As It Is - The Stigma (Boys Don't Cry) Lyrics

I see a pain behind your eyes
I know you feel it everyday
It's like a light that slowly dies
But it's better not to say
It's better not to say such things out loud
Just close your eyes and bite your tongue for now
Don't let them see you fall

Stay strong, hold on
You've got to keep it together now
Just dry your eyes
'Cause boys don't cry
No, no, 'cause boys don't cry
No, no, 'cause boys don't cry

You feel an emptiness inside
How it sinks into your soul
But it's nothing you can't hide;
Just forget about the hole beneath your skin
That's swallowing the best of you within
Don't let them see you fall

Stay strong, hold on
You've got to keep it together now
Just dry your eyes
'Cause boys don't cry
No, no, 'cause boys don't cry
No, no, 'cause boys don't cry

Keep it all inside, 'cause boys don't cry
Are those tears behind your eyes?
No-ah no, boys don't cry
Keep it all inside, inside
No, 'cause boys don't cry
Not until the fateful day you die
No, 'cause boys don't cry

No, no, boys don't cry
'Cause boys don't cry

Stay strong, hold on
You've got to keep it together now
Just dry your eyes
'Cause boys don't cry
No, no, 'cause boys don't cry
No, no, 'cause boys don't cry

'Cause boys don't cry
'Cause boys don't cry

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As It Is The Stigma (Boys Don't Cry) Comments
  1. Dark Star

    Love this , I'm pride of this

  2. To Atoa

    O emo resiste

  3. To Atoa

    Muito bom

  4. Gustavo Cat

    Não sei o que é mais bonito. A voz a música, a letra , o cantor ou o clipe ... Amor demais.

  5. Del Chong

    Emos they are back

  6. Kuba Koń

    Who 2020?🤘♥

  7. Allan Ribeiro


  8. Francisco A Holguin

    This song needs more guitars so it can be a rock song

  9. Anna Cat

    I relate to this song

  10. Ashley Fahey

    Underrated band 🖤 bring out more music please.

  11. 미소

    this song makes me wanna leave the house and fight for my rights


    I love this song ❤️🖤😍

  13. john elliott

    Would have been a gud back up band to my chemical romance back on tour

  14. fact


  15. Riley Skywalker

    I wonder what their next phase would be, k-pop and colourful hair?

  16. Cari Midnightqueen

    Metalcore, Classic Rock, Glam Rock, ...all the nice genres seem to make a comeback!

  17. Emø Trash

    Everyone is saying he looks like Jared Leto or Gerard Way, but I see Pete Wentz. Am I weird?

  18. snow wolf

    Man I'm crying inside it freaking sucks

  19. gianella luna saavedra

    Very emo xD

  20. Camel Tanker

    Sorry to burst your bubble, just like Disco, Emo is dead.

  21. J. A.H

    I love they're talking about the male stigma that we're all just supposed to be all tough and emotionless all the time and it's really hard to do for many

  22. Big_ Bo55 Gaming

    Your so good

  23. Da_Aussie_Duck 69

    Im 20 and Starting to fall back into my emo phase

  24. Odin The OG

    Emos still exist? They look more scraggly now

  25. Charlotte Albee

    I'm going to see their concert in February 🥺😍

  26. I Love MTN DEW

    This don’t was kinda disappointing. Respect the message. But don’t 100% believe in it.

  27. José Hélio Lima souza

    A música é linda

  28. Loner face

    Emo is garbage

  29. thedeadthorn thorn

    Sadly this almost made me cry and I'm a boy



  31. Uma Simples The Killer

    I am Brazilian, but I prefer 100% rock music than the songs here in Brazil. I'm proud to be emo, even if people judge me for it, and I'll never stop being emo🤘🏻🖤

  32. Mônica dos Santos Abraham

    EMO ♥♥♥❗

  33. Lucy Autumncamp

    Do you ever just hear your favorite song and feel safe but at the same time you want to cry because it’s so beautiful? That’s what this song does to me.

  34. Isabella Arroyo

    *No me canso de repetir una y otra vez está canción 😍💖*

  35. никита гарипов


  36. AG Wira

    Boy's Dont Cry : assssshhiiiaappp😎🚬🥃

  37. pSyChO _ cOs _PLAYER

    Dude. This hit SO close, to home, for me. I'm a trans male, and it's already hard enough, hearing that 'he' due, to my large chest, which I use four large ace wraps, to strap down (I know, it's un-healthy, but it's just until I can somehow get a professional binder) and my feminine features.
    It's even worse, when I show any sort of weakness, and especially, when I cry.
    I hate it. A girl can cry, and everyone feels bad, and asks if she's alright.
    A boy cries, he's seen, as weak, and told, to man up.
    Where the Hell is the justice in that?
    Sorry. Didn't mean, to rant. I'm just really glad, that someone's bringing light, to an issue like that.
    No, it's not a BIG problem. Especially not like it used, to be. But it still happens, and it really sucks. So I'm just really happy, this song, and video exist. Thank you, so much, As It Is. You really are amazing.

  38. River Vessel

    Actually to hold your emotions in is exceedingly stupid. I'm a man I've already succeeded in many things so I don't have to prove anything to anyone least of all myself. And if I am very sad I will cry. Because that is one of the healthiest things I can do in a terrible situation. And I will feel no shame whatsoever regardless. Forgiveness sets me free not my enemy. And I was a suicidal drug dealer/addict/etc. So go figure. Grew up in hardcore neighborhoods full of dealers. We always had to put on this hard front you know? Never could even laugh. Now I've been set FREE by Jesus Christ/Yeshua Messiah. And I wish I had found Him sooner. Because alot of my friends died really good actors but without the high pay. Murdered. Wish I could go back and tell them. But I can't. P.S. The catholic church is evil. The pope is very evil. Many large churches from every denomination have fallen away from God. But their still exist real Holy Spirit filled Christians in the earth. Jesus loves you more than any words can adequately express. Find Him seeker for better help you will not find. Read a Bible and pray to Him. I was healed from all my pain and depression by Him. Nothing can change that I told the truth today in this message.

    fff fff

    Dude that's literally the meaning of the damn song

  39. nikky marley

    Emo never die ❤️🖤🔥

  40. Äłęxįś

    2:26 - 2:27 when that one bully has gotten on ur last nerve

  41. godsNgenerals

    make emo great again

  42. tofu momental

    girls dont cry 2

  43. Ukta Maulana

    make emo great again

  44. Евгений Косаримов

    Привет из 2019 года) . Случайно подумал , что на дворе 2007. Спасибо, что его вернули)

  45. Sips Tea Show Spill THE TEA

    This is the song you listen to after a bad day , or anything haveing to make you feel like you f**ked up doing something.
    This is truly a masterpiece.

  46. Aoi Nightcore

    It's okay to be emo in 2018-2019

  47. mex herr


  48. Zachary Boyd

    Emos not dead 👏💯❤😄

  49. Morgana Santos

    Pensei q estilo emo n existia mais lembrava minha adolescência voltei no tempo muito bom

  50. Hoji

    Wanna bet play red dead redemption 2 and save John with good honor

  51. Dan Idk

    I love this. Specially that they not only thought about the male stupid standards, but also about female standards, at the end you can hear ladies laughing and the woman just shuts them up.

  52. To Infinity and Beyond

    Boys don't cry
    Fuck gillette.

  53. Be humble

    Lets go back to emo shit man

  54. Alva Lindquist St9a

    i love this song

  55. thedeadthorn thorn

    I can relate to this because im a Male and people think only that men only have two emotions but don't for get to stay strong

  56. Sparrow Sketches

    Us emos never left, we were just in hiding.

  57. /NeZeroN //

    I think my FBI agent started crying

  58. Uchiha Rose

    Love it so much 🖤🤘

  59. ravagedDust

    So, who's about that reimagining of this song they did? Even better I think.

  60. Eren Yega

    Bons tempos que nunca voltaram..

  61. wolf King

    Love it this is like me love make up and love boys what wong with that favoit song ever👬

  62. paman sugiono


  63. FoxsPink


  64. Raphael Lafond

    Wow its really nice to see that in 2019 🙏💯 big respect gang

  65. cast

    fa fa fa faaaoaoooorrrte

  66. Brazil Manuelito

    After watching this video

    Hold my fitted pants and eye liner

  67. Nathan Strubel

    For Fans of In Her Own Words, The Story So Far, State Champs, Slaves, Mayday Parade, NFG, Between You and Me, Neck Deep

  68. Gudryan Samuel

    About watch emo music again: IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY!♥

  69. Sahithi Nauduri

    emo never died.

  70. Ariful Islam tax

    Oh man! What a beautiful song!!!
    I'm impressed

  71. Yeemo! Biersack

    Me: *doesnt know this band*
    Me: *sees thumbnail and panics (at the disco)*
    Me: WOW! it looks emo *clicks* I just found a masterpiece that’ll help me to bring the emo era back!

    Yay! Ily guys!

  72. Dacian Miron

    If you're having a bad day, just remember that in Airbud some dude got replaced by a golden retriever.

  73. Jayden Howard

    Fuck when is the tour ?

  74. ChuckRadaman Gaming

    I've not seen anyone mention that at the end when the woman yells "Silence" at the girls, its also bringing to light how women are often told to be silent and let men do all the talking.

  75. Andrea piola

    Me da miedito pero me gustó ah

    Depre 97

    pero porque miedo? xD

  76. Jamed Keeling the gamer and hacker lol

    is this patty walters

  77. Halloween

    Band is trying to raise awareness for a serious issue about how most guys don't open up about their issues due to the whole idea they need to be strong and don't let shit get to them and 90% of the comments be about eyeliner and emo's. congrats


    Halloween song is about the frontman abusive childhood

  78. Peter Cesar Ybiernas

    Emo never Diee!

  79. SANSAN




  81. Leila Hamka


  82. Kim Hansen


  83. Sweetnr


  84. Léo Films

    This video is a tribute to everyone who doesn't fit societies standard

  85. Deathly Hallows Hufflepuff4

    I love how bands like this are a thing. I’m 12 and I love this music. I wish it was more popular, but I’m glad there bands like As It Is ,Badflower , Palaye Royale, and Set It Off keeping this stuff alive. 🖤🖤🖤🖤


    Deathly Hallows Hufflepuff4 “Emo” has just evolved into metal core my dude

  86. Marcelo Monsalves

    peter parker?

  87. Kerene Smith

    Stop saying crap. Boys cry

    And it's freaking adorable!

  88. SydneyChromatic

    See what participation trophies are doing to the youth... I mean mid 20 year old millenials.???

  89. ASMAN -

    Make us alive again.

  90. Survival Of The Deities

    the cure did it better u fags

  91. Mary Bernal

    this song has helped me out so much.

  92. Saryn J

    I would like to believe The Cure would be proud.
    This is so beyond beautiful.

  93. Natalie Caro

    Wtff I swear I thought this song came out like 2010

  94. Sebastian Koon

    You may b stranded but bottle those tears up boy the oceans already salty enough.. Honestly one of my fav songs <3

  95. mary tynamo

    Holy fuck, I just came here after hearing Patty's teenage dirtbag covef :O