As It Is - The End. Lyrics

Nobody's listening
Nobody's listening
Straining our lungs to be heard
Nobody's listening
Nobody's listening
Losing our way in these words

I spill word after word like blood down my shirt
Tarnished and stained forever but you
You only heard the words not the hurt
And absent of pain
They don't mean a thing
They don't mean a thing

Nobody's listening
Nobody's listening
Straining our lungs to be heard
Nobody's listening
Nobody's listening
Losing our way in these words

I taste every mistake each morning I wake
A breathtaking blur of colour but I
I'm crystal clear in all you hold dear
Locked to your chest

It means that I'm desperate for the permanence
(To wash away indifference)
Is there not some equivalent
(To pacify the pain)
Crying in unwelcome ears
(Swallowed into perfect fears)
What's the use in firing flares
(If they don't mean a thing)
(They don't mean a thing)

Nobody's listening
Nobody's listening
Straining our lungs to be heard
Nobody's listening
Nobody's listening
Losing our way in these words

Am I awake, or am I asleep
Is this the end, or just another dream
How can you tell, when you can't feel
What can't be seen, but, oh my god, is it real

Because I don't need you to see this
And I don't want you to feel this
But I only have so much spark to offer in all of this darkness
And I screamed for you until the day I gave up and lost my voice
So with crimson arms and this broken neck
You fucking tell me who made this choice!

This is the end
This is the end

This is the end
This is the end
(Nobody's listening)
(Nobody's listening)

This is the end
This is the end
(Nobody's listening)
(Nobody's listening)

This is the end
This is the end

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As It Is The End. Comments
  1. Teresa Hoerricks

    dammmm this album is sooooo emo XD

  2. Kimipotpot

    more as it is album pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Daisy Miller

    It's like this song gets better every time I hear it

  4. Kinda Sad Kat

    Hundredth comment yes 😂👏🏻

  5. Angelo Conway

    I did a cover for this

  6. François Blais

    As Simple It Is The Plan.
    On a serious note I really enjoyed this album, and this song has to be one of my favorites from this record. It reminds me of when I was always listening to Simple Plan when I was 12. You could replace Patty with Pierre Bouvier and it would literally sound like Simple Plan.

  7. Timexdistance

    I’m really about to listen to the whole album

  8. Chelsie st gelaisshaw

    Great band :D

  9. iamaturtle !

    *(As it is - The End) - This is the best song in the album*
    *Am I awake, Or am I asleep, is this the end of just another dream*
    *How can you tell when you don't feel a thing what can't be seen, but oh my god is it real*
    *because I don't want you to see this, And I don't want you to feel this*
    *but I only just so much spark to offer in all this darkness, And I screamed till I gave up an lost my voice, So with this fucking broken neck you tell me who made this choice, This is the end*

  10. Caitlyn Snavely


  11. JR's Potato

    really? ... 22 dislike... what the... no comment

  12. TheMinecraftLegend69

    im still laughing at all the people still commenting on patty's last vid on youtube telling him to comeback.

  13. BookWyrm King

    IM LISTENING!!!!!!!! 😆😆😆😆

  14. Reinz Bill Dugan

    ADTR neeeds to cover thiss

  15. MyM0urnfulS0ul1916 x

    Now, this is a fucking fantastic album, hands down their best one. And this song has hands down one my favourite AII songs by far. The spoken 2:41 segment until is the end is just astonishing, especially 3:12 ("So with crimson arms and this broken neck, you fucking tell me who made this choice"). Well done, boys. Y'all did amazing.

  16. chekab nora

    As lt is-the Question, The Answer.
    Je prierai tout les jours,
    for Iphone.
    Que dieux te protege, de salle
    patoche curiouse.

  17. KyroTale

    Okay it's better for me

  18. ShainaSings

    Some bands have a weaker song at the end but as it is always kills it with their last songs


    Also the speech at 2:40 fucks me up

  19. FiR3BoY

    Great album, well done guys!

  20. Sigfried Bigcheese Van MemeLord II

    Mmm, nice tune. Definitely their best album, and this is one of the best songs on it.

  21. Mayla Eastwood

    Wow whyd you sign these idiots

  22. Cecilia Garza


  23. Firdaus Halim

    Say it what you want..this is my black parade 2.0

  24. Nel Nuytkens

    love love love this ❤️

  25. Maynard Arvin Villalobos

    they're getting better

  26. Create_ Consciousness

    ExtrEMO! ❤❤

  27. Tomiigd

    Love the end

  28. dream boy

    hands down my favorite album, honestly. there's so much raw emotion, and these songs don't fail to make me cry.

  29. BrayEnd H

    oh man that bridge that's some intense shit

  30. Athena

    Perfect finish to a perfect album

  31. Nicole L


  32. SleepingWithPanic!AtTheDisco

    Funny how the inspiration of this album was MCR and how on The Black Parade album they had a song called The End. too and AII has a song just MCRs was the first track and As It Is' the last track. This whole album just oozes of MCR vibes. #RIPMCR #MCR4EVER #MCRX


    That intro tho >>>> I think this might be my fave on the album ❤️

  34. james Williams


  35. wcvicsters

    BOMB song 💙🤘🏼

  36. Uncle Scrooge

    Best Song of the new Album! I'm so exciting to see them live this year! The lyrics of "the end" are just amazing! Thank you for this wonderful Album with all these emotional lyrics!

  37. SeanceDeMort on twitter

    this is why I love As It Is

  38. Fallen Resonance

    Stunning end to a stunning album! Been hyped about it since the release of the first single. We released our 3rd song about a month ago and if you like As It Is you might like us as well ❤ Love

  39. Rebel Panther

    I love this song, good song, good message, favorite part 2:40 to the end of the song.💕

    Jay Lamont

    Rebel Panther same. I still get major goosebumps every time. You can feel the emotion in Patty//Poet’s voice

  40. Doodsalot270

    tbh I really think they missed the mark on this concept.. A lot of the songs have too much safety in them, not enough stretching out and definitely not enough post-hardcore in it compared to how they talked about it in interviews


    Doodsalot270 I was hoping for a slightly heavier result than we got, with a more post-hardcore focus, but I still love what we got.

    Oscar H

    I feel like they’re slowly getting there and their next album with be more post-hardcore


    Oscar B Considering up to this point, every album has been getting closer to that sound than the last, you may be right about that.

    Meitar Israeli

    you should remember that they're a punk pop band, not hardcore. Maybe in their next album they'll do more hardcore, but honestly the mix between pop punk and emo is fucking genius. I don't know about you but I love it!

  41. tewksyyy


  42. Faris Anwar

    Hands down best album of the year so far

  43. livsociallyawkward

    Chills!! Saw them at warped this year, hands down best performance of the night! Keep up the great fucking work.

  44. Esha Smoky

    Love this song ❤❤❤
    You guys did awesome

  45. Linyoshi Belle

    Damn. That end. This album is master class.

  46. katie s.

    chills. this whole album is so amazing, definitely 100% the best album of the year.

  47. We Are FearlessTV

    this sounds way better than what i expected, and i expected a lot from this album

  48. Polyphery

    Heavy "The Used" vibes here. Especially at the end.

    yamato delatorre

    Polyphery right?! this album is amazing!

  49. Pants and Jacket

    Buy this album kids!

  50. Kyra Farrar

    My boys I'm so proud I love it!!!

  51. Ali Lmbo

    This is amazing i have waited for this for so long it's was so worth the wait💘💘💘

  52. Myotic Tesseract

    Honestly a really strong closer. I think I enjoyed this even more than their last album! Wasn't expecting it to be this good. Still not mind-blowing, but damn, I felt something listening through this.

  53. missjenae 1

    Those harmonies at the beginning tho

  54. Mathew Gilbert

    Come all, come all to this tragic affair!


    Mathew Gilbert Wipe off that makeup, what's in is despair :)

    Happy Stomp

    Throw on that black dress

  55. Joey Edward Stock


  56. Pattanapol sesthapaisarn

    I'm dying Erra and As it is release the album on the same day

    Bright As Night

    you and i and whoever liked this are the only mufuckas on the planet listening to As It Is and ERRA oml xD

    Tarandeep Saini

    Don't forget With Confidence too. 8)


    @Bright As Night not a huge as it is fan, but this album is solid. Love erra though.


    @Bright As Night ME 2

  57. Julie Arnold

    My fav on this whole album. I’m crying

  58. snootyboop

    I loved every song off of this album!

  59. Violet Panic

    Not into emo music but these guys really surprised me some of the songs are meh but my favorites so far are "The End" "The Fire,The Dark" and "The Great Depression"


    emo music= best music.


    Dial tones is my favorite

  60. Moonlit Storms

    I just listened to the entire album in order. Definitely one of my favourite records ever <3 Love it SO MUCH

  61. Adam Barkley Music

    Hands down their best album yet. Well done, lads


    I didn't like their older stuff but that's just great!

    Teresa Hoerricks

    yes true XD

  62. Aditya Pratama Putra

    Penutup yg apik

  63. Silver Lightning

    This album is a masterpiece. I'm so proud of how far you guys have come, you've grow for the better

    lil water pump

    Silver Lightning while I agree that they have gotten better, this is still nowhere near a masterpiece


    @lil water pump Yeah people throw around the term masterpiece way too much.

  64. silenthillvictim

    Definitely not feeling this new LP. Their first two were amazing. They had it all. I really don’t get this 2000’s Emo style change. For As It Is, this just feels like a huge step back. They used to be so catchy and upbeat. I miss that.

    Myotic Tesseract

    Funny you say that, this new stuff feels like they aren't completely going into this emo style imo. I still hear a lot of the pop punk As It Is in this LP even if the sound is totally different. Some of the songs are still catchy and/or upbeat like The Handwritten Letter, maybe The Wounded World, but it's definitely more of a melodramatic album. I think it's a lot to do with their trying to make a concept album, it feels a bit more theatrical. I quite enjoyed it for that.


    silenthillvictim I actually enjoyed this album, and I'm not a fan of this band's previous work.

    Twilight Skyline

    It’s a concept album so it’s darker than previous ones. They’ve said on their social media that they want to change their sound for every album but that this will be their darkest album. Sooo I’m sure there will be more songs like dial tones in the future!

  65. Андрейка_03 Калугин

    this album is amazing, but State champ's album is still #1 for me <3

  66. Charlotte Craw

    I'm buying the album 🖤

  67. JN Perez

    Amazing album overall, love it <3

  68. Michael Hermon

    2 people disliked this, I've lost faith...


    Michael Hermon 2 people who won't wake up Tomorrow...


    Michael Hermon btw. 11 now

  69. Magster 716

    such a complete and wholesome album!!!! it was so incredible beginning to end

  70. Derps OfAmerica

    *IM LISTENING* 😤😤👌👌

  71. Luka Silence

    I love this song!

  72. Toms Alcore

    #Great N #Genius

  73. EdoseruJVC

    Please don't stop making wonderful music ❤️

  74. suicider

    So cool!!

  75. Daniel Bezougly

    There r still no dislikes :)

    Kian Hughes

    Daniel Bezougly i got sum news for u chief


    Is this the end. Or is it just another dream.


    THEWILDONESAPPEAR Amazing picture


    I am living

  78. Mummified Cat

    I love this album so far 😍