Asa - My Dear Lyrics

Ojo pe, ojo nla
Ero de, ero ya
Ore, ara, molebi, won ba mi yo

Aso-ebi, ankara
Gbogbo oti, ariya
Ko e ti pe o
O ku ife o my love

Ireti pi pe lo m'okan sa ko lo
Abi go-slow mu o l'ona Falomo
O de gbe okada, ko yara
Okan mi wa l'ona

My dear, where are you my dear?
Are you coming?
Where are you?
My love, hope you get here soon?
I've been waiting
Where are you?

Where did we go wrong
You and I
We've been together for so long
And now you changed your mind
We've been excitedly telling everyone
Today is the best day of our life

Ireti pi pe lo m'okan sa ko lo
Abi go-slow mu o l'ona Falomo
O de gbe keke, ko yara
Okan mi wa l'ona

My dear, where are you my dear?
Are you coming?
Where are you?
My love, hope you get here soon
I've been waiting
Where are you?

Tomorrow I'll wake from this dream
Tomorrow I'll wake from this dream
If I'll hold this then believe two signs
And I'll find someone else next time

Are you coming?

My dear, where are you my dear?
Are you coming? (Are you coming?)
Where are you?
My love, hope you get here soon
I've been waiting (Are you coming?)
Where are you?

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Asa My Dear Comments
  1. Samuel Temitope

    Damn mehn! 😭

  2. Paul Onelum

    Wonderful.... Ass is blessed

  3. joseph Aliyu Odiwo

    I am desperately in love with this song. Never tired of listening.

  4. Tolu Oguntade

    Ireti pipe mokan sare!!! I could swear this is my story! Hmmmmm music has a way of speaking to our hearts while telling our story and giving us a hope for tomorrow. Love you ASA! You rock!!!!!!

  5. nii_amart

    music for the soul

  6. Chrisluckyone shows

    i love u am be expecting your songs

  7. lawal opeyemi

    good one

  8. Collins Anyigor

    My dear, where are you my dear, are you coming?
    Where are you ?
    My love, I hope you get here soon.
    I've been waiting.
    Where are you ?

  9. Bola Olanlege

    awesome you. brave of you to keep etching us on forever. thank you, ASA. My Dear...

  10. Primus 065

    Only those who know real music will appreciate ASA songs.

  11. Akande Emmanuel

    Asa has been an inspiration to me since childhood, My family loves her songs too because i stop listening to it. i hope to sing ife with her someday.

  12. Elijah Kehinde. Gabriel



  13. mayowa alomasojo

    This song keeps me warm

  14. Kenneth Nyambe

    Asa wish i could go on a date with just ur voice☺😘😍


    You sing right into my soul

  16. Snazzydo Snazzydo

    You're really inspiring me and I really want to be like you someday, I love every of your song. You're so sweet and same as your songs.

  17. Lekan Wasiu

    asa luv you always

  18. Manlikelibra


  19. ajiderays

    I love this song. Asa has done it again!

  20. Sussan Oplekwu

    There is just so much in your tone. I sure am your biggest fan globally!

  21. Kelechi Chinaka

    Liked before listening...

  22. Opeyemi Alade

    This lady has made me shed more musical tears than I should have ❤️ I am greatful to God for your talent 😭😭😭. I love you and I hope to meet you some day .

  23. Israel abel CHIMAZIE

    ASA please sing with Johnny Drill u guys are great...
    thank u guy for good music😘

  24. Oluwafemi Oso

    My all time favourite. @asaofficial

  25. Bollywood Hair

    Mum, I didn't see you go..only heard and never saw you no more..RIP mum..

  26. Bollywood Hair

    I love you so much Asa.

  27. Oluwatimilehin Adeyeba

    beautiful as always

  28. Godswill Egboh

    Nobody Does It Like Asa.......

  29. Mobolaji Uthman

    i don't know why this song touches a nerve, my goodness, sung so beautifully. Aṣa 😭😭😭

  30. Aneta Felix

    I cried listening to this 😭 Lucid out now ♥️

  31. Patience Ugah

    Simply beautiful

  32. CEHD Official

    13 people that dislike the song are Zlatan and Naria Marley fans hahaha 😂, how can someone dislike future sound, 100 years later still Beautiful

    Madou Marie Laure


  33. Osoro M


  34. Top North Tv

    Wow waves of positive energy

  35. Adeyemi Alabi


  36. Matt oko

    speechless. this is music. it touches your soul and hit you within. may God bless you

  37. Younis Alkasaha

    I like the song 🌹🌹

  38. Younis Alkasaha

    I like the song 🌹🌹

  39. Adebayo Bukola


  40. philippelrsy

    Découverte grâce à une pub sur Youtube... Pour m'avoir fait découvrir cette pépite, Youtube, je te pardonne toutes les autres pubs que tu m'infliges chaque jour..


    Two words only - Simply Beautiful...

  42. gbryte omnistellar

    Imagine a man waiting for his bride in the church, she is afraid of marriage... So she stood him up. But he waited in the church well all walked out. And she showed up later in the evening.....

  43. Maria lucresse

    Que ce qui aime asa mettent un like

  44. adelusi fisayo

    Always amazing.

  45. Saefhenry Osas

    Oct 11th.....#Lucid

  46. Sagacious Pedagogues

    My soul longs
    My heart longs
    My lungs
    Aches for breath
    Where are you?

  47. lapipi adetayo

    Lovely as always.

  48. Olaolu Ade

    Seems like it's about a bride who's been left at the altar or a called off wedding

  49. Oluwadarafunmi Olanrewaju

    Asa’s My Dear evokes that level of emotion that an Adele song would. The raw emotion. You can hear her voice get hoarse at some point. And that “Mai Diaaaa”, whew, you feel that.

  50. Emmanuel Taiwo

    What is she saying? Her voice is so angelic

  51. Oyin Cookie

    Oba orin 🖤

  52. Suleiman Hamada

    I'm here my dear am listening to your amazing voice

  53. Zakari Maryam

    I love everything bit of your music my dear Asa♥♥

  54. Tulay Hacqim

    Was released for my bday!

  55. Sorellina Mlambo

    The quality of your voice is unique and soulful.

  56. Abou Davy

    Yre the best ASA. Love you so much!

  57. alexander kashetu

    i'm really touched and blessed by this song Asa!...I love you!

  58. Seyi Shemba

    Why has she not married?

  59. Julius Akhimiona

    If you agree this Lady is a Legend, click LIKE

    marinerphil xavi

    Living legend

  60. Teniola Balogun

    Asa is the best Nigerian Vocalist in all standards

    Tolu Oguntade

    Igi imu jina sori! No controversy!

  61. Victor Owu

    Voice check ✅
    Beat check ✅
    Lyrics check ✅
    Diction check✅
    She's music ✅

  62. Collins Anyigor

    I thought the pianist was gonna add some harmony with the mic stuck on his face..

    Looking forward to the rest of this work..

    Kudos Asa

  63. Evette Holloway

    So beautiful ASA! 💚

  64. Gabriel Godwin

    How I love you Asa

  65. Aleem Adesola

    Goes straight to my heart 😪

    Aleem Adesola

    Let's meet here in 5 years when YouTube syncs to our timeline 😍

  66. otokore raymond

    Tu est la meilleure...

  67. Unboxed TV

    Who else liked before watching?

  68. Rukee Ojigbo

    this is beautiful....too beautiful

  69. Kez Man

    You are just awesome like a fine wine 🍷


    Take it or Not My ASA she's the best.

  71. UYI OJO

    My DEAR you are truly Amazing..wish u can do a colabo with both are wordsmiths

  72. Princewill Okhah

    This can only be Asa ...originality coming for the depth of the soul can melt even the devil's heart 💓

  73. hussein ghandour

    You just keep getting better and better. For making real music that can truly move and get into ones soul I say O Se.

  74. Omolade Adesina

    Two people disliked this video. Two. Are they humans at all?

    sotunde oluwabusayomi

    They are not😆😆 dey don't know anything about good music

  75. Kel Dol

    Smoky Soulful....
    Pleasant 😊

  76. Journal d'une Nappy

    Who ever dislike this?🧐

  77. Tomiiwo Fakinlede

    I dare you to not pay attention when she sings, I dare you.

  78. Victor Adeyemo

    I got chills...

  79. john books

    Beautiful ever

  80. Obioma Ebere

    Her personality and voice; sublime!

  81. Opeyemi Olorunfemi

    For the love of good music.

  82. Modupe Monebi

    ASA .... nothing but respect and awe of your work everytime

  83. Ndeye maram gallo Thiam

    ❤️❤️🥰🥰depuit senegal 🇸🇳

  84. liki liki

    Asa you are just the best. Thank you so much for giving us so much pleasure. Let's meet on December at Trianon

  85. MYTUBE

    I wish I could speak and understand yoruba just for the sake of enjoying this piece of art...thank you Asa for this soulwarming song

  86. ben wizzy

    Hi my dear Asa,
    I discovered you a few years ago in the French show "Taratata" and it's a pleasure to listen to you every time
    you have a magnificent voice
    Thank you

  87. Faceless Fortis

    One sad person get mind give Asa thumbs down

    Tolu Oguntade

    I weak o my brother, make we ask the people she refused to collabo in naija,lol.

  88. Glory Okwata

    Always proud of your productions and the reasons behind your songs. Just perfect!

  89. Martine Viard

    Asa, Dear ! So long !! I can't wait to hear and see you again on live 😍

  90. Anointed Ifekrist

    Asa My dear when are you coming 😥😥 and I love the way she pronounces "dear" I love Asa😥

  91. Michael mensah

    Africa's greatest export

  92. solisluv


  93. Buxtonian1

    Listening from Georgetown Guyana.

  94. Adebayo Bukola

    Kai! I Love this woman more than words can say.

  95. ButterBean

    Sending you lots of love from Sénégal 🇸🇳 ! ❤️ I hope I will get a chance to see you perform one day!

  96. O . Nuels DARE

    Nice one ASA. You're the best

  97. Nnamdi Ezeah

    Much love baby gal