Asa - Send Me A Sign Lyrics

"We won't be hard to find"

"Come on"

We can all make it
If we try [echoed]

"Did you hurt her?"
"Is she okay?"

Just show me a sign
Just to feel you
Just show me a sign (Just...)
Just to feel you
To be alone
With you
To be alone
Just send me a sign
Wish i could be there with you
Just send me a sign
"When you think about your life
before her,
'was so pointless,
so selfish, and you just can't image life without her"

(You're all I ever need)
You're all I ever need
You're all I ever need
Just send me a sign (Just...)
Just to feel you (Wish I could be there with you)
Just send me a sign
Wish I could be there with you
(Wish I could) Just send me a sign
Send me a sign
(Wish I) Just send me a sign
Wish I could be there with you
Just send me a sign
Just send me a sign
Just send me a sign
Just send me a sign
Just send me a sign
Send me a sign, ooh
Send me a sign, mmh, just me
(Wish I could) Just send me a sign
Just to feel you

Wish I could be there with you
(Wish I could) Just send me a sign

Just send me a sign
Wish I could be there with you
Just send me a sign
Ooh, take me home tonight
"Because you're such a good listener"
"Come on"
("Come with me")
Send me a sign
"Did you hurt her?"
"Is she okay?"

"Why, why did they bring her back?"
"For you"

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Asa Send Me A Sign Comments
  1. Lionel Ren

    How can I get this beautiful artwork please ? The link is dead

  2. Shantelle Burke

    okay.... I might have cried at the start of the song.

  3. Jeanne Dumaplin

    Good feels, good track.

  4. La Baptiste

    Just uploaded this little gem to our new channel, loving that warm glowing bassline :)

  5. Phelip LoL

    when the song starts it is like getting out of the Animus (from AC) ....

  6. 4eversupersonicgirl

    oh my Lord. this is excellent. asa makes another masterpiece once again.

  7. Gladius

    This is soooo much like Burial.

  8. Matthew Heal

    there is some serious low bass in this song love it!!

    FULCRUM Official

    a future garage remix of this would be amazing. I'm thinking to give it a try

  9. Kobi Berry

    Reminds me of Chloe from Life is Strange...

  10. Huy Le

    The music is beyond awesome but... why the artwork is 404! I want to download that image.


    [1440 × 1148]

  11. Nexx Cloudy

    Nice vid

  12. ABT stuff

    anybody notice the sound of the SOS signal from 'Sunshine'?

  13. owllegator

    this speaking in this is soooo soo yesss

  14. Kattegat08

    Love me some Sheepy! This chill out/downtempo is my favorite playlist <3


    Mine too :)

    Star Phoenix

    haha yeah I'm listening to it right now! :D

  15. Irfaan A.B.

    yo.. this is different man... this is amazing!

    Irfaan A.B.

    @Andrew Hutton ahahahha i drew that btw! XD

  16. Ghalia ZK

    sounds like a mermaid's song

  17. AtlasTheDestroyer

    that repeating trill in the background is from the film Sunshine

  18. Sheila

    Does anyone know where the wall paper for the song came from??? It's beautiful, I love it!

    Emma :3

    +Shishiispice Videodescription ;)


    +Shishiispice Specifically,

    (Heads-up, it's in Japanese.)

  19. Amythest Jasmine

    Guys I know you probably know this already but the voice *is* Bella Swan from the Twilight movies.

    Steph Lynn

    +Amythest Jasmine No it's not, it's Jessica Beal

    Amythest Jasmine

    +Steph Lynn Maybe yeah. A mixture of both the individuals

    Amythest Jasmine

    +Steph Lynn Voices

    Steph Lynn

    +Amythest Jasmine No, it's just Jessica Beal from the movie, "The Truth about Emanuel". It's a pretty good movie too, you should check it out. I was surprised and happy when I heard the line from the song in it. I was like ah! This is where it's from!

    Amythest Jasmine

    @Steph Lynn Cool

  20. Vaynex Haschwalth

    well thats something............................fishy...................i mean heavenly

  21. K4A ZX

    Words cannot explain how relaxing this song is...sad though but i like it:)

  22. Malarie Hunter

    Am I the only one that thinks the voice sounds like Kristen Stewart?


    +Malarie Hunter Not the only one :] soothing though, right?

    Malarie Hunter


    Steph Lynn

    +Malarie Hunter It's actually Jessica Beal in the movie "The Truth about Emanuel"

  23. Sarah H

    Where is the voices from? a tv show/movie or something? or have they just been randomly put in there?
    I love it. makes me think about life.

    Steph Lynn

    +Sarah H From the movie "The Truth about Emanuel"

  24. Simone Pomi


  25. Leslie Harlan

    Beautiful/ Linda /Bonita DOPE!!!! I could make love to this on repeat for hours, its a mood setter...

  26. Heather Gow

    This is nothing short of incredible. Thanks sheepy, for bring this masterpiece to my attention <3

  27. Planet X TK

    Asa and The Hics would be inCREDIBLE.

    Ja’Wan Allen


    Planet X TK

    Mhm I really wanna see it happen.

  28. SeitxiS

    I was watching the movie "Boyhood" and at around 8 minutes in, i  heard the sample "We won't be hard to find". (It was a discussion between a mother and her son)  
    I had the biggest smile for the whole film after finding this sample :D

    Steph Lynn

    +SeitxiS The samples are also from the movie "The Truth about Emanuel"

  29. Triggerino Kripperino

    I've never just cried over a song till now. Unreal


    Funny, I've just been listening to the Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis. This is nice :-)

  31. shadowperson guy

    uh...the send me a sign vocal is also in Puppet - Answers

  32. ValTheGames

    Icarus I help signal I heard (Watch Sunshine by Danny Boyle)

  33. RoomWithAView

    Reminds me of the wisps from Brave :) this is their song.

  34. Venuxxi Plutori

    All alone, in the darkness.
    Send me a sign,
    Tell me it's okay.
    Give me a light,
    Show me how it's going
    To be ok.

    Hold me tight,
    Your touch gives me hope.
    For a sign, of any kind,
    Is all I need to know
    That you'll make it right.

  35. Shlomo

    3:40 - 3:45. I could loop that and listen all day! 


    @ANeonTiger you don't need a drop for good music

  37. Official Statiz

    Gotta Admit...This song is Uppermost..

  38. ebrithil7

    Well it seems weird to say but...

    This song is god damn sexy ! :3

  39. frostfire.

    Look at the likes verses dislikes. Obviously people like it so stop hating unless you're gonna be polite about or have real reason behind besides this is really really really shitty. Understand and listen to the beauty of this song or not like it we will understand. Therefore you can go listen to music you like instead of hating on music that other people like. Ok?

  40. JrockJun

    This is one of my favorite tracks to listen to while I write. <3 It offers the ambient melodies that I need for the creative mood, but allows my mind to wander. Very inspiring and relaxing~ :')

  41. Potato Balls

    this almost made me feel like its ASMR :o

  42. miezeKathze

    Where do the lyrics come from? Somehow I know them, but I do not remember exactly. Please answer :(

  43. Acidic

    AMAZING <3333

  44. ~SweetiePlush~

    Though it doesn't have a big beat I love this song truly...try listening guys....this is quite a beautiful song <3

  45. Sam Haelterman

    I am a stargazer

  46. Benjamin Ewertz

    I need more music like this one!
    anyone can tell me?

  47. michele11388

    Why everyone say that this track is bad ?? This is not awesome but very relaxing...

  48. Valter Silva

    Wow man, this one is the most beatiful songs I ever heard! So deep!

  49. Zsotyi

    Did anyone notice the Icarus I distress signal from 0:36?




    "If you wake up one morning and it's a particularly beautiful day, you'll know we made it."


    I must add that listening to this song after watching that movie, is an emotional rollercoaster experience of mind-flaying proportions...

  50. GHitman

    Nothing special.

  51. GanG914

    On a bad hangover this is pure bliss.

  52. Who's Asking

    "think about your life before her.. so pointless and "

  53. Andrew Geier

    The depth and layering is decent, but I'm personally turned off a bit by the assault of noise. There isn't quite enough organization. I do believe it's the perfect base for an awesome remix, but the bass and violins need to be brought out more, so as to be noticeable throughout the otherwise arhythmic melodies. They do lack structure... Which would be fine if executed accordingly with more instruments playing melodies.

  54. Lars van Koningsveld

    It's like watching a movie, such an experience listening to these songs.


    @ComeBaCkHome wow im german too


    @AkaiOtinashi i know right? This is so chilly and I want to listen to it when I'm being outside and smoke a cigarette to this song so beautiful oh my gosh love this *-*


    @Brahskis l3l

  58. Darth Vix

    Is this supposed to make you commit suicide?

  59. chris hammond

    Asa and Koo with another good one...

  60. Niklas Thilén

    I don't know how long I can suppress these feelings of sadness

  61. wretchrow (2014)

    Have you gazed at your shoes lately?

  62. ZA3_Noob

    This is art ladies and gentlemen. Learn it, love it, experience it. Close your eyes and listen.

  63. Phong T

    5 cm per second background?

  64. Jon Gulyas

    Did anyone else pick up on the "Icarus SOS Signal" from the film Sunshine being played in this track?

  65. Not Stephen Hawking

    this isn't music. This was talking with a little bit of whispering and some violin.

  66. Joesama

    I love that *///*

  67. Lady Lauren

    Where is the dialogue in this song from? Or is it just part of the lyrics?

  68. dlam

    You think about your life, before her. all so pointless, so selfish you just can't imagine your life without them.

  69. It's Eoleh

    And this should be bad? Oh god, this is some of the best Ambient I've heard in a long time! Personally I don't think you're truly into the world of melodic music before you've heard Ambient music too and understood exactly what it means. This is glorius and perfect for an Ambient mix. Thanks for the upload and DL link Sheepy! :D

  70. TheVodKanockers

    nice music

  71. answeryt


  72. Dubacity

    gr8 m8 ir8 8/8

  73. LantumBayFilms

    Now these are the old Sheepy vibes that we all know and love. Keep them coming!! <3

  74. ErrorID

    Sounds great but the talking is so off. I really wanted it in my playlist too. :/

  75. KatamariPunk

    Listen to it with headphones on and be amazed

  76. KatamariPunk

    Listen to it with headphones on and be amazed

  77. Robert Ludvigsson

    There's good ambient and then there's this crap just being labeled ambient 'cause there's no other explanation to what kind of shit this is. 

  78. PelucaWTF

    I actually like this, not as a song but as an atmospheric sound, he knew make it at the right level so you don´t really fell it as a song but as an ambient sound, It's not my favourite but not because of that i will be throwing shit all over the comment section...

  79. CupCakeOfDoomz

    Does anyone know where the spoken text is from? Or is it made especially for this song?

  80. ComeBackHome

    I dont know why people have to say that some music just sucks. Opinions are different, there are many songs Suicidesheep uploads which i dont like. But i dont post something like"This music is shit." I just click away and i dont leave a comment at all. And there is no reason to thumbs down a Video just because you dont like it. Thumbs down is disrespectful.

    Sorry for my bad english, i'm german.


    I completely agree! More people need to understand that.. T~T
    (And your English is better than most people I know whose first language is English. lol)

  81. Alicia Rodríguez

    Well haters gonna hate, I LOVE THE WORK OF ASA.

    You don't need a mood, you just need to enjoy, if you don't like go to other video.


  82. Sam Bee

    Why so much hate? This is awesome. Takes me to another place when I close my eyes

  83. Sean G

    You're all pretty upset about other people's taste in music, aren't ya?

  84. 1Hit

    Boring af ..

  85. Cameron John MacDonald

    Are those samples from Dexter? :P

  86. nikanna75

    this was so... nice

  87. MyChannelWNW71

    Liked It ;D

  88. Fode 23

    You can see he is a burial fan...the only differences are that this is not so dark and the bass is much bigger...

  89. naimemora

    I don't get it.

  90. NoWaifu NoLaifu

    lyrics ?

  91. TtopMusic

    God this song is absolutely incredible. Anyone who disagrees has absolutely no taste. It's a masterpiece. First time I listened to it I thought it was beautiful. Second time I listened to it baked and this song took me on an emotional fucking journey, cried and had life revelations and at the end of it, it just felt fucking amazing. No song has ever done anything like that to me before. This is some magical beautiful shit right here and if you can't appreciate it you probably have a shaved head and beat up minorities.

  92. Cosmic Identity Automated Abundance

    Some people just aren't ready for something so beautiful...

  93. Dekadenz

    close your door make it completely dark in your room and listen to this with your girlfriend

  94. Cayska Anggie

    Devil voice..