Asa - The Place To Be Lyrics

There's a place I long to be
Where the air's wide and free
It's a little haven just for me
I can let my hair down and be me
Just a smile for a start
And it only takes a spark
To begin a fire in your heart
Wouldn't you agree?

I believe that I can be
Only the best in whatever I do
Guaranteed to take the lead
Only the best in whatever I do
Guaranteed yes indeed
To be the best in whatever I do

There's a place not far away
Where the sky is never gray
Orange as the evening setting sun
A place that has a friend for everyone
Where the smile will warm your heart
And the people think about
Everything that make your dream come true
Everything that's you

I believe that I can be
Only the best in whatever I do
Guaranteed to take the lead
Only the best in whatever I do
Guaranteed yes indeed
To be the best in whatever I do
Wouldn't you take my hand and let me lead?
Wouldn't you rather trust me?

There's a place I long to be
Where the air's wide and free
I can let my hair down and be me
Wouldn't you agree?
I believe that I can be
Only the best in whatever I do
Guaranteed to take the lead
Only the best in whatever I do
Guaranteed yes indeed
To be the best in whatever I do
Wouldn't you take my hand and let me lead?
Wouldn't you rather trust me?

Am I simple?
Simple as a tree
Simple as the water
Simple as a child's heart
Simple as an idea
Open your mind to possibilities
Wouldn't you take my hand and let me lead?
Would you just trust me

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Asa The Place To Be Comments
  1. Muhammad Yakubu

    If the Security door song at GTBank brought you here let me see your hands up

  2. Kojo

    I just love listening Asa everytime... soothing mood.

  3. Love Damola

    Who is still listening? Love You Asa😍

  4. olasunkanmi

    2019 ???

    Femi Oshiyoye

    We here!

  5. Chris JU

    Every song of Asa is wonderful! I love all of them and her voice is a delight for heart and spirit...

  6. Yaa Asamoah

    Asatunes🎤🎶🎵♩. Just beautiful👌

  7. trust bulk

    I love you a million times

  8. Solutions

    love your songs from nigeria.

  9. Amamchi Offia


  10. silva da Cruz

    Não me canso de ouvir as suas músicas. Esta então das minhas eleitas.

  11. Glory Akpan

    Finally, I find this song!!! I love it!

    Oluwatosin taofeek Yusuff

    Glory Akpan me too. I just did

  12. Rebecca Yan

    Love you Asa

  13. Pius Mary

    Learn how to play this song @

  14. Siphe nathi

    I'm so calm and relaxed just from listening to Asa she is really good

  15. Ifeanyi Sailas

    Fresh song so much love to asa

  16. Ezekia Brayson

    l love u so much

  17. That Blind Nerd

    This song is adorable! It’s a shame that Asa doesn’t really like it very much, but I understand her opposition, since she is the kind of artist that does not like to be associated with commercialization or corporations like GT bank. It’s still super cute though, very simple but very sweet!

  18. Mvula Mvula

    salute my bby

  19. COULIBALY Yaya

    Elle est une merveille

  20. modibo sininda

    salut asa puis-je avoir ton profil facebook

  21. Charles J

    Because of this song, whenever I visit GT Bank I always wish the security door delays a little longer before opening into the banking hall. And I also love to hear Asa say..."Welcome to the future...Guaranty Trust Bank"

    Royale Music Incorporated

    hahaha...i didn't know i have someone like me o

    Glory Akpan

    You just exactly said my mind here. The branch I use, one of the doors does not echo the song, so I don't like to use it, I wait for one of the other two. The security always wonder why?

  22. Yomi Babalola

    God, please bless Asa more and more.....great song!

  23. 3 Mighty

    I wish I know d reason she is regretting making this song for Gtb...I don't mind to close my account with them for treating my baby u Asa

    olumide falade

    Lol 😄

  24. aime tebou

    verry nice song

  25. Dayo Omoyemi

    This makes me feel nostalgic. I just remember entering GT Bank and this song continuously echoing in the background setting a good atmosphere.

    Jemimah Davies

    I swear it's GT Bank I thought I was the only one😂

  26. Daniel Sarah

    there is so much love, warmth and peace in her songs...I love everything about her nd her music

  27. Selassie Selassie

    our legend. i hope she not married when i am ready. so love her!

  28. Alex Wokam

    beautiful 😃😃😃😃😃

  29. Frank Williams

    sweet song, lady with a good heart!

  30. Selassie Selassie

    Undisputed the best artist on the African continent. I love her to die for her. She's inspire me enough to help me believe

  31. Setemi Dara

    Oh yes..yes this is the song I always hear in it was Asa song.Wow

    Glory Akpan

    I just got to know now as well ...

  32. Ebere Emuchay

    i love her songs they are meaningful

  33. michael olusegun

    unique song from unique ASA and listening by unuque people. love all your songs.keep up...omo Yoruba Rere.

  34. Shaun

    Great work. I found out about Asa through GTBANK. I love the song a lot. Keep it up.

    Eniatorudabo Ebiru Esther

    same. the song when entering the bank hahaha

  35. Godwin Cletus

    oh God I love this song bless Asa for me

  36. Ehalaiye Adeshola

    i love this, keep it up dear

  37. Forwang Divine

    there's just a handful of them who exploit their art to bring out beautiful melodies like Asa does...i wish to hear a collage form her and Timi dakolo.....#goodmusic

  38. Karin Bruck

    And I was strong, strong in the sun

  39. Sangaré Allassane De Fernand

    Cette musique à le pouvoir de m'apaiser.

    tso tso raoul

    vraiment elle a ce pouvoir, j'en suis victime 😘

    Sangaré Allassane De Fernand

    Je te dis hein

  40. Akinrimisi Ola

    more bless  i love ur music

  41. Wanda

    the place to some people are blessed

  42. ellerfamilytrio

    I love this song... the lyrics make me so happy!  She is such an amazing songwriter!

  43. Ernest akpan

    Going to bed without your music, make's me to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

  44. Al-Baker Sophie

    It only takes a spark to begin a fire in your heart!

    Uche Philips

    I LIKE!!

    Al-Baker Sophie

    @Uche Philips I love you.

  45. Olumide Jacobs

    Asa is just magical..... A true yoruba girl to the bone. I love your tunes....

  46. tayo evans

    I love ur music,Asa,God bless u

  47. sagir kura

    keep it up ASA!! We love your music

  48. Mohamed Phallah

    Beautiful music never stop

  49. Laurent Labarthe Medrano

    just perfect for relax............

  50. Ravonimahefa hery magnajary

    j'adore trop cette chanson

  51. erick kimani

    asa....awesome music

  52. Nelson Turyasingura

    What more can GT Bank ask for?

  53. Stanley Chima

    I love you Asa

  54. Sorunke olaosebikan


  55. F-Zaïhrra ISISS

    »-(¯'♥'¯)-» ℒℴѵℯ  

  56. Bello Afeez

    love u asa, love ur song, Love everytin that makes u.........

  57. Mowlaya Haidara

    I love u asa.I love ur song

  58. wale beford

    tans 4 ur amazing voice.its keep me kool always I LOVE YOU ASA

  59. VickyG212

    I feel the same way! She's just AMAZING!

  60. EstimatedProphet92

    this music is peRfect

  61. Emeka Onuorah, Ph.D.

    I cant find this song on iTunes. Feel like home whenever I hear it on NTAi.

  62. ayobami mike

    Love you dearie...

  63. Brandon Noel Bones

    I really am just mad with myself for not knowing about this woman earlier. When songs just give me chills, it's incredible. I like her music very much, I'm glad I found out about her.

  64. Tebe OJUKONSIN

    Simply the best in whatever she does! Great Talent

  65. Tebe OJUKONSIN

    Despite the fact that this song is an advertorial for GTB, it brings with it one salient reality, 'a Mighty God telling mankind to take His hands and let him Lead, and to trust Him'.

  66. Emeka Onuorah, Ph.D.

    Love this song. Feel like moving back home.

  67. Eranga Jayasena

    thats perfect. most of the people are losing their money in penny stocks without much guidance. just listen for now, Best way to invest your money in stocks is to be a member of a renowned professional assistance team. have a try and make the most of them :) >>>

  68. victor uche

    Hi peeps,Pls can someone help me the title of Asa's song talking about unity with an Indian and Yoruba effect to the song.The song is devastating my emotional balance.......someone help.

    olumide falade

    Awe I guess that's is the title

  69. Qureeb Hameed

    Only Asa can sing like this.

  70. Bazonkadonkz Fry

    Her voice is so unique :)

  71. Tohn Smith

    heard this on NTA i had to look for it. She needs more exposure

  72. Gozie Marley

    AHHHH!!!! Asa I love you ghan.. and I die 4 ur voice anytime

  73. Ife Olarinde

    see class ,!!! all they care to listen to is kurukere , gone thats why the ids are getting daft in naija no beefs

  74. Marissa Johnson

    So Smooth!
    And it only takes a spark! My fav line!

  75. niyo2345

    Still my fav. NAIja artiste.

  76. Phoenix Rising

    thx for those precious enlightments 8-)

  77. parfum du ROi

    me like Asa,na she meant for be ma bro's wifey lool.God bless.

  78. Souljaaspirit


  79. Fred Kwao

    heh asa, woy3 tough wai. mi feeeli wo. not thumbs but hands up.

  80. Mr Moses Ogbeide

    Love you Asa.Representing Naija.

  81. Krito Viteri


  82. Copper Colored Brown


  83. Wendy A

    Genuinely started to believe this song didnt exist you know. Finally found it. Thank God.

  84. Alfonsa Juliasari

    i'd love to take ur hand and let u lead...

  85. Tosyne Drake

    ..GTB Festac...I honestly thought it was GTB;s Theme song..*Covers Face* Beautiful Song...!!!

    Nwanneka Osho-Smith

    Tosyne Drake yes it is

    Nwanneka Osho-Smith

    Tosyne Drake yes it was now it's 737

  86. Afro Latina

    LOVE HER ;´´´´)

  87. damcy3

    beautiful song with amazing lyrics ♥ :)

  88. khumo v blessing

    i can stop playing dis music

  89. khumo v blessing


  90. Brigitta Mulenga


  91. bo lazuli

    I'm telling you...this song should be part of a Disney film soundtrack

  92. AnUglyDoll

    great lyrics! :D i love her songs! nice voice...

  93. Astro Pirate

    loveeeeeeeeeee thissss!!!!!!!!! thnk u asa!

  94. mllnkt

    Wow! she just described SENEGAL in her song!

  95. sleepless inizmir

    so how do we find Asa on lastfm? i can't dind her thru search

  96. Cheptoo Chizupo it like your ancestors did it! I LIKE,very talented,soothing voice and lovely as it can get

  97. Bharati Limbu

    Asa just great .....make my day :)

  98. alayub karpis

    so conscious, so soulful, like listening to the wind sing