ASAP Ferg - Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies Lyrics

[A$AP Ferg:]
Yeah, ah

[A$AP Ferg & Brent Faiyaz:]
I call you Gata, 'cause you's a wild cat
You leave me with a big neck scratch when I hit it from the back
Pillow under your stomach, you like it like that
They catch you half-sleep so you can't fight that
We go for hours, fuck in the shower, pussy devour
Foreplay in the kitchen, bend it over the counter (Mm)
You taste like candy, I eat it like Sour Power
You be likin' it rough, your body soft as a flower (Yeah)
And when we finish, you be holding me (Yeah)
Got your head on my chest, you consoling me (Yeah)
Quick to close the blinds when I'm hitting that
But I'm hoping you leave it open, so they know it's me (Damn)
From the beginning, you said it was mine
And I can tell the way you said it that you weren't lying
You see me text her (Yeah) like, "Baby, you fine"
And I can still feel the tingle up and down my spine

[Brent Faiyaz:]
I'm in a dream, fairy tale, fantasy when you're around me (Ooh)
I must be losing my mind
Dream, fairy tale, fantasy when you're around me (Ooh)
I must be losing my mind

You know you belong to me
You can bring your whole squad plus three
You don't like to get told what to do
But you like it when I put you on a leash
All fours for me, on the floor for me
Have you scratching walls, parkour for me
And every night, I'll hit it right
I'ma bring you on tour with me (Yeah)
You the one for me
And even if you're wrong for me
It's a good mistake, even when I'm wide awake

I'm in a dream, fairy tale, fantasy when you're around me (Ooh)
I must be losing my mind
Dream, fairy tale, fantasy when you're around me (Ooh)
I must be losing my mind

[A$AP Ferg & Brent Faiyaz:]
Uh, oh, this song feel like new pussy, makin' it gushy
Heartthrob of the projects, spandex and a hoodie
Timbos and your baby father was a bimbo (Yeah)
Heads know, rather be bothered with all of them hoes
We could fly to Jamaica, fuck all the haters
I take you out of the projects, mansions with elevators
We can drive and hit the city in Lambo
Then lay down on the beach and watch the sand blow
Have you ever spent money without a worry?
Shopped 'til we dropped, Celine bags and Burberry
Bathin' suits, Chanel boots for dinner time
Baby, we looking good, so you know we finna shine
Then hop back in the villa to get up in her
Fireplace when it's winter, we fuckin' on the chinchilla
You fuckin' with a winner, the heavy spender
You know it's me, I'm tryna bring out the freak in you like Jodeci

[Brent Faiyaz:]
I'm in a dream, fairytale, fantasy when you're around me (Ooh)
I must be losing my mind
Dream, fairy tale, fantasy when you're around me (Ooh)
I must be losing my mind (Ooh)

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ASAP Ferg Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies Comments
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    This song is underrated ASH

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    Killed this old school sound this has got BIG sound and Tupac vocals all over it

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    Can we get a music video? plssss I just have a vision for this song

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    My girl dedicated this song to me 😏

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    Bella hadid story brought me here

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