Asaf Avidan - Out In The Cold Lyrics

Oh, Tell me David, what have you done?
Where has BatSheva's sweetheart gone?
What's taken over? When is enough?
When the going gets lonely – the lonely get rough

Oh, times have changes since you became king,
Since that boy with a flute, that played with a sling
But you still fight from a distance, that sling in your hands
If anyone gets near you don't give them a chance

Oh pray. They have left you here in the cold

Oh, tell me David, with just one stone
You didn't really think Goliath is gone
Now there you go prancing up Jerusalem road
And that giant inside you is starting to get hold

Michelle's in the window, BatSheva's in bed
Jonathan left you, and Uriah's dead
Now I don't pretend to know night time from day
But if I were your god, I'd have something to say

Oh pray. They have left you here in the cold

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Asaf Avidan Out In The Cold Comments
  1. Marceau Geneviève


  2. Festival des Fleurs

    merveilleuse partition pour violoncelle . Merci beaucoup <3

  3. Ludivine

    ouf à couper le souffle merci

  4. maori cohen

    So beautiful

  5. Lena Gusman

    I imagine,Asaf Avidan and Beth Hart and Slash,then King Jesus will surely return, Love Santander Israel,Ashkelon

  6. Mrityunjay Awasthy

    Please tour Canada.

  7. Fuentes Facundo Miguel

    Tu melodia y tu poesía me hacen ir tan dentro mio que encuentro ricones tan abstractos que hasta yo mismo me asusto, pero, lo admito, es extasiante. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ASAF, YOU´RE BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Maureen Woodcock

    Ouch, it is so beautiful it hurts.

  9. Patrick Bertrand

    donne dé frisson   -chapeau  une merveille

  10. jp230569

    so wonderful..., unbelievable

  11. abdeljalil rahaoui

    bon juer ☆☆☆☆♡

  12. Suisse Drone Footage

    Tanks Asaf :)

  13. Michèle Ubelmann

    sublime, déchirant, indescriptible, ...

  14. Sonia V

    Goes straight to your core.

  15. Julia Nileen

    beautiful... this music do something deep in my soul, everytime I'm listening. It's strange.. sometimes it feels like myself in there.. coming out. singing, screaming, whispering... I am thankful!!

  16. la sudatittude

    :') c'est trop beau...

  17. Frederic Dridi


  18. Cyril Meunier

    hate de Marseille le Silo <3

  19. Ludovic Hiart

    Magnifique concert à borgerhout (Belgique)

  20. Muriel

    Superbe ! Très beau concert en Corrèze ( France ) ! Merci ! Muriel.

  21. la sudatittude

    magique ...

  22. KrisiOmi109

    If you come to Calgary, I'd do whatever it takes to come and see at least one of your shows. You're amazing!

  23. Travis Shaw

    Hands down, the best, artist currently making music. Come to Canada and play some shows on the coast.

  24. cfirbuvel

    pure ART
    2:30 - 3:10 made me the chill

  25. afmo22

    simply fantastic