ASAP Ferg - Family Lyrics

Yeah, uh

I said, "My mama"
My mama always taught me
In and out with a shawty, she beat me for actin' naughty
And my daddy, my daddy, he a savage
Fuckin' bitches, the baddest and buyin' whips to crash
And my uncles, my uncle, one name is Pschyo
T-Nice cooked the white slow, thank God he ain't do life though
And my grandmas, my grandma, one hit the hammer
One dressed like Hammer and was an African dancer

Family tree
Yeah, family tree
Bring it back
Yeah, family

I hate it when my mama curse me out in the public
My daddy had the silver mink matchin' the Benz
T-Nice introduced me to some killers for friends
And Pschyo was a Pschyo with a deuce in his Timbs
My grandma had the arthritis, holdin' the hammer (Yeah)
She kept it in the mattress, kept my unc' out the slammer
The other had a caesar with some pants like Hammer
She kick her legs up, she a African dancer

Family tree
Yeah, family tree
Yeah, family

Life's a tightrope, the fam give me balance
With me as I climb the mountains are the rich and the famous
Grandma, holy moly, she dancin', I see Marcus Garvey on the wall and say "damn it
Who you starin' at?" My grandma say, "Lord of the planet"
You can tell she is a fan of the Black Panthers
T-Nice ran with a posse, only do damage (Right)
That's what I'm sayin', drug game like a cancer
He was wearin' pandas, minks coats, now he in the slammer (Yeah)
And I can't stand her like "Dirty Diana" (Right)
Life's a bitch, you's my grandma, grandma
My fathers cross cost an arm and a hammer (Right)
People think they broad is all from Atlanta (Yeah)
Was never home and showed up to be Santa (Ah)
I used to hang out with gang bangers like Santana that wear bandanas
And red clothes with pit bulls, the red nose
Keep the "Smith &" if you slippin', you got rich, just let me get it

Oh, my family
Yeah, uh
Oh, my family
Oh, my family
I do it
Oh, my family
Do it
Oh, my family
I do it
Do it
Do it

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ASAP Ferg Family Comments
  1. Flying Fairy

    check #suearamafreestyleshit on IG

  2. Rick Springs

    20yr old nephew put me on this......👍🔥🔥

  3. The Kitchen

    If you are lookin for the beat, its right here.. peace

  4. Emmanuel

    Toast to the Gods !!

  5. Christopher Sabo

    He fucking kill it straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Ronnie 91

    is Ferg the new frontman of ASAP MOB? musically speaking...until that Rocky tape drops...yes I'm having a conversation with myself, I know. ** ASVPMOB **

    Derrek Kaalekahi

    keith son I think as of rn yes. Bc rocky is dealing with all this other side shit like being the creative director for under armor and they actually just released a supposed picture of the shoes after the first prototype. Yea you already they fire 🔥🔥

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