ASAP Ferg - Didn't Wanna Do That Lyrics

[Verse 1]
They told me West got robbed (Damn)
Where the fuck them niggas be at
They took the chain up off his neck
I heard the mac started running laps
Oh, what the fuck are they goin' to do that
My nigga got stuffed he didn't want to view that
I herd they had guns I didn't want to use that
I ain't want to see Tom in the fucking boo cap
What about Lil Mitt were the fuck he was at
That nigga too little, they ain't want to do that
They got more hearts then most of them cats
If he had that thing, that thing go blat
Lil young trap lord with a little backpack
Feel at his pulse with a bunch of big gats
They ain't want to do that


[Bridge x4]
Semi auto tech
Guns go flirt

And another one squirt

[Verse 2]
Linches on my mind
And now they got my brother
Thinking about picking up my nine
And making them fuckers lick the blood up
No need for wasting time
Them niggas gon' get it one way or another
You want to live the street life
Go ahead go ahead

[Verse 3]
Yo wicked blown living that street life
You can't live long living this street life
Got to watch your moms in this street life
They'll come to your home in that street life
4 flip from the chrome in that street life
Your chromosomes all on that street life
Some body gon' die
Body on ice

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ASAP Ferg Didn't Wanna Do That Comments
  1. coffee is a drug

    Classic album

  2. Mace Windu

    This album has 90s west coast vibes to it ahhh

  3. Rock Lobster

    Still one fergs best songs. Banger

  4. bomberbang

    If he had that thing then that thing go BRATTTT

  5. Evan Krupitzer

    2013 was lit fam.

  6. Josh

    why couldn't he just made a full ass verse

  7. StaySwayzey

    I don't know what tf you guys are talking about ferg bodied this beat as soon as he came in. He's telling a story about shit that happens in the hood everyday. This shit is fucking art

  8. Serenity Moody

    on repeat and added to my playlist

    Joel Villarreal

    you can't put it on repeat though...

  9. Rayhan Akram

    That bass boost is god like

  10. Deven Johnson

    That la laaa la la la la laaaaaaa at the end is golden

  11. summer joe

    know why I love it , coz its bout killin bullies. if he had that thing that thing would go blap!!!!!!!!!

  12. OGHST

    Nuts lan flip

  13. Hillary Clinton's pantsuit

    Tbh j cole should have hopped on this for a remix

    stik freak

    please stfu

  14. Cesar Lares


  15. Khulekani Magubane

    That 90s sonic wave with the future trill drums. Brings new meaning to boom bap mixed with new rap.



  16. Paxz P

    Produced by Frankie P

  17. MrDjXylidine

    You wanna live that street life?
    Gohead gohead...

  18. Sven K

    flow insane on this.

  19. David Caetano

    So good to listen to when blazing up 

    Jasmine Brownlee

    I like the way you think 👍👍

    David Caetano

    @Jasmine Brownlee Great minds think alike

    Jasmine Brownlee

    +David Caetano Always

  20. Nazee King

    ASAP Ferg 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. ThePanthaPrince

    What does she say right at the start?


    frankie motherfuckin page?


    He's a producer

  22. DBlock KLP

    asap ferg trap lord one of the best rap albums in 2013


    +DBlock KLP +1 the album was fire


    Hell yeah and that was a good time for hip hop. better than now

    Rise 2Kill

    +Hyyer consciousness lmao

  23. Varrick

    Kendrick Lamar would've killed this!!


    @Carlito Garcia Kendrick is way above anybody on ASAP Mob lyrically. I still fuck with ASAP Rocky and ASAP Ferg when I'm in that mood, but you can't tell me they're better MC's than Kendrick.


    @Carlito Garcia Man, i bang ferg and rocky pretty heavily. But any rap critic, whether they like him or not, wouldn't deny Kendricks lyrical abilities.

    Junior Is Lost

    @mistahmst Nast?


    @Junior Lee He's cool on features, but I don't know if I could listen to a whole album of his if he ever releases one.


    kingvarrick lmao stick to the west coast

  24. useful waffle

    yo listen to the whole album lord$ never worry evry song is boss as [email protected][email protected][email protected]

  25. Levon Whited

    The whole A$AP MOB raps about life tht goes on in some of these gritty streets and explains it with a tough beat to catch ya attention ya just gotta LISTEN to wat they say!!

  26. Jake Thompson

    Sampled beat from damian marley song "it was written" shits dope

    Lalo Sterling

    It isn't from Damian Marley

  27. Tyler Newlands


  28. yhan cari

    Lourd lourd lourd lourddddd

  29. TheLabel

    Ferg never shot anything.

  30. mdub100

    Chance the rapper would of ate this


    no, stop

  31. nick lopez

    Why are you talkin about chief keif he's trash. Tell that nigga to stop with the lean

  32. Eunique Wallace

    This is my favorite song on Trap Lord. I bump this everyday. Absolutely love it

    Griffin Stacy

    Hell ya (:


    Anyone know the little clip of the girl at the very start?

  34. Jay T

    Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man./
    I end rhymes, with the last word from the last sentence/
    Man, I like making rhymes for my fans/
    Spit the hot fire, now we needing fans/
    See, see what I did, I just did it again./
    Last bar in the freestyle, just use that last word again. /
    Give the track to Kendrick, are you ss-serious man?/
    Like T.I, and his Call Duty arsenal, I am serious man. (get it). /

  35. Corinthian Benici

    So basically west got robbed for his chain and little mit didnt have the burner to bust, o yea and i think west boy started dippin (runnin laps), moral of the story they aint wannna do that.

  36. Sean John Jr

    My Shit!!

  37. Ali Munir

    ok his lyrics aren't dope, but he's not lazy, he puts himself out there and makes dope tracks

    Evan Krupitzer

    Ali Munir bullshit my dude really listen to those first lyrics that gives me shivers thinkin bout the situation ferg is referring to.

    Rock Lobster

    Ferg got bars wym

  38. WhattupDis Ronald

    but he got mo heart than most of dem catz if he had dat thang dat thang go blat

  39. Mixtapemusix1

    it was written sample, from damian marley Halfway Tree it sounds good tho
    this is music for people with a strong system 

    Chill Bill

    What do you mean "strong system"

    Don't Reply

    @Saint Trill audio system.

    Lalo Sterling

    Sample is from Angeles Negros

  40. Alex H

    Doom would destroy this beat

  41. redeyesbern92

    @redstar1990 yea I agree whole black hippy crew will kill these beats

  42. aaron ray

    They told me west got rib

  43. Angel Gonzalez


  44. Jack Bill


  45. smokedanky951

    now they got my brother thinkin bout gettin my nine & makin them fuckas lick the blood up

  46. smokedanky951

    Im a female & this my shit:))

  47. smokedanky951

    Now they got My brother thinking about getting my nine n Makin them fuckers lick the blood up

  48. royalrar1

    Maybe if you upload some of that fire Juicy J, strictly party trackz; get my drift.....

  49. smokedanky951

    guns gon flure & another one squirt

  50. douglas castro

    this track can fuck my bitch.

  51. Michael 3iii

    ASAP Ferg is the nigga. Remind me Schoolboy Q

  52. Sa Barbz

    In Love With FERG (L)_(L)

  53. Super Duper Dub

    Better than Rocky

  54. Opus Dei

    The bass in this track is so heavy and clean. Love it.

  55. Opus Dei

    Not just you.

  56. Kavan Cheffy

    90% of people commenting on this song have the worst grammar I've ever seen. Coincidence??

  57. TheKamDoh

    I cant find any info on it bruh

  58. Ruc93

    Yo did he sample an OutKast song on this track? I swear I've heard it before...

  59. Thomas Stanley

    Feeeeeerrrrgg fuxkin murdered thi5 5hit

  60. Raph3venox

    Is it me or there's a fart noise at 0:48 ? x)

  61. AxClopez4511

    Song is too good to be a lil less than 3 mins mayne it shoulda been longer

  62. Danthony Cameron

    Vengeance on is mind

  63. manjit deol

    Fucking sick semi auto tech gun go flirt

  64. Don't Reply

    This beat is dope af... wish verses were longer though, way too much talking and too short.

  65. Larnell BossLife

    My Nigga freg went in

  66. Danthony Cameron


  67. SSlammedSociety

    Guns gon flirt

  68. Dakota Pruitt

    *bang *bang (cop sirens in the background) "..Didn't want to do that."

  69. Dre91

    this beat doe

  70. Nibbles

    Fergenstein tha trap lord

  71. isaiah mendez

    My nigga go hard

  72. sicitachi

    He's imitating gun sounds.

  73. Robin Tanner

    Ferg is the funkiest.

  74. 1Phades

    this is hard

  75. Heric Romo

    ASAP asparagus.

  76. Arron T

    brappp brap brapp

  77. Everett Clayton

    damn this go soo hard!
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    go viral,
    get mad hits,
    get a ton of exposure!

  78. Cam Wilson

    i dig the beat

  79. unidentifiable100

    this beat bangs

  80. turntrie

    does anyone know what the thing theyre doing is called at 0:42 ?

  81. Billy xJawz

    Thank you, i will subscribe

  82. Don Killino

    This is tough

  83. ASAP Robinho

    Fire album Asap Fergus' ;-)

  84. snoopdizzle222

    i like your taste

  85. 92raiders519

    I ain't white and I ain't hating .. I bet u never bodied nothin fr fr

  86. acidrumsbass

    >dismissing a whole genre

  87. Kamen Dailey

    your just too white try drake or that robin thicke and also why are you here if you don't like em? take your hating ass somewhere else and go lift some weights.

  88. 92raiders519

    That bass at the end doe sound like someone dyin daaaaamnnnnnn

  89. casey flockaa

    it was written sample dope as fuck doe

  90. Mick Jenkins


  91. kingrocco12

    waddup baby

  92. Young_Grim

    bet you wouldnt say that to dey face @ justin douglas long live ASVP

  93. Tori smith

    But you still listened to their shit. Ok.

  94. Justin Douglas

    So wack asap crew is why I hate rap

  95. Antonio

    The Bridge Sounds like Tupac, not even joking i know hes dead sounds exactly like him :O R.I.P Pac <3 love this song though and A$AP Ferg

  96. QtinShow

    I Fucks With This!

  97. ThatNinjaEBAY

    You should upload Cocaine Castle