat is actually from prodigys smack my bitch up
    lol the whole beat is from this song nice

  81. Fstopro

    The beginning sounds like Prodigy - 'Smack by Bitch up' female vocal bit - anyone?

  82. Waleed Alghussein

    Effect at 1:11 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  83. AX ONE

    Prodigy samples.

  84. samset plunket

  85. Rémy Brousse

    abonnez vous

  86. Hasan Ahmad

    This video too fuckin harrd

  87. Soppingwet Burgers

    I hate people that try to ride the wave instead of surf the wave and enjoy the song and the moment you shared with it. No one cares what brought you here. Just be here.

  88. Jose Bolivar

    did i just heard some prodigy music on the track??

  89. Riley Aldrich

    Is everyone just gonna talk about BTS and not the little gremlin that kept hopping on the mic?

  90. Aaron B.

    Common, real reason we’re here is to see them do wheelies on the bikes.

  91. Виталий Ямнов

    Кто соснёт мне хуца по данный трек !?

  92. Ganymedes Cupz

    This beat is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☄☄☄☄

  93. Busi Laveni

    Here from Three Fine Guys!

  94. Endonix

    Who came here from #equalstandard

  95. Pavelzs17

    Nobody gives a fuck if you are here from Taehyung ffs

  96. gOtze1337

    Give me a repeat buttom youtube :-O

  97. Arash Tadjiki

    wtf is a taehyung?