ASAP Ferg - 4:02 Lyrics

Damn who knocking on the fucking door like that, shit
I think that's our little friend
Hold on man, let me get that
Hehe, damn
Took for ever, step on in, let me holla
Put your coat right there
Little mama say whats up to my baby
Get acquainted
Here's your new best friend
Damn, lay down right there
Chocolate and caramel, best of both worlds
She got nice lips
She got a body on her right there
My children
Baby, touch me right there
(Right there?)
(You like that?)
Now mama lets see what mama taste like
Tell me what she taste like

Sippin' on that henny got me going crazy
With two ladies
Looking so good, don't you want to be my baby
You lay it down don't play around don't make a sound
Let me see that ass bounce
And I want you to kiss her
And I want you to kiss her back
Oooooo girl just move girl
I want you to move it just like that
Damn baby, you can move it so good
I like the way you talk
I like the way you move
I like the way you scream
I like the way you do what yo do
The way you talk to me
The way you talk
The way you talk to me
The way you talk

(Bitch where you at?)
(Minding my mother fucking business)
(Where your broke ass at?)
Fuck does it sound like you cryin?
Is that bitch nigga bout it?
(Bitch, you better not be with that nigga Ferg)
Shut the fuck up!
Nigga stop crying like a little bitch!
(Come to the streets nigga)
Fuck outta here, that's why you fuckin cryin like a lit...
I'm fuckin you bitch nigga
(Please don't leave me)
I fuckin yo bitch nigga, yeah
(Pleaseee don't leave me please i need you)
I'm fuckin you bitch
And she with my bitch
I'm fucking both of them bitches
(Hello? Hello?)
(Fuck you bitch!)

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ASAP Ferg 4:02 Comments
  1. matty

    yo is that rocky at the end lmaooo

  2. Yalin Yucel

    Sipping on that Henny got me going crazy with two ladies

  3. Jackson B

    2:23 to 2:43 is the best part

  4. bryant henderson

    The fuck is that on the phone soundin like he cryin...You better not be with that nigga Ferg...Classic!

  5. zzzurreal

    im fuckin yo bitch nigga
    and she wit my bitch
    im fuckin both of them bitches

  6. zzzurreal

    the ending > > > > >  > > > >  > > > >> >  > > > > > > >  > >> > > > > 

  7. Elliot Nunez

    Kid cudi is that you?




    Nigga shut yo corny ass up, nigga thinks hes a fuckin pretty boy. Nah look at this niggas fucking beak haha!! i just cut this niggas fuckin ass


    @meihemm  off my diq nigga

  9. melaniejdgaf

    Chocolate and Carmel.

    You duck

  10. Philipstyrer

    Chocolate and cum, best of both worlds.

  11. jim jones

    its so baddd

  12. Shar c

    The name of the song has nothing whatsoever to do with the length of the song

  13. chris crazy

    It's 4:02 in the morin

  14. knine305

    ma nigga ferg dopee !

  15. BigBangTheory92

    I was about to comment it would've been really cool if this song actually 4:02 long.

  16. Mikhail Pozin

    makes a song called 4:02....... isn't actually 4:02 long

    malakia christina

    Mikhail Pozin it was 4:02 in the morning 😂

  17. SadBoyGangNoSleep

    sippin on that Henny got me going Krayyzeehh
    with two ladiessss

  18. SadBoyGangNoSleep