As It Is - The Question, The Answer Lyrics

Is it all just a beautiful nightmare, am I nothing more?
Will I sink to the bottom of nowhere or arrive ashore?
Holding on is a question unanswered one I can't ignore
Is it all just a beautiful nightmare, am I nothing more?

Show me how it ends
Will I still be scared to live?
Show me how it ends
For us, for us, for us

Is it also a beautiful nightmare, on the other side?
Will I send my breath to a lost prayer, will it change my mind?
Should I follow a chorus of voices, or a gentle void?
Is it also a beautiful nightmare, on the other side?

Show me how it ends
Will I still be scared to live?
Show me how it ends
In the ground, or in the clouds
Is there anywhere?
Can she find me there?
Show me how it ends
For us, for us, for us

Say goodnight, tired eyes
Say goodnight, one last time

Show me how it ends
Will I still be scared to live?
Show me how it ends
In the ground, or in the clouds
Is there anywhere?
Can she find me there?
Show me how it ends
For us, for us, for us

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As It Is The Question, The Answer Comments
  1. Gaara's A Serial Killer

    I cry each time I play this song 😭😭😭☹☹☹☹

  2. Koryn Santos

    can i dislike the people who disliked

  3. jwhwjjhky m

    this song deserves more attention!! it's underrated but needs to be on spotlight

  4. Filipina Getrodes Blanquera

    This is my favorite among the other songs from their latest album. It has something sooo soothing and charming that kept me enticed to it whenever I listen to it. Love you guys, hoping for your comeback here in the Philippines but I'm positive that it'll be your own concert when you'll comeback here. We'll wait for you 😘

  5. Jody Heath

    this song live killed me

  6. resilientkid

    Am I the only one who sees that this song is about contemplated suicide?

  7. ghoul

    this is so beautiful, h e c c

  8. STEALTH Arcade

    Deep! Is it all just a beautiful nightmare? Am I nothing more? Will I sink the bottom of nowhere or arrive ashore?

  9. Chase Mist

    I will have this song played on repeat on my death bed until I take my last breath

  10. amidnightkid

    This is my favorite song off this album and it’s so... good

  11. fara razaq

    omg I love this (late I'm sorry)
    woww I glad that I subcribed to this channel❤

  12. JakeJonKing

    This song changed my life, Thank you Walters & Langford-Biss for this incredible song

    Neon Candy

    JakeJonKing Its not just Ben and Patty. There's Foley and Ali too. The entire band put this album and the songs out. Together. It was all four of them. Not just Ben and Patty, it was Ali, Foley, Ben and Patty who put this out and their record label and producers. Thanks

  13. kurama llama

    Might seem weird but Patty's tone and the combo of the instrumental it feels like a song I heard at church camp. Probably why this one is my fav off the album because I get a feeling of nostalgia and happiness. I feel like everything will be okay.

  14. Soda Pop

    It's sometimes love is not enough lol

  15. Angelo Conway

    I did a cover for this

  16. Write Home

    This. Is. So. BEAUTIFUL. 💕

  17. One Creepy Penguin

    Best song in the album imo. Patty's vocals are so fucking precious here.

  18. Kerzzy K

    This deserves to be heard by more and more people. Not only this sweet song, but also the whole album ! I'm happy to listen to things like that in 2018. 💜

  19. Valerie Wagg

    So far I've loved all the songs on the album, but this one really takes the cake

  20. Marcin Podlasin

    Beatiful Song Fantastic Band ♥

  21. cierrasnaps


  22. J.T.'S Random Stuff

    Love this song, I love it so much... I covered it ;)

  23. that swift fangirl

    this song is so fucking beautiful

    Hope Honaker

    that swift fangirl oh hi :)

  24. Wiktoria WP

    I love this song😍❤️
    But why only a few views?! This is too good for that!

  25. Kyra Farrar

    I'm in love with this album

  26. Hunter Dalgleish

    okay but this needs more recognition

  27. demolitiontyler

    the album was so amazing i'm still not over it i'm so happy they decided to try this style

  28. Sabine Crombach

    Wow now I wanna cry ♥😂

  29. tenesajuancruzenyb

    In this one the vocalist sounds like Danny from Asking Alexandria

    Ultima Umbreon

    tenesajuancruzenyb there’s no Andy in that band... lmao


    Ultima Umbreon I'm sorry, Danny*

  30. Maya-Jade Huth

    Say goodnight one last time

    So long and goodnight

    Am I seeing reference's?

    Dylan LikesOAA

    Maya-Jade Huth No

    Ace Asuncion

    No, I am not loosing hope!

    2019 ISN'T FAR

    Samantha Wozniak


    Ace Asuncion


  31. Rémi Bablon

    This is one of my fav

  32. Pants and Jacket

    I hope they find a hole in mainstream media and became big.

  33. Marla Nano

    OMG! I fell in love with this song!

  34. ZNcuber

    I'm sobbing, anyone else?

  35. zestymoonbeam

    As It Is’ slow songs are so calming. This is beautiful

    Santina H

    Couldn't agree more

  36. Hayleys Comet

    This whole album is so perfect, but this was the first song on it that just had me bawling. These guys are so talented, and I'm so happy that they're able to share their music with all of us <3

  37. SleepingWithPanic!AtTheDisco

    Imma dedicate this song to my boyfriend we just became a couple like yesterday. I gotta send him a link this is fuckin amazing!!

  38. SleepingWithPanic!AtTheDisco

    Great acoustic song love it so much


    *i love As It Is* 😍❤🎶☠

  40. Ryan Tyler

    I need the address of whoever disliked this, I just want to have a little talk

    Андрейка_03 Калугин

    Russia, Ekaterinburg; Lenina street; House №1; 128, i'm waiting for you.

    Keiran George

    Андрейка_03 Калугин haha they weren't expecting that😂

    Aun BuTt

    @Андрейка_03 Калугин hahahhahhahahhahhaha maaan u stan lee's last hero?😂😂😂

  41. Derps OfAmerica

    I love love love this song but why does the first chord of this song remind me of a Taylor swift song 😂😂

    that swift fangirl

    lmao you're right it does

  42. Alex Gordon

    Love this one. It reminds me of Linkin Park

  43. Silver Lightning

    I'm crying, this is perfect

  44. Antisocial Aimee

    I am in love with this song


    Antisocial Emo I can relate to this name. XD

    Antisocial Aimee

    NightwingX012 I also chose it cuz it sums me up in two words XD

  45. tasos_100

    the greatest rock bands make the greatest balands that is what someone told me i know now it holds true

    Aidan Amphlett

    ferbygames 100 This isn't a ballad

  46. Hernan Castillo

    What a beautiful song

  47. navid fardi

    This is great. I was expecting something completely different but I like this more.10/10 , I stan

  48. Justin Gibson

    What I listened to so far they have a softer feel to them, then before. But I fucking love this song and them

  49. Derps OfAmerica

    I'm addicted to this song already I should move on and listen to the rest of the album but I can't stop hitting replay 😂😂

    Marika Montanari

    Same here :D

  50. leah

    this calms me

  51. sonya.

    this is something different but I like it alot

  52. HappyLittleFurFamily

    This actually brought me to tears 😍 it's so beautiful