Asa - The Beginning Lyrics

One of us must have a last say
Words like dagger, we try to hurt each other
There's no other way until one surrenders
We've been like this for days
We've been like this for days

So when you said goodbye
With a smile on your face
I thought it was as usual
You'll be gone just for a little while

I didn't see it coming
Won't believe if someone told me
That I've been waiting for years
Been waiting for years

Even though we're near
Like we're far away
Far far far away
Can you hear me
Can you hear me
Can you hear me
Let's go back to the beginning

None of us must have a last say
I'm writing you this letter
Hoping we can make things clearer
Over all the shouting
We forget to hear each other
And I missed you for days
In so many ways

Even though we're near
Like we're far away
Far far far away
Can you hear me
Can you hear me
Can you hear me
Let's go back to the beginning

(To the beginning)
You and me
Let's go back to the beginning
(To the beginning)
You and me
(To the beginning)
(To the beginning)
You and me
(To the beginning)
You and me...

Let's go back to the beginning

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Asa The Beginning Comments
  1. Ndori Kanimba

    If you're here it means you have a good 👍 taste of music. Much ❤️ from Rwanda 🇷🇼 🇷🇼 🇷🇼 🇷🇼

  2. aich paga

    super chanson je kife

  3. Chrisluckyone shows

    wow lovely

  4. Clever Maulidi

    i just like

  5. C00zlyn MoMo

    Your voice wow

  6. kanu kingsley

    Most underrated musician in Nigeria, still my best. Love you 😍

  7. Azola Magwebu

    Asa thnx big sister for blessing us sach music please come to South Africa

  8. roger ngassam

    Waouh !!
    Depuis que j'ai découvert ASA et particulièrement cette chanson, je l'écoute tous les soirs avant de dormir !!
    Fantastique chanteuse ASA !

  9. jules cesar elie fresnel

    asa tu as fait fort

  10. Rukaiyatu Yukeng

    Asa you and your meaningful song's, my dear you are unresistable

  11. Oyin Adeyemi


  12. Clinton Willi

    Much love

  13. slizzy berry


  14. Queen Willie

    Wow Asa you are back for good, I love it , Nigerian

  15. Doug Vybz

    Talent 😐😐😐

  16. Front Desk

    Legendary!!! ur a Legend Asa, i've loved ur music since i was a kid DAMN!!!!

  17. prince power

    when I have low morale I take a bath I go to bed and I listen to you asa and I escape I release myself and when I come back from this trip, then I am more calm and calm thanks for this musical happiness. Big big big kiss love you. Your fan from Cameroon

  18. Anke K. !

    Die hat Tiefgang ! Wunderschönes Lied, erstklassige Performance!

  19. the abidjan childrens house of music experience

    "Lyricaly" Amazing !!!

  20. The Family

    Cool music sister girl

  21. JamericanDC1

    Lyrics are so true and real!

  22. Esther Chioma

    Asa you dey give me joy😍😍

  23. Tawiah Morgan

    have watched this video like 50 times ah can't get my head of it

  24. Jean-Emmanuel Son

    She deserves more than 602 k

  25. George James

    I will like to see Asa ft Sia

  26. Sofi Singley

    ASA!!! I missed you girl!

  27. Kemas Kitchen

    i expect 1 billion view by now..... what going on ? here 's another underrated art.

  28. Sophia Logan

    i love you Asa !

  29. Twinkle Twinkle

    She's a legend..her voice is rare👌

  30. Morayo Ogunsina

    If only Grammys could look beyond the shores of America! Then again, whether they do or not, we do not need them to validate ASA's incredible talent as an artist of our time.

  31. Philip Ephriam


  32. Bastet Stag

    Wakenya mpo??🇰🇪🤗💓

  33. Akin Priestley

    Awesome vocal ASA. Purity through and through. Simplicity but powerful in every way. Thank you. I’ve missed you!

  34. Oyedele Ramoni

    Best music out of naija

  35. Edmond Iluyemi

    Raise your hand if you have watched this at least 10 times.

  36. Kane O

    I love it when her niaja accent comes through

  37. Zsuzsa Csáky

    Asa more music pleaseeee!! :) :) :)

  38. Ntongha Egwu

    ASA&wyclef got similar lyrics

  39. Abiodun Feranmi Michael

    D love i have for her music, I can't compare it with any one. Love u asa

  40. Yah-Lom ATRAME

    Still on board captain

  41. solisluv



    Que je suis apaisée quand je t'écoute ASA!

  43. Steven Kitunshya

    I love you a lot
    I love your music
    You are unique

  44. Online lab


  45. Alassiko sacko biba

    Très beau clip

  46. Jahdiel Kossou

    I love Asa

  47. izu chinonye

    Aren’t just blessed!!! I so much love and respect your music 🎶 💜

  48. gbolahan aderogba

    Don't know why I feel Asa will be perfect for a James bond soundtrack

  49. Miladin Mechenbier

    ...had to think about Tracy Chapman. In her time she was amazing, but Asa is on another level.

  50. millenialbroadcast

    Her voice is smooth



  52. Nina Victoria

    Thank you so much for being an INDIVIDUAL

  53. Anyole Bosman

    The queen is back am having goosebumps much love from Uganda 🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🥰🥰😍😍

  54. Lacooljoe Folahan Valentine

    Wow very inspirational

  55. mukundi maswuma


  56. Renee Smith

    <3 E <3 N <3 C <3 H <3 A <3 N <3 T <3 E <3 D <3

  57. Nancy Lembisa Judnens Nens

    Beautiful girl! Thank u pour ces belles mélodies.

  58. gracious juliet

    Well done Asa.

  59. Easy K

    I thought this will be an album lol

  60. Ferdinand Dombou kambou

    I love you am proud of u more good music , more blessing naija to the world

  61. Lover of Talents And Skills

    Our African Sia❤️





  64. Goflix Tv

    It's no disappointment me with you Ash at least I always knew it was worth the wait for these beauties

  65. Lucky L

    Perfect, my G.O.A.T

  66. djef ardeur


  67. Chidima Samuel

    Please do a song with Johnny Drille. You both look perfect to explore the alternative act of music as a duo.

  68. 9C hates crap

    So happy to know she's making music again. Ugh how my ears have been starved of good music

  69. Michael K Amil

    Outsdanding..Now on Montreal

  70. coachielala


  71. Kaba Youssouf

    Welcome Back
    Queen Asa
    Luv From Guinea 🇬🇳

  72. Innocent John

    ASA is the best

  73. YELAMUSIC88 !

    Arethas voice* nice gowns

  74. Oreoluwa Adeniji


  75. Kasanova Oji

    😍😍😍🤗 pure

  76. Adeniyi Adeleye

    Thank you, Asa.

  77. Million Bedo

    Perfect art! Thanks ASA!

  78. Ishola Omobabatunde

    I love Asa

  79. David Victor

    Thanks for this piece... Welcome back to the you ASA

  80. Ikejiaku

    More! More! More!

  81. Jael Nicole

    African everything embodiment of a 👑 we hear you......😍 😍

  82. Ayomide Micheal


  83. Rasheed Olamilekan

    Asa, I miss you!....

  84. Darryl B.

    I freaking love Asa

  85. Yusuf Tunde Suleiman

    I miss you bad.

  86. Steph da nestor mix

    Très belle chanson!

  87. Prestine Best

    Asa is simply the best!!! I've got to go back to the beginning, there's FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN!

  88. Alexandra Sandrele

    Much love ❤️ from Cameroon 🇨🇲🤙🏻☺️☺️

  89. MVP


  90. Solutions

    let's go back to the beginning, yes O , she is among the few Nigerian Musicians that make me relax when i listen to her songs

  91. Mathurin Etienne

    Great Song love u asa im from (dakar) Senegal hope to see u in live

  92. George LOBE MAKIA

    Asa is out of this planet.

  93. Morena Blight Hlatshwayo

    Which album is this?? 😩😩😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😭 I have not heard this one yet.... Wooooooow


    Great one

  95. Taiwo Williams

    Asa is music to my soul. She calms my spirit and sings songs to my heart. Welcome back, you were missed.

  96. Ugochukwu Nnaji

    The video director is in the same spirit realm with Asa and her instrumentalists. Epic masterpiece from an unsung heroine

  97. Ifeatu Bojas

    Iconic Asa!! Missed her music.

  98. O.G.C official

    Hello guys i made a video mix using this song you all will like it thanks.