Asaf Avidan - This Cool Lyrics

I don't know what you want from me
Still don't you go, don't go out on me

All you gotta do honey is go out the door
Just leave some money for my time
All you gotta do is listen to this tune
And bleed yourself to sleep

I never wanted it to be this way
But you and me baby - got our own set of rules we play
I never wanted it to be this mean
But you and me babe - got our own conscience to clean

I never wanted it to be this cool

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Asaf Avidan This Cool Comments
  1. Jeanou Daniel Nguyen

    OH WAAAAA ? ... mais... c'est génial !! la classe la classe ouais ouais ça c'est sur !

  2. Mrityunjay Awasthy

    One of the finest work(s) of our time.

  3. Γιώργος Βαλίνης

    One of the best in history!

  4. Aviram Swissa

    i fucking love u

  5. Guena GUENA

    an adorable and great artist

  6. osfp osfp


  7. Scuba Guy

    What an amazing voice unique

  8. Lisa Palermo

    You just recruited a brand new fan with this performance!

  9. Lucy berty

    Secondo me non ci sono paragoni ed è una Forza della Natura !!!!!!

  10. judith schilcher

    MAGNIFIQUE!! brilliant artist - wonderful voice - heart and soul touching lyrics ......

  11. Lisa Cipriani

    always a pleasure. ..

  12. reign6of6e6terror

    J.Joplin is awakening ;)

  13. mrtoretos

    God Damn !!!!

  14. Caitlin Luk

    ❤️love from New Zealand!omg,you are so talented!!this is music:)

  15. Ambrosia

    So so so so so talented!!!!!!!!!!!! I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove!!!!

  16. emily b

    Please come to Ireland!! ❤

  17. Sheri R

    Love this guy.He does very interesting things with his voice.Very original. So glad I discovered him. Thanks to NPR.

  18. Abdelhafed Morsli

    ohhhhhh   :o   1:26    wawe

  19. Ride Bike 11

    JUSTE SUPERBE !!! Merci ASAF  !!! RDV le 18/07 !!!  ;-)

  20. Desmond Lemas

    Asaf Avidan just got a new fan, its genius ;o)

  21. Martyna Lipińska


  22. Catherine Guillebot

    tout simplement génial

  23. Eva Pytlová

    Just, love it

  24. newsherpa

    am turning gay listening to that guy !

    Jeanou Daniel Nguyen

    héhé, itou... ha ! someone tells me in my headset that I can't...

  25. Andrei Gheorghiu

    @crazyfish50 actually for me he sounds like the son of Janis with Dylan :)

  26. yairlands

    reminds me of this song - (Nirvana - About a girl)

  27. Morgana Zirbel

    how the fuck can you even do this to your voice godamnit i'm dying it's so perfect

  28. Livres Lecture

    Cette musique me prend aux tripes ! Elle accompagne les émotions ! Merci Asaf !

  29. Roger B

    Augh! Augh!

  30. palmifraguel

    Ay madre!!! Este chico es genial. Voz, música...los pelos como escarpias, hacía mucho que no escuchaba algo así. Gracias por compartir :D

  31. caillou martine

    pas deux ! avec untel talent
    j 'adore

  32. Anuška Hiti

    he is amazing...this voice...this music...i just love it

  33. Tracy Sisney

    You've definitely got that WOW factor! Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

  34. zayneb sengraoui

    The best :)

  35. mungiuri

    never heard of matt corby before. thank you for the suggestion. and yes they are all great voices.

  36. Perieteanu Teodora

    great voice,i love your music!

  37. Loro sono umano

    Reminds me of Janis Joplin. Great voice!

  38. KarmaKoolyTchah


  39. Birgitt Herholz

    with your musik you stop time ... thank you !

  40. Elisa Betti

    Quel talent fabuleux et unique !

  41. cunty mccuntface

    Amazing! Simply amazing! I love your voice, your face, your lyrics. FABULOUS!!!

  42. Guest2o2

    Ou tout simplement Asaf Avidan....

  43. Camila Fainzilber

    אתה גדול אסף

  44. Autodidactus

    I never claimed that they are "just like" Asaf Avidan. I said they are both great, just like Asaf Avidan is.

    Kind of a huge difference in that statement.

  45. Emilie Peron

    More than Greetings from France !! :D

  46. Lily Mariposa

    I ♥ u Asaf !

  47. 1individeo

    Since Michael Jackson that a man's voice didnt sound this feminine. It's like Macy gray learned how to sing.

  48. I Viaggi di Giada

    I love a lot of his tone of voice and I think it's very sensual!
    He gives me the chills on the skin every time I listen and always excites me so much! Moreover, its interpretation is really fantastic!

  49. GOSS

    Qu'on aime ou qu'on aime pas, ce type a un talent incroyable, tu es d'un égocentrisme pathétique, ta mentalité c'est :" j'aime pas donc c'est nul et il est mauvais'
    Peu importe ton âge, tu es un enfant, sâche le.

  50. Dim Martz

    Amazinggggggggggg loveeeeee asafff grecce

  51. Liat Alalouf

    ASAF - Ta'ase Li Yeled!! (-;

  52. Problematic

    Nobody is "Just like" Asaf Avidan. He is quite unique. everyone has their own sound.

  53. 5-HT 2A

    does he mainly play e and F??

  54. Autodidactus

    Tip of the day:

    If you like this dude you'll also like Matt Corby and Jeff Buckley.

    They're both great, just like Asaf Avidan.

  55. Ilana Moshkovich

    Simply amazing . I've never heard someone sing with so much emotion . Such a beautiful voice and meaningful lyrics are rarely seen this days . Love & Support from Israel <3

  56. claudia de la fuente

    nice!!! exelente cantante saludos desde chile ;)

  57. Emmanuelle HONORAT

    La première fois que je l'ai entendu c'était avec "One day" a la télé , le clip, c'est juste incroyable ce timbre de voix!!! croyais que c'était une femme qui chantait au début je l'avoue j'ai été bluffer!.Il est juste génial!!!

  58. Rusudan Beniashvili

    אוהבת 3>

  59. שרון צעאדה

    מתי יוצא איזה דיסק של Acoustic from the Box???

  60. ayam ellasun

    ahava ve shalom ani mehod smeha lishmoa otra be tsarfart kol a kavod

  61. diduku ukulele passiont

    Putain quel voix magnifique j'adore

  62. Akash Beharry

    we are hooked on you Asaf!

  63. worldchaser

    Music and A Voice are back

  64. Maïder Elizondo

    Exact !

  65. Faux Eléna

    C'est ça un vrai artiste, il a une voix impréssionante, un vrai talent ce mec !

  66. Elle Sinclaire

    I want to cry.
    He's too TOO TOO fucking perfect.

  67. massispera

    è pazzo!

  68. Matteo Gnoni

    Quanto cazzo mi piace la tua voce..
    How fucking I like your voice..

  69. lyndacast

    stay in this roots! just u and guitare!

  70. Bumu

    I guess those headphones are sennheiser-hd-25-ii ? Bought them 2 weeks ago .. now I know how you get the feeling into the song :)

  71. neuron55

    I can agree on the "a bit" part :-)

  72. Lolsen McRofl

    He's has a androgynous voice... Love it, but definitively sounds a bit like a woman just as Tracy Chapman sounds a bit like a man...

  73. neuron55

    I don't understand how some people hear him as woman. Ok, he's high pitch but he does not sound like woman.

  74. lefunk85

    This guy definitively reminds me of Janis Joplin. Kick ass music!

  75. Nikola Girčáková

    He's got so perfect voice..! I hope he'll ever be in the Czech Republic..! :)))

  76. vilixist c

    E unico, e forte e originale. Oggi giorno unica voce e qualità di cantare.

  77. Rebecca Spence

    you have more talent than the UK artists in the charts put together, what is wrong with this world?!

  78. Sylvie Deschamps

    j adore!!!

  79. pascal jean-hubert Maillard

    Amazing voice !!!

  80. enballovexoxo

    ראיתי את הכתבה שלך אתמול עם מישהו בשם שי שראיין אותך היום שמעית שיר שלך בMTV ומאז אני לא מפסיקה לשמוע את השירים שלך ואתה הורססססססס

  81. Marina Carvalho

    I´m in love ;-)) Greetings from Portugal!

  82. Radzik1976

    Can you prove it Magda?;-)I wish it was true.I really do.I would like to see him performing live in our country

  83. Magdalena Buja

    Poland loves him ♥

  84. Bacel Al Hashem

    from Lebanon
    you're Amazing!!!

  85. Perla Campos

    I love his voice!!!

  86. Gurdzil

    respect from France

  87. sharon vaizman

    yes u r amazing!!!

  88. lawlvid

    Amazing voice!

  89. Dn Remo

    tipo tosto

  90. PADRINA901

    Great voice

  91. Gabi Marciotto

    Come to Brasil! Please!

  92. raewhitewolf

    It's so intense, so involved every looks exhausting, but damn you can feel it!

  93. Kevin Schmidt

    What you wanted to say at 1:26? I didn't understood.

  94. Kevin Schmidt

    Please don't! You shouldn't get into this categorie.

  95. RedHaired Shanks


  96. Rumeysa Kusdogan

    3:37 3:41

  97. Rumeysa Kusdogan


  98. dRobi

    Greetings from Otočac - Croatia!
    You are amazing :)