As It Is - The Great Depression Lyrics

Hello consumer
I know you're there
So let me sing you this new dose of lies we've carefully prepared
Hello consumer
Just close your eyes
And listen close enough and this song might just save your fucking life

We live in the Great Depression
This is how we sell our lies

I'm the poet and the problem
I'm the blade and I'm the stitch
We tell you it's okay to die to stop you giving in
I'm the poet and the problem
I'm the sickness and the cure
We tell you what you wanna hear cause we're so insecure

You think you know me
When I feel down
Another song's another reason I'll just leave you here to drown
Call me dishonest
Call me a fraud
But you've been singing that for years and that's what got us where we are

We live in the Great Depression
This is how we sell our lies

I'm the poet and the problem
I'm the blade and I'm the stitch
We tell you it's okay to die to stop you giving in
I'm the poet and the problem
I'm the sickness and the cure
We tell you what you wanna hear cause we're so insecure
(We're so insecure)

Hello consumer
Just close your eyes
Listen close enough and this song might just save your fucking life

We live in the Great Depression
This is how we sell our lies

I'm the poet and the problem
I'm the blade and I'm the stitch
We tell you it's okay to die cause we don't give a shit
I'm the poet and the problem
I'm the sickness and the cure
We tell you what you wanna hear cause we're so insecure

(We're so insecure)
You think you know me

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As It Is The Great Depression Comments
  1. Soda Tubez

    Such a good song

  2. Ï’m rėãłlÿ tīrêd

    To be honest though I am the Great Depression

  3. Meg Barnes

    One of my favourite songs ever, and so clever too.

  4. Leigh

    Just recently heard about as it is and I’ve deffo found another band to add to the ever growing list👍🏻🖤

  5. Some girl named Abby

    I freaking love this album

  6. Sigfried Bigcheese Van MemeLord II

    This album would be good hardcore if not for the annoying pissy drums. If every track sounded like The Reaper it would be so much better

  7. Royal Subjects

    Cant wear my As It Is shirt anymore =[

  8. Jessie does things

    Oh my God it's a stock market graph I'm such a dumb bitch I thought it was a lightning bolt arrow

  9. Obsessed Fan

    A MESSAGE TO ALL HATERS: Get the fuck outta here.

  10. Ecehan T

    Why there's 69 dislikes :():

  11. Lily Usher

    Saw this live yesterday, so good!!

    Obsessed Fan

    LUCKY 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  12. I want to dieeee

    Went to see them live last night, best show yet

    Obsessed Fan

    LUCKY 😭😭😭😭😭

  13. Angelo Conway

    I did a cover for this

  14. aity


  15. Obsessed Fan

    I so am buying this album

  16. Rebel Panther

    This kinda sounds like an Emo version of "Billionaire" by Travis McCoy ft. Bruno Mars, go listen to that song and then, listen to this song closely. Honestly, I was expecting a heavier sound because of the song title but whatever...👍💞

  17. Ecehan T

    I am really thankful to As It Is for being emo and doing music

  18. iamaturtle !

    *Patty's depressed, Am not sure how I feel*

  19. Zahra Ahmad

    Is it just me or is Patty heavily auto tuned on this record??

  20. Dylan Hitsman

    The lyrics are so clever. Props to As It Is and especially Patty!

  21. Julie Harris

    Most of the bands that I've loved are either pulling away from the emo culture look and removing the black and changing the style to fit the crowd. Not As It Is heading in the emo direction, in my opinion, it's cool they're standing out with this look. It is totally different from dial tones and the past but I like it.

  22. Christina Hall

    How much this band has changed since I saw them a year ago is amazing. But I love it

  23. Jinxer


  24. Draike

    Hello fearless. I'm a long time PTV fanboy. This is your new toy. Promote them and add better writers. These guys will be big if you see their potential. If no attention is given, then they're wasted on you.

  25. Over 9000

    what a load of dog wank

    Obsessed Fan

    Hey! Leave.

  26. Glenn Millo

    This album should be renamed "The Great Nostalgia".

  27. Ya_gurl_kendra 84

    The way he says depression..😶

  28. Eventide

    The new MCR boys and girls

  29. Hell Hound

    Who said the human race isn't evolving? Well clearly it is and this album is proof.

  30. DeadlyGayWaffles 69

    I'm getting MCR, SIO, and The Used vibes. LOVE IT

    Vodka_ Bitch

    more SIO vibes

  31. Fallen_ Angel


  32. Rhythm & Roses

    90% of the views are me

  33. ben chaplin

    Okay is better

  34. Chanyeol Park

    This is a fucking bop🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. Joseph Paterson

  36. Joseph Paterson

    hello consumer

  37. Kevin Peet

    Every song on this album starts with "the"

    The Isol8d Freak

    That's what makes it wickedly awesome, duh...


    @The Isol8d Freak 👉👌

    Daisy Miller

    I didn't even realize that 😂


    @Daisy Miller I love you.

  38. ayberk rodoplu

    Emo Is Coming 😂

  39. hebi alzas

    Its pop punk revolutionary.. you know what,there still a hope we will have a Real music🤘🤘

  40. ist egal

    Why does every song start with 'the'?


    right? im confuse bish 🙍

  41. Akarsikon

    So am I the only one who head bangs to the little pause after he says “we live in the Great Depression”

  42. Nicole L


  43. Kyra Farrar

    So great fuck

  44. BrokenMemerSAD

    Pretty soft for fearless, okay none the less

  45. Bro tato

    Video please

  46. Chaya Cosby

    Oof I missed the release because I was in the mental hospital for my depression and honestly this song was such a good thing to come home to.

    Obsessed Fan


  47. Titoo Ukah

    Lyrics: call me dishonest // Call me a fraud

    What I hear: Call me Dijon mist // Call me a thot

  48. Chase Adamski

    Fag band

    Rebel Panther

    Chase Adamski Why are you here then?! 😒

    Obsessed Fan

    Ayyyyyyyy I love seeing you haters!!! 😁😁😁 Really reminds me how much the world sucks. This band as a matter of fact, is absolutely amazing and you need to fuck off and leave bc there is no reason to be here if you don't like them. This music is for the fans. Not you, dick.

  49. Lord Angelo

    No metal 😥

  50. Sarah Eppich

    In love with this song ❤️

  51. Døbby!The PhanElf

    This album gives me a lot of early 2000s 'emo' vibes and I'm living for it

  52. Chilling In the dark

    Ammm me got a notification clicked so fast watch the video was like yay emo is back 🙄😍

  53. Dani Jay Love

    This is my first time hearing them. I like this song. It has alot of meaning .

  54. Punks not dead but I am inside


  55. Pratama Sykes

    Come to Indonesian mate. 🤝

  56. Clàudia Saldaña

    2:47 that laugh😍

  57. jlx

    maybe I would buy new album

  58. jlx

    this is about me

  59. Charlie Barrantes

    R.I.P Fearless Records


    Charlie Barrantes wait what???!!!

  60. Fallen Resonance

    Amazing melody, gets stuck in my head 😍 We are a small band from France and dream to be as big as them one day. We release our 3rd song ever not long ago and if you like As It Is you might as well enjoy it. Peace ❤

  61. • pretty little distance •


  62. Bro tato

    So good

  63. Sabine Crombach

    This is soooo good ♥♥♥

  64. Kory Stilinski Winchester 97

    This song may save my fucking life? I'm sorry but this band already saves it since Never Happy, Ever After

  65. Potts

    I’ve listened to a few songs by As It Is this last days and I really like theem. Think I’m gonna search their discography

  66. vérkeringő

    patty laughing at 2:48 just gives me life

  67. tenesajuancruzenyb

    In wich bands this vocalists sings? I think I heard this voice before... Maybe Like Moth To Flames's vocalist?

    Myotic Tesseract

    I don’t think he’s been in any bands before As It Is. Only features. I do know that he’s definitely not a metalcore vocalist xD


    Myotic Tesseract So I'm wrong, thanks, beautiful person

  68. jak582filmweb

    Idk why i get "Red" vibes from this album

  69. Sergio Relles

    Es muy bueno realmente
    Los adoró

  70. katie s.


  71. Alan Diego

    The name sounds like afi song "the great desapointment"
    But that song are more sad for me
    Sorry as it is

  72. The - Space - Salmon

    The 1st minute I wasn't sure if I was loving it.. then 20 seconds later, I was like : << Damn ! That's pretty good :o ! >> and then I added it to spotify...

  73. Rivah Schlesinger

    I have had it on repeat since it hit and may have been blaring it for 5 minutes at Walmart until I was told to let someone else have a turn

  74. Faris Anwar

    I think this might be my favorite album of the year

  75. KatanaNightcore

    Trying to learn all the songs lyrics from this album for november 19th 😂😱

    lily martin

    Dude me too I'm going to the concert on Saturday

  76. Leanna Collins


  77. Teg


  78. Ledmaster

    Never heard of them until now. Really cool sound might be big

  79. J.T. Shreds

    Heavy “the used” vibes. I like it 🤙🏼🤘🏼

  80. NextGen Duelist

    How is this the same band that wrote dial tones

    Royce Winters

    This album is better than 'Okay' in my opinion. if you hate on me for saying that then fuck you i can have an opinion.

    Dylan Hitsman

    @Royce Winters someone's drunk, but honest haha 🖖🤘

    Royce Winters

    I don't drink. I'm just aggressive.

    Obsessed Fan

    @Royce Winters Agreed


    Because Bands can have a different sound

  81. alma

    this is such an amazing album jesus christ i can't believe this is out. i remember when okay. came out. this is crazy. you all deserve the world

  82. Ally Diaz

    While in school wanting to go this actually made me happy to be stuck in a class doing nothing so now I can listen to this

  83. Denny

    Okay this band is one of my favorites now

  84. aimee

    I am in TEARS

  85. Naomi Sandoval

    I have waited so eagerly for this album ❤❤❤❤


    😍como amo esta banda ojala viajen toda Latino America ❤🎶☠

  87. Derps OfAmerica

    Patty: 0:11
    Me: *dies*

    Meg Barnes

    For me it's the little wail on "depression" - perfect

  88. Myotic Tesseract

    Jesus, that’s a strong song. Those lyrics, dude. Definitely giving this album a listen later today.

  89. Stefan The Dude

    This is the gayest shit I've heard today, thanks for fucking my mood up Fearless.

  90. Trex Television

    Thnx your genre fix my life

  91. Ismael Jerez

    A mistake on the description lyrics: "and listen enough" -> "and listen close enough"

  92. Just1BandFan


  93. Lynn

    Sounds very good🤘🤘😍

  94. Cheetah Girl

    I've listened to the album 4 times in less than 24 hours. So glad I preordered it at warped

  95. Aliah Fendy

    good song to listen to 🤤🤤

  96. rezandra yoga

    Saw the notification on my phone when i'm in class, holy shit the teacher havent knew im about to watch this in the student bathroom

  97. ROARraps

    If the thing that gets you through hard times is your emotional well-being, then you’re just going to go up and down all the time. It makes sense to me if you don’t have something higher than yourself to hold onto when life gets tough, why are you could ever flow and depression based on the music you listen to. I really liked the route the band went with the song, it says a lot.

  98. lovely

    Oh hello, Patty