Asa - Shine Your Light Lyrics

What's on your mind child?
Tell me all your troubles
What's on your mind child?
I'll help you lift your worries
Share with me your secret problems
Maybe I can help you solve them
Time child
Is all you need
And if you wait a while child
You'll find that you'll be okay
I only know of one solution
You and only you can do it

Shine your lights
Don't let nobody tell you
You can't shine your light
Go out enter the world
And do just what you like

What's on your mind now
You see you're not so different
So don't bail out
No excuses, no defence
Say it like you really mean it
Everything you say believe it
Oh yeah!
After the dawn comes the light
And you know nobody can tell you no more
Hallelujah, you believe it
I can see that you can do it


Shine your lights now
Don't be afraid
Don't be afraid
No room, no room, no room for fear now
Oh uh, yeah, yeah
Get up, get up, get up, get up.

[Chorus x3]

Go out, enter the world and show yourself
Get up, get up, get up, get up, get up, oh oh.

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Asa Shine Your Light Comments
  1. Femi Okewole

    Those that disliked, thanks still. Only God knows whatever u r going thru. What are u even thinking, disliking this kinda great song??! Ok don't shine ur light then.

  2. okonkwo chukwudi

    Thumbs up asa. much love for you dear

  3. Carmel Gagnon

    She is my favorite !

  4. Estephany Guzmán

    ¡Que genia eres Asa!! Esta canción es increíble, ¡¡gracias!!

  5. Sarkramento Thompson

    Nigeria don't recognize talents all they kno is glorified thrash ...ASA WILL REMAIN NUMBER ONE AFTER FELA

  6. Zion Afrika

    #Asa i can not explain how much i love her songs..#respect

  7. rachel fortune

    Oh yeah

  8. Steve Marsh

    Shine your light 2018

  9. otieno kevin

    sounds like reggae

  10. Anark Oficial

    Muito boa levada. Curti a letra. Abraços do grupo Anark.

  11. ChiChi Ms.Media TV

    When a song makes you close your eyes and smile ☺️❤️✨

  12. Soji Adamo

    Please hear dis! If you didn't receive this first time, b4 moving on replay immediately!

  13. sly bee

    Youtube should move the like and dislike far apart. Some people are clicking the dislike button in error.

  14. Innocent Modiba


  15. anelisa sohuma

    this album is simply a blessing to all us......this is good music!!!


    You're right!

  16. islam dalgıc


  17. che pride

    lucky dube annex

  18. debbie lee

    ♡♡♡♡♡♡ Shining

  19. Zainab Saka

    my favourite song 😍😍😍😻❤🎶

  20. yemi odejobi

    Asa d best

  21. Muyiwa Daniel Coker

    Asa is in her own world just like Enya and Yanni... She has no contender

    Million Bedo

    Have you just mentioned Enya and Yanni?? my God! We shall be friends coz we are soul mates. :)

    Muyiwa Daniel Coker

    +Million Bedo lol that's cool.... My friends call me old man because I listen to oldies, jazz and soul music. And am a professional drummer.

    Million Bedo

    Lucky you! I too is called old and odd man for that.

  22. Nemesio I.Batista


  23. Lanre Odupe

    Somewhere in the song, it brought memories of sonya spence back to me from the 80's, think it's the ambience of the studio or something that was done to the microphone to make it sound like she is singing from the end of the hall.

  24. Deji Ajayi

    I love u much

  25. Prince Adom

    I lopve all her songs. Plays them all the time especially at work. Far better than "i got baking soda"

    hafeeeza causey

    Im loving her voice <3

  26. AMODU Atinuke

    I love all her music , she is so talented she is a wonderful woman

  27. Tony Washington

    I like all her songs ,she is good for music today.It about time someone real came along .

  28. Sandyleigo elle


  29. Enrico Del Maro

    I love this woman, she is pure passion!!

  30. keepingitreal8

    Love it! Love it! Great song Asa

  31. boogie melody

    love this track  the riddim and the voice . brilliant   re-load and come again seletor 

  32. ayuba azeez

    Asha, you're the best of all.

  33. abu harris

    For now,home and Abroad,she is the Best imo.she and Adele would be match made in Heaven.

    Million Bedo

    Their duet might make you not to feel the end of the world. :D

    David Tono

    you are right

  34. abu harris

    For now,home and Abroad,she best Imo.she and Adele would match made in Heaven.

  35. abu harris

    How come lots of people don't recognise her music???Her Music is the best inspiration you need.

    Shaggy Me

    I'm here,I like hip hop but ASA is my best favourite


    How do u know that ppl don't recognize her? U have to show us proof that u paid for her songs because i paid for mine...

  36. OgeOliver

    Another good one

    Yetumde Atinsola

    I love her music it brings me back my memory

  37. NousPoetikos

    Completely brilliant. It's going to be a big hit.

  38. MissPresh

    Best song ever from Asa !!!