ASAP Ferg - Dump Dump Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Her hands all on my fade, bitch pop that ass in the coup
That bitch got Lisa Leslie money, she balling, Cheryl Swoops
She keep rubbing her nose, I can tell she wanna snoop
That coke make my dick numb, she put it all in her glutes
Feel like Bishop from Juice, gun all in my boot
Sayonara feeling sauna when I blast that ass with that Uz', ooh
Blast that ass with that Uz', better hope to God it ain't you
Trap Lord with about ten jeeps, no telling what I might do
I fucked your bitch, nigga and she about to fuck my crew
She just finished with Twelvyy and now she off to loot
Pussy-ass nigga wearing all black, claim they off to shoot
I pray to God he ain't lying, my gorillas live in the zoo
I got killers with the deuce-deuce, them Tan Boys my niggas
They gon' ride with me too, bust they nines with me too
That's my bilingual crew, who do sign language true
Bandannas in they pockets, how the fuck we gon' lose?

I fucked your bitch, nigga, I fucked your bitch
I fucked your bitch, nigga, I fucked your bitch
She suck my dick, nigga, she suck my dick
She suck my dick, nigga, she suck my dick
Ride around town with about 100 niggas
When you see me come around, don't try to run up on a nigga
Fo', pow, lay 'em down, now you six feet under, nigga
If you flip some type of weight, let me see you dump nigga

[Verse 2:]
Ride around my city, feeling like P. Diddy
Glock 9 in my silk shirt, nigga, no pocket, no Biggie
Spilling on, my teeth hurt but these grills worth a milli
I was in the club, I seen the whole thing, I was right next to Meek Milly
Shout outs my nigga Chrissy, don't bug over these bitches
I ain't fucking with these ratchet hoes, I put a slug in these bitches
Pop a pill in her asshole, put drugs in these bitches
Impress my girl, she fine as fuck so I ain't loving these bitches
I just be fucking these bitches, ain't no love for these bitches
Diamond dollers, that Fergenstein, I DDP on these niggas
Feel the heat when it bigger, bullet creeped to his window
Nigga I'm going double wood, fuck around and catch a splinter
Nine milli, my nigga, get hung, high ceiling, my nigga
All the macks in they Maybachs, no 550, my nigga
They saying Ferg went from "Kissin' Pink" to a Young 50, my nigga
I'm in court for your bitch ass, real shit, my nigga


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ASAP Ferg Dump Dump Comments
  1. Iono

    This song will get you permanent aux rights no cap

  2. Willy G


  3. Manhattan Raised

    Dust rap. This whole album was dust rap

  4. J Zilla

    This song makes me wanna say I’m ho e to the Walmart greeter

  5. Garret McCauley

    Snare too loud lemme know if you disagree

  6. kate bodek

    Kasia and Babur listening to this in 2019

    kate bodek


    kate bodek

    Link us at nw9


    @kate bodek WATCH

  7. Vladimir Martinez

    Yes this on repeat when I'm beating Richard up.

  8. 419 Buckeye

    When your exes new dude trys to front

  9. Lane Lewis

    2019 and still a banger 💯💯

  10. Xanax hd

    The Breakup Song in relationships🤨🤔

  11. Rope

    the chorus is what i came for

  12. shrediknight


  13. Xanax hd

    Damn dis song go hard nigga😎

  14. Crash BanditLoot

    Lol trash

  15. Kazuhira Miller


  16. C N

    Still bumpin in 2019

  17. Whossaiko

    “Them Tanboys My Niggas They Gunna Ride With Me Too Bust They 9s With Me Too Thats My Bilingual Crew” - Ferg Shoutout To Bodega Bamz 🔥

  18. islatix


    akhbar allahu

    She sucked your dick nigga :O

  19. Rolanda Wilson

    Still fucking heat🔥


    nigga you dint fuck my bitch :L

  21. christian blake

    this sound was ahead of its time when it came out

  22. Diamond Lewis

    Came for dum music:

    Youtube: Fucked my bitch

  23. Nando Bando580

    This Song Shaped My Whole Future When I Was A Youngin😂💯

  24. HOF Duck

    Whole lotta gang shit 💯🔥

  25. Shamond Johnson

    Who still listens to this song in 2019 ???💯💯💯

  26. Brandon Clark

    Never forgive cheaters

  27. buddE feelsdankman

    R A D I O T R I H A R D

  28. NarukeSG


  29. W1LLEY

    No wonder all young people are stupid. This is the shit y'all actually listen to, lmfao. Get an education y'all $13/hr ass dudes.


    @VST Store I've played Fortnite >10x in my life.. time to get out of mom's basement and get a job!

    VST Store

    @W1LLEY u go do that its better than a failed streaming career heh

    VST Store

    @W1LLEY save us the second hand embarrassment


    @VST Store says the guy with 3 subs and 40 IG followers :x

    akhbar allahu

    @W1LLEY she sucked my dick nigga

  30. Parking Lot Nomad

    I wanna fuck someone’s bitch now.

  31. Jorge Moises

    don't know mev

  32. Jorge Moises

    fuck weak side wilmas. back tha fuck up suck on one or eat one


    Let it go

  34. Barry The Mongoose

    Just funny to listen too

  35. Esau G

    He did what now?

    Tyler mcsheehy

    I think he fucked our bitch?

  36. Ellarie Kirton

    Wasnt dissapointed, im high af. Save it

    Violet Selene

    Ellarie Kirton the first time I heard this song I was high as hell and it was the definition of perfect.

  37. Gerardo Fernandez

    Shit still goes hard

  38. lilmiss Dangdang

    Still hype af 🤣❤️

    mike oxmall

    lilmiss Dangdang factss 🥵🤙🏽

  39. JickRames

    She sucked my dick NOGGA

  40. Francis Marquis

    Big Up for the dude falling into a cliff in the backvocals man xD

    Nick Romero

    Francis Marquis 😂 best comment


    Thats ferg

  41. Kyogoto

    I showed this song to my lettuce, it's weed now.

  42. Luca Brasi


  43. Bishop No juice

    She sucked my dick nigga.

  44. Chex Schirripa

    0:43 I did

  45. Moath Ibrahim

    This shit is annoying

  46. S L

    2019 anyone?

    Townsend Larmore

    S Lo yep

  47. The Couch

    Radio TriHard

  48. Mohammad Shahid

    Do yoself a favor and look up Vivaldi- Trap Lord

  49. bossman bm

    best song ever?

  50. Angel Vargas

    My friend put this song in school 5th grade by the way

  51. Sorue Poscendo

    Drizzy be like to kanye west.. 😂😂😂😂😂💯💯💯

  52. The Souls Weeb

    Anyone here because of Fighter Pl.? XD

  53. Loco Esco

    who still fucking nikkas bitches in 2019!!!

    Sorue Poscendo

    All day errdayy 💯

  54. Aryane A

    Ahh starting off the year right 😂💯

  55. SHDANK

    about to be 2019. still fire

  56. Rellz Rizzle


  57. chocolatewheelchair

    I hate when this song comes on shuffle

  58. Sorue Poscendo

    Lawd if there was ever a song a niqqa would get shot over... this is it lol 💯

  59. Tena Love


  60. Tyrone Biggums aka Duke

    Remember when I first heard the snippet in the shabba vid waitin for the full song🔥🔥🔥

  61. Hector Espericueta


  62. Unknown Unknown

    This song can eat horse cock!

  63. James Sizemore

    I call this Thumpy Dump music never like it guess I am showing my age here .... lol but I know a lot of people like it more power to them !

  64. Pedro Gomes

    2019 já... e eu aqui. Essa eh braba demais ntc

  65. henny hefner

    lmfaoo mann ferg had my freshman year LITTT rocky did too, on everything

  66. ▄OnceThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.ItWasSoLongThatItWentAcrossTheScreenAndStopped.

    Guess what I did?

  67. ▄OnceThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.ItWasSoLongThatItWentAcrossTheScreenAndStopped.

    i fucked yo bitch

  68. χ ξnciso ςarlos

    I fucked your bitch, ninja. I fucked your bitch.

  69. nobodyputsbaby inacorner

    Needs more violin

  70. Awsome4649

    Sheck wes needs to do a remix

    Jay G

    Awsome4649 sheck is ass

  71. brausch1015

    Found in 2018 and I love it

  72. D U K E OF ERL

    Dame five years ant shit I guess 😂🍻


    Songs of a simpler time...

  74. Jay

    I wanna pull up to a wedding with this


    my nigga, my nigga, my friend, my friend :) proud of you blood

    ME L

    Hell Yea lol

  75. LJ RickJames

    When will you come out with another bomb ass album Ferg?????

  76. JSL2001_ 2001

    I wrote this so the last comment wasn't first.👍🏼

  77. BrickMasterMax

    This is why black people were invented.

  78. Adam Whitney

    Why does this have a million views and not even 300 comments

  79. Luke J

    everytime i make a sale at work i play this song

  80. jay

    Cuhh where the instrumental for this at

  81. Logan Danza

    Just trying to apply this song to a girl in my class

  82. hiart100

    Man when this album dropped best year ever coke xans weed wilding out

  83. Jägermeister

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