ASAP Ferg - Dope Walk Lyrics

Nigga fuck the trap lord I'm the dope lord

[Hook x4:]
Do the dope walk, do the dope walk
Nigga fuck the trap lord I'm the dope lord
Now I'm on my gangsta lean like a dope fiend
My walk meaner than Cara Delevingne's

Check out my walk because it is so amazing
Nothing like Bobby Shmurda's but I congratulate him
More like a gangsta lean let's get this picture painted
Drop it low then pick it up before you hit the pavement
I was confined to crime since I was about 5 years old
Now nigga make up your mind you gonna rap or sell dope
I was followed like crazy this rapper life a pillow
But don't sleep on this nigga because I'm hard as brillo
Nigga I ain't no game, I never played Nintendo
Through puberty I was popping pussy and popping pimples
Popping cuties with heavy booties and pretty dimples
C'mon do the dope dance, man it's pretty simple

(Now do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it
A-do the dope-de-dope dope walk) [x2]


I almost fell I gotta pick it up
I almost fell I gotta pick it up
Got a story to tell, let me let you know what's up
I got a story to tell let me let you know what's up
I was at Abyssinian playing basketball
But it was different from playing basketball at the park
Cause at the park the dominicans had the packs of raw
That would make the fiends lean but they never fall
All that standing on the block just like a Pokemon (pika)
Dope dealers sitting like I gotta catch em' all
Uh gotta catch em' all like the theme song
I ain't Morgan Freeman, ain't no one to lean on
I'm a dope dealer, on a dope walk, now the sky turn to blue gotta get this dope off
They’re like Menace II Society with O-Dog
Now the fiends leaning like he bout to touch his toe dog, look y'all
I'm the dope lord and y'all my fiends, y'all wanted this all your life
I’ve been coming up with hits like constantly, and you know my shit’s so tight
And all of y'all rappers got nothing on me, this shit I ain't even write
And all of y'all bitches they on my D, cause they wanna hit this pipe

(Yeezus style scream)

1,2,3 Go
A-do the dope walk, I just don't walk [x5]

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ASAP Ferg Dope Walk Comments
  1. L4rry


  2. MGZA

    I love artists 👌🏾

  3. Deven Alexander

    Big fella

  4. Just Random

    why ferg dont do more tracks like this ?

  5. Anton

    most underrated ferg song

  6. jayson otto

    This is a weird video

  7. BA C

    this joint is HARD!

  8. Daniel Umrian

    Apple Music 😭😭😭

  9. Colby Basque

    Who still be jamming to this in 2019?


    Colby Basque yessir

  10. Maurice van Oosterhout - SOLO RIDER


  11. SKNDER

    Asap ferg is one of my favourites. I really hope to work with him one day. Listen to one of my songs if you got like a minute. You'd be Surprised

  12. LEVION

    Я вдохновлён твоим творчеством и энергией .

  13. sam Nelmark

    why is this still not on spotify????


    Yoo why il just discover this song right now ???!

  15. Ja Barbar

    this video was before it’s time

  16. Damian Kozłowski

    Wtf i just found ? <3 Love u Fergggggg!

  17. meesalikeu

    epic - this songs is even more on point today so many more peoples on them streets staggering around on h, k2 and opioids

  18. MOLE

    Would love to hear busta do a verse on this

  19. Becky Garcia

    Asap rocky

  20. Ross Hera

    Hahaha plug walk v:

  21. XSean

    Cara don't look to impressed

  22. Alexia Turner

    Care looks like helga from hey arnold.

  23. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    did i see "the les twins"???

    my n i b b a

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  25. Elana Williamson

    only came to see Les Twins 💕

  26. Mischief Memoirs

    I'm in love with this video

  27. Alex Ilozor

    How her facial expressions don't match what's happening in the video.

  28. GoobyPls

    i dont get why dis girl is in the corner all the time

  29. Léa Mahuas


  30. Quan Jiang

    Seems like every body loving life

  31. dazed darling

    "my walk meaner than cara delevingne" caras walk on the runways wasn't that great...

  32. Johanna Thomas

    who else saw les twins

  33. Marjorie Salazar

    was that Jay Park???????

  34. jherril santos

    just here for cara <3

    stared at her for about 5mins :)

  35. smokey kool-aid

    Just here to see Les Twins...I saw under their bio they are in this video.

    This song is stupid though

    Thumbs down 👎🏾 for this crap 💩

    Thank GOD Les Twins was in it, they made the video interesting

  36. Yolanda Howard

    Got to catch all like a Pokemon?omg.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔.

  37. eternal silence

    try on 1.25

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    Les Twins !!

  39. boing boing locz

    good beat.Thats it

  40. Josh

    Marly baller was beast

  41. Bad Goyim

    ferg is literally the best right now

  42. MOLE

    People sleep on ferg he owns rocky


    ASAP Rocky taught ferg everything he knows for a whole year he helped fer develop his own style it's in the documentary ferg admits it all how he took notes n watched ASAP Rocky do his thing n once ASAP Rocky thought he was ready then he put him out and ASAP ferg is great but not better than his bro ASAP Rocky only because he is more so versatile that Ferg

  43. Robert Højstrup Larsen

    This song is epic, i wish more people from my generation could appreciate this music.

    gill q

    snowflake alert

    Robert Højstrup Larsen

    @desi Louie Nigga this song is from 2015. It was a fucking joke..

    Ethan Mabe

    Well now I mean ?

  44. Desmond Catron II

    cara so fine

  45. Zack Smoove

    Who came here from Vogue? 😂

    Diahoumba Gassama

    +Robert Højstrup Larsen lmao 😂😂


    Trying to be like Mac dre lol


    It's a New York thing wouldn't expect you to understand

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    Was that Justin?

    anna love

    nooo its cara delevingne

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    HAIM are GOAT

  49. Jean-Marie Bigard

    What does he say after she says "I'm on vacation" ???? please


    "Yo I'm about to show you how I just shut down fashion week"

    Jean-Marie Bigard

    not sure why she laughs and looks uncomfortable right after though

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    marty be hittin that bih

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    Shit fuckin dope.. Btw who is that chick?

    ole neuer

    Cara Delavigne

    Emmy Jane Edits

    +ole neuer Cara Delevingne

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    o my is that les twins over there , and wait a minute, ice cube dancing ?! god this whole vid make my day . Ferg you the best bro

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    why the fuck isnt this shit on spotify? fire...

    Breezy LA

    Chris G it was part of his mixtape


    its a free mixtape niggu

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    Guillermo Fuentes

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    Brian Norris

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    Brian Norris

    Chris Foster

    Brian Norris

    Chris Foster

    Brian Norris

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    naaah fckn way! I only found dis when I searchd my old blog dope fiend lean. song is def lit! ...n cara ass always fiine af.


    L with that fucking spelling smfh

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    Stelios better be on his sophomore shit!

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    this video was fucking dope

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    you can download his mixtape for free ...

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    R they like best friends or suttin

    Noah Hyde

    a level or rank in an organization, a profession, or society.a formation of troops, ships, aircraft, or vehicles in parallel rows with the end of each row projecting further than the one in front. google my nigga but wtf that has to do with this? I don't even know lol

    Emani lee

    My brain just exploded. 😂😂😂 I'm so confused.

    Noah Hyde

    consider yourself mind fucked because I sure am


    Most celebs that enjoy fashion are friends and hang out around fashion weeks and fashion shows around the world...

    Noah Hyde

    @1Young99Man0 kinda actually makes sense what you said now but it still has no bearing on the conversation at hand lol  

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    +DangerousSilence You are a troll right?
    She is a model, thats why Ferg says "my walk meaner than cara delevingnes"

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    cara needs to be discluded from this video


    CHXLN BEATS I would have agreed years ago but she lit and real

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    Hazim Almakheeb

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    I just stared at Cara for 4 and a half mins

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    Sista Svennen

    FJM PURE COMEDY APRIL 7TH I even muted the song and just watched her


    Y’all gay af

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