ASAP Ferg - Aw Yea Lyrics

[A$ap Ferg:]
Quiet hater
I'm a Traplord again

[Lil Yachty:]
The Traplord, Hood Pope and Lil Boat nigga
Don't like that nigga ain't that, you can suck on my dick nigga fuck
Know what I'm sayin'

[A$AP Ferg:]
Diamonds shining everywhere, aw yea
Big ol' booty in the air, aw yea
Diamonds in my Cartier, aw yea
Ferg and Yachty in the Lear, aw yea
Diamonds shining everywhere, aw yea
Big ol booty in the air, aw yea
Diamonds in my Cartier, aw yea
Ferg and Yachty in the Lear, aw yea

This what it sound like when doves cry
Traplord in the building like yeah, right!
Fucking on a bad model bitch and I bought her the Prada and Fendi like yea
In the Ferrari with Yachty we just left the party we hop in the Lear
In the PJ with a couple bad bitches and they touching my Cartiers
Damn and I never had a bitch pop a pussy like this that's a bad bitch right there
Poppin' the bottles of the Cris, you don't think I'm the shit, you niggas is some haters
Aw man look at the glist' on a wrist look like I had it in refrigerator
Had your bitch put a good kiss on a dick and she know that's my my spot right there

Diamonds shining everywhere, aw yea
Big ol' booty in the air, aw yea
Diamonds in my Cartier, aw yea
Ferg and Yachty in the Lear, aw yea
Diamonds shining everywhere, aw yea
Big ol booty in the air, aw yea
Diamonds in my Cartier, aw yea
Ferg and Yachty in the Lear, aw yea

[Lil Yachty:]
Living out my dreams, I live movie scenes
Nothing's what is seems, thirty to my seams
I'm with the hood pope, we like finer things
Bad Australian bitches in designer jeans
Mister typhoon, trapping Cancun
Diamonds full moon, you's a whole coon
I can't wait for June
Drop the top on that new zoom zoom
I'm a young nigga
Nineteen, I can be your mama's son
Fuck your mama, son
Pull up gang, and that's when the drama come

[A$AP Ferg:]
Diamonds shining everywhere, aw yea
Big ol' booty in the air, aw yea
Diamonds in my Cartier, aw yea
Ferg and Yachty in the Lear, aw yea
Diamonds shining everywhere, aw yea
Big ol booty in the air, aw yea
Diamonds in my Cartier, aw yea
Ferg and Yachty in the Lear, aw yea

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ASAP Ferg Aw Yea Comments
  1. Kendall Bryant

    Aww yea!

  2. Tracy Lane

    Put this on sum 40s and a sub an it’ll rock your soul💯💯

  3. Just Destiny

    This is Brandon Sinclair what a good song aww yea

    Just Destiny

    No brandon sinclair

    Sal Colores

    Niqqa what?

  4. Mosa-Von-Doom

    Can go wrong with Ferg bruh

  5. David Lopez

    I’m still slapping this shit in 2019 🔥😈

  6. Sherman Jr

    s /o to the... Tidalsorry

  7. Balto

    Aaaaaawwwwww yeah

  8. oh yeah ohyeah yeah Nsjs

    1:52 is lil yachty

  9. Chapo the Don

    Ferg probably told yachty if he pulled any of his nonsense they would beat his ass

  10. Gray Hillz

    THIS SHIT IS FUCKING TRASHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Aw yeah

  11. Derrick Morris

    This trash

  12. GamerGunZ Infinite

    Big OL Booty in the air. well I guess we know Asap ferg likes older booty

  13. Alif Rajendra

    pnb rock

  14. OdysseY AA

    This was my favorite one at the concert yesterday 🔥🔥🔥🔥😎

  15. Rian Lewis

    ASAP Ferg > ASAP Rocky

  16. Staii Boogie


  17. Ivan Villarreal

    🔥this song is better when u r high

  18. Hanz Schwanz

    Diamonds in my cartier aaaw yeaah

  19. sha money

    Yo this might be the only yachty verse I actually enjoyed listening to

  20. Emily Taylor

    Underrated song

  21. Sumotrees

    This goes hard in the whip.

  22. Curtis Healy

    Still needs a video

  23. Robert Lopez

    good song

  24. Robert Lopez

    good song

  25. Shaniice10

    AWW YEEAA this song is hella dope🔥🔥

  26. PlatinumLion 10

    He gotta get a feature with Tee grizzly or Travis Scott

  27. Karlo Houwen

    Yachty biting Travis Scott's flow...

  28. João Sousa

    yachty just ruined the song

  29. Aj Lawless

    I. don't even like yachty but can't deny a good record, single

  30. Phil Gil

    Is it just me or does yachty keep saying lil pump

    i love sunflowers

    he is saying lil boat

  31. Tofujesaittous90

    The original track is much better than this shit

  32. Pepe Ramirez

    Y’all would know this is good if you heard terminator

  33. Ga ka

    Asap ferg got the best flow in the game

  34. Tonybassist123

    Cloudy ☁️

  35. ProTheGrammer

    Is he the hood pope or the trap lord?


    2 .06 music ends

  37. Chase Rogers

    Awww yea

  38. Gonzalo Bazan

    "Livin out my dreams i live movie scenes" fuego.

  39. Jay Billz

    Most Slept on Song on the Album!!!

  40. The Guy Who Cares

    i dont like yatchys music but he killed this

  41. tyler morgan

    I think ferg spits fire but is a bad singer

  42. Mark Perez


  43. 300 Bucks

    Самый заебатый!

  44. CuzFrmThird

    asap found his swag

  45. Deonte Billups

    "Aww yeah" diamonds in my ear "aww yeah" bitches on my dick "aww yeah"🔥🔥🔥

  46. Antonio Baylor

    I wanna hear him on a track with moneybagg yo & black youngsta

  47. Wesda

    my fave song off the tape

  48. Cameron Light

    Yea... Ferg used to be good... until he got down with Yachty. I ain't fucking with it.Yachty sucks shit. As I mentioned in another comment, People only like him because of his down syndrome mixed with auto-tune and red dreads. Even if Ferg was just expanding his fan base, he could have picked anyone else, even Slim Jesus. But Yachty? Come on bruh, why you gotta stoop to that level?

  49. Baja

    That hood poe sound

  50. stylekilla1

    Lil Yachty trashy AF

  51. 훔바

    노래 짱 좋아!!

  52. celine

    2:06 aww hell nah

    Delusional Andy

    that's what I said sus af lol

    Challenge Master

    iKr sounds like shit

  53. SimsterJade201 White

    his whole album 🔥him n rocky can do shit like this

  54. Larry Massie

    Yachty could've done bettet

  55. Cagee

    yall gon act like yachty shit wasnt doper than ferg parts . really

  56. Bob 77

    Song is heat

  57. Alvin Morel

    Lil yachty is a starboy

  58. Deltoids1

    trap lord back

  59. Da Bossman

    2:07-bruh part of the beats out of time...

  60. Jordan Lujan

    Lil yachty killed this hoe

  61. starscream

    Fergenstein 🚀

  62. cloudguy

    Ferg had an amazing flow

  63. H.H.K

    all these songs great, but u need future or Travi$ on this,
    but this only time i didnt mind lil yachty as a feature

  64. DIS SIDE

    It was good until yatchy

  65. Andre Ballentine

    After doing some Wrist Rainbow Shining, I don't mind Dex on the track. I feel where the track was going with flow. I could see a wacky tacky colored car with Ferg and Dex doing burn outs in a Wendy's parking lot with some red bones with red weave's and phat booties bouncing to the hook. Lol

  66. Luis Brito

    YouTube made me watch a 30 secs ad without skip.. fucked up

  67. Shahg Dekirt

    travis melodies all over by if it was him u were going to say he is biting smh

  68. Made in Villa

    Dat Maaly Raw..

  69. Thierry Almeida

    kinda disappointed with yachty verse... i was feeling the song and when he came i thought he would do some hard shit smh

    Romy Taylor

    he ass but i agree he could've done better on this

  70. SEECH7

    he is stil the best in the mob by a long shot

    Cody Martin

    Can you see me you hipo

  71. PepeSk 12

    dont know what yall talking about, i dont even like yachty but he was dope af here

  72. Jeff D

    b4 100k 🎯

  73. Lun Hing

    Aw yeah this shits dope

  74. Aditya Mukherjee

    Fergy Yatchy everyday :p

  75. Dominic Gregorio

    Lil Yatchy sound like PnB Rock

  76. Luck Fove

    Boat started off perfect..... but he started bullshitting

  77. Quan the vlogger

    The song was so good until yatchy came in 😓😓

  78. Mike Hawk

    This versions slaps 👋🏼

  79. Checheaprevenis

    Ok cool

  80. Broden Speer

    The fuck was that beat?

  81. UwU OG

    this right here is the definition of lit.

  82. laReece

    i think asap ferg might get some recognition for himself now. he always
    been in the shadow of rocky, but he got some features that'll get other
    fanbases to follow him like playboi carti and meek. i hope one day my
    shit's able to be as legendary as what this man does haha

    Bryan Antunes

    bruh i saw your comment on the other video and that shit is firee hahahah

    laReece thats my shit btw if yall wanna give me some help/opinions


    yeah i fux with it bro, work on the mixin a bit and youre good

    Jack Hammond

    laReece not bad just checked out, ski mask inspired?

  83. Adam Calhoun

    Here be4 100k views, early squad where u at?

  84. Joe Ryan

    Ferg kills it, Yachty almost ruins it.

    G L O R Y

    Yachty had the best part

    Joe Ryan

    BasedGloryBoy I'm gonna have to disagree. Yachty might be the whackest rapper in the last 10 years IMO

  85. cartinicoo

    is this the mastered version bc it sounds different?

    LPZ 1

    Nick Mayer yea

  86. STrayBulletz

    Nigga booty in the air???

  87. bryannjessie

    Who's here before 50K, 100K? 🔥🔥

  88. Social Red*

    Easily best song on album

  89. mac mccreary

    here b4 a mill

  90. Ethonious

    Lil yachty gay

  91. Wyatt Cook

    i love this album but this is wack. you cant disagree

  92. TiredEyesPeace


  93. Sweezy Productions


  94. Darian Borneo

    Yachty so trash

  95. falconguy21

    Yachty features usually lame but this was okish

    J N



    from the d to the a is a good yachty feature

  96. Christian McCaffrey

    Damn this shit took me back to his album trap Lord

  97. Anonymous Insomniac