Asaf Avidan - Little Stallion Lyrics

If we could only just pretend
I'd be your horse you'd be my friend I'd be
Your heart you'd be my head
We'd make believe we never bled

If we had everything we need
I'd be your secret little seed
But I got legs like a centipede
And they just know how to stampede

Gallop little horsie

Through the ever-green plain
Ride between the drops
Of the slanted rain
Let the wind go dancing
Through your silver mane
Till the sky will open

Making and faking and shaking and breaking love
Shaking and breaking and faking and making love
Breaking and shaking and making and shaking
Faking and making and breaking and faking love

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Asaf Avidan Little Stallion Comments
  1. Brenda Martínez

    asaf y su voz lo amo

  2. David Ross

    Anyone else hear 'White Stripes' The band ? Good tune asaf

  3. Sylwia Gęborys

    How could I miss it?????

  4. Usia377

    <3 <3 :* RESPECT <3

  5. Larissa Nery

    i just cant stop listening... amazing song! love from Brazil

  6. noisynutt69 Asaf Avidan Fans

    EP Asaf+3 asaf & mojos+nouvel Asaf(different pulse)+un EP LIVE (en concert) albums achetés sur LE FACEBOOK/STORE de Asaf Avidan

  7. yarden amoyal

    אחות בלב

  8. aya tavor

    הרבה זמן לא הייתי מכורה ככה לאמן.♥

  9. Daniel Saragani


  10. EMGK Music

    @kurapikadu93 Ainsi que leur troisième album... a acheter dès sa sortie française !

  11. Axel Le corre

    Double pouce vert :)