Asa - Grateful Lyrics

Era ile, era ile
Won yin baba l'oke
Yanrin okun, yanrin okun
Won n yin baba l'oke
Eranko ile, eranko igbo Won n yin baba l'oke
Awon alaini, awon tan ti ni
Won yin baba l'oke

Ko se igbati nkan ba se yan
Ko to mo pe baba n be l'oke
Ko se igbati nkan ba se yan
Ko to mo pe looto o n be l'oke
You don't have to wait till you feel the pain
You can start right now
It's not too late
It's not too late, to be grateful

Era ile, era ile,
Won yin baba l'oke
Yanrin okun, yanrin okun
Won yin baba l'oke
Pe mo wa laye, mo wa laye
Gbogbo n ti mo ni, ma fin yi o l'ogo
Believe this world a better place


Wo mi, bi mo se n f'ope ye baba
Da di da dada
Da di da dudu
Da di da dada
Da di da dudu
It's not too laaate

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Asa Grateful Comments
  1. Adegbite Adeshina

    Thank you Asa, this is amazing.

  2. bolanle adeniyi

    I'm so loving this... 🎸📯♥️

  3. tomite2001

    She is even sing in a brand of Yoruba that is classic and way to the roots.

  4. oyinkansola

    why would someone dislike this?

  5. Bolaji Moruf

    Whenever I listen to this track grateful uummm... I see countless reasons to b grateful. Reallty, ur songs are sources of inspiration to me

  6. Oben Ashley

    Because ONLY few PEOPLE KNOW GOOD MUSIC❤️👏👏..

  7. felix jar

    Always 🤯 she’s just too much 😍😘😍😘 my no1 🤩🤩

  8. Remi Akinmade

    Heart of gratitude!!!.

  9. Steven Madewale

    Africa soft rock, with a deep message.

  10. Oluchi Mbonu

    can someone translate??

    fola adegbemle

    the ants of the earth praise the father, the sands of the ocean praise the father, the domestic animals praise the father, the wild animals praise the father. those that don't have, those that already have praise the father. you dont't have to be human to know that there is a father up there

    Remi Akinmade

    Oluchi Mbonu All creatures: ants and animals praise the Lord. It’s not too late to be grateful, watch as I wriggle my waist to praise the Lord, you don’t have to wait to be grate and not too late to be grateful. Definitely our God is awesome and worthy of all praise!!!.

  11. Paul Adedeji

    Oh my..God. This is too beautiful.

  12. Liban Abdi

    she is too awesome

  13. Shaggy Me

    our lord is awesome

  14. Adeshina Monday Monday

    u are great dear

  15. Abioye Waliu A

    true talk (nice one ASA)

  16. Loïc Loembet

    In Congo we know many naija singers but Asa is the best

  17. Olu Kayode

    Phenomenal! Flawless! Beautiful! Simply lovely!

  18. Peter Van Wie

    of course this is a great song!

  19. thando qashani

    I will always be grateful. :-)

  20. Gbenga Orimogunje

    it is good to be grateful

  21. Toriola Emmanuel

    I love you asa

  22. Efeoghene Kagho

    Soul cure!

  23. Jay G

    My FAVE!!

  24. Akogun Omolola

    This is too soulish

  25. parfum du ROi

    please translation..

    Olu Falodun

    @parfum du ROi The insects of the sand, animals of the field, the opulent, the needy all praise God in heaven. It's not until one becomes sick or incapacitated before one becomes thankful. Therefore, it's nice to be grateful now

    parfum du ROi

    @Olusola Falodun  Amwn thank you bro. Now i just gotta learn how to sing it hihi. Thanks for your time.

    Olu Falodun

    @parfum du ROi Of course :)

  26. Kenny Ogunjobi

    Thank you ASA,beautiful are more than talented!

  27. Lola Marsh

    This song is mega dope!!! First she sends out a very vital message, then she gives the opportunity at the end for us to get our praise on! How the sound track flows from highs to lows and the sudden caesura! Mehn this album is deep! 

    Elijah Adeoye

    Really great catch Lola!

  28. Francisco Lima

    A fine soul!

  29. John Repits

    Great voice, great music! Thank you we need it! 

  30. Bamike OBA

    wow ASA, you never cease to amaze me. love your soulful intelligence. i wait for that day when we'll do a song together. blessings soul sista!

  31. boogie melody

    Lovely Great music

  32. Mnabe NB

    Connecting souls through to Kenya.big up

  33. Femi Ojambati

    Asa, I really want to appreciate you for this very good music. I got the full album today from itunes and it has made my day. Every song in this new album is amazing. This song grateful is my favourite. I love the way you soulfully sing in yoruba, especially the part "wo mi bi mo se un fegbe yin baba". ahaha. You make the language more beautiful. Lovely. I'm your big fan. 

  34. Oluwaseye Oderinde

    this will be around for a very long time. You should do more of Glorifying God

  35. Emmanuel Xzel

    You unique!

  36. Dorcas Ogidan

    Great music. Thanks Asa

  37. Gbenga Ogunleye

    Nice and lovely 

  38. OB Naijatomo

    beautiful piece for the Queen of Songs-Asa!

  39. Ademola Daramola


  40. Kola Akande

    beautiful piece...kiss kiss