As It Is - Sorry Lyrics

Fix me, I'm defective.
Stitch me up and make me feel new again.
Take all that's wrong and correct it.
Leave nothing that resembles this mess that I am.
I miss what never was with us, our fiction I constructed.
You're everywhere and all that I think about.
I can't even feel alone in my own head.

On my own again
I'm trying not to feel 'cause I'm feeling like the world forgot me.
On my own again
Yeah, you were always his
and all I ever was was sorry

I'm my own invention
An unfulfilled and underwhelmed work of art.
I'm desperate for your affection
It's hopeless, I know, but that's just who I am.
It's like my mind has mirrored walls
And you're standing in the middle.
I'm equal parts self-doubt and confidence
And I'm confident I'll die with every word I have left unsaid.

I'm just a reader
You're every chapter
Never happy, ever after
(on my own again)

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As It Is Sorry Comments
  1. David Parra

    Underrated song

  2. - madeleine -

    I saw this band at the last Warped Tour and I didn’t really know who they were... now that I love them I really hope to see them again someday, their show was awesome!

  3. YungIceyWizard

    Miss this moment in time...happy 2019 boys!!

  4. YungIceyWizard

    Miss this era!!

  5. Flame Miller

    I wish I could have seen them at this last Warped Tour but they were playing at the same time as a band I liked a lot longer so yeah

  6. katie s.

    they’ve come so far😭

  7. DRX30

    <3 not gonna lie is the only Fucking voice i find amazing that sounds EVEN MORE AMAZING LIVE IN PUNK ROCK HISTORY :O

  8. николай федорчук


  9. Ian Carter

    God I remember watching Patty on his YouTube channel😅 God that kid grew up~ Next Andy Biersack lol

  10. kate

    i need more ben's solos

  11. Luy Mansilla

    i'd kill to be there....please come to Argentina guys :'(

  12. superskittles

    The Canadian national anthem.

  13. Keira Anderson

    I found Patty's music because of his song Hey Rachel and now I absolutely love this band

  14. Eliza Hagstrom

    If they aren't at warped tour this year I'm gonna cry

    Keira Anderson

    Eliza Hagstrom same

  15. Nautica Thomas

    l hate it but it is good

  16. KyroTale

    i know patty from if you cant hang cover 3 years ago

  17. Jay Burris Wayne

    Is it 2007 again?

  18. kate

    This video is one of my favorite

  19. Jasmine Jade

    im so happy for you patty

  20. nanceicecream sunnyday

    He is sexy, no homo.

  21. Liam Ball

    that guys vox reminds me of a clash between new found glories and coheed and Cambria singers

  22. Shauna C

    This just makes me want to really want to meet them 😂💕

    Dysentary Gary

    Shauna C Patty is the biggest sweetheart I've ever met

  23. Leo John

    All I ever was wasabi!

  24. PklzWRLD

    Who invited this to Warped?

  25. i SeeNa

    from JAPAN!

  26. Davide Checchi

    Love you guys! I follow you by the 1st song!!!

  27. Verbena

    Too pop to punk

  28. Vizion Sense

    I tried singing this in a heavy metal version today..... The soar throat still hurts.

  29. Faith Jew

    patty sounds good but the second vocalist, his voice is the one that makes the song for me

  30. Jaida Michelle

    Please come back to the states 😩😭

  31. Yeet Skeet Productions


  32. Devin Youngs

    And all he ever was was sorry

  33. andy

    Its like the half of all the views are mine oops

  34. Mason Likes Punk Rock

    oh Patty..... you fucking dreamboat

  35. Danesk Rodríguez

    I SWEAR I saw him before! The singer. The cute guy. dammit. idk WHERE

    Sara Welén

    he used to make youtube videos - vlogs and covers. patty walters - maybe from there?

    Danesk Rodríguez

    @Sara Welén yeah thanks Sara, just a few hours later I found out where I saw him. 😁😁😂😂

  36. Courtney Collier

    I wish I was American so I could go to Warped Tour.


    Same ;-;


    Do you mean you wish you LIVED in America?? 😂😂

    Warachara Upapong

    Same why tf am i in Thailand?

  37. Caitlin Ranus


  38. Camila Miranda

    es la primera vez que escucho a este grupo y me eh enamorado♥
    sigan asi y seran grandes amor desde chile :)

  39. nic footer

    1:52 jumper, how do i find it

  40. Bandit

    I find the lead singer voice so annoying but I can't stop listening to this song 😑

  41. Cliffton Hansen

    Cool to see my Milwaukee date in this video! There set was freaking great. I'm grateful to say I've seen them 3 times and gotten to meet them 4. Can't wait for their next album!

  42. AZO.

    u know how raps the mic around his neek well craig mabbit Is probly like YOLO dont choke myselfthats how far he aps his mic around his neek

  43. Caroline Slack

    These guys are one of my favorite bands to see live... They have so much energy. They put on a great show

  44. emma

    80% of this was from Detroit, fuck I miss it

  45. danred97

    I'm dissapointed, not because it was bad, but because I expected a crap phc band with a punchable lead singer, but all I found was an passable pop-punk band.

  46. Summer Lily

    They. Are. So. Good.

  47. Maylissuh M

    Oh My corazon 🤗💕

  48. Charlie

    Ben would be so much better if they went harder

  49. Eric Blade

    shit music, patty please retire

    Eric Blade

    @Yonatan Solomon How about no


    Absolutely agree. Shit music and whiny bitch front man

  50. mark angie tiu

    i feel like i was in college days with this song!!!

  51. Hananah Chips

    I'm so proud of how far y'all have come. I remember me and my mom watching your covers on YouTube!

  52. E_Wiggin

    +Patty Walters You guys are really good. I'm glad I came across your YouTube channel years ago. Glad to hear your band is now totally epic

  53. sOMeBoDy important

    he kinda sounds like all time low yknow?

  54. HerbHerbHerbert

    1:22 Ok, did Patty just kiss Ben?

    Lilith Crane

    I loved it

  55. dylonferguson1

    vote for emma blackery best vloger

  56. dylonferguson1

    vote for emma blackery best vloger

  57. boophis

    Is Patty still in the UK?❤

  58. isabella


  59. Hannah Bee

    today I went and saw your band in Pontiac MI and you were absolute amazing I love you so much

  60. numbjin

    Man, I remember getting into Patty when he was just doing covers and now I've seen him grow and form a band and now playing at warped. Its been amazing.

  61. Enzo Music

    If you look closely in the crowd... You will see me in that pit

  62. Daniel Wong

    The other guy who is not patty should sing every song or at least they should both sing just like this song.

  63. Clare Nemec

    ugh patty ur perfection

  64. Kellie Beam


  65. Mark Schmidt

    Hahaha the set list called Cant Save Myself "Ocean Avenue Cover" thats great.

  66. Asier Gonz Buruchaga

    "pedofile tones" 2:12 lol

  67. Jenna Torres

    I'm soooo happy for you Patty!!!!! I DOWNLOADED THIS SONG...LOVE IT!! I'm glad u get to live your dream... @PattyxWalters @PattyWalters

  68. Stephanie argomaniz

    I saw you at warped at Pomona cx it was amazing c:

  69. Nadia Padilla

    I was able to see you at warp tour in San Antonio Texas! It was just so awesome! I bought one of your shirts and took selfies with all of you and it was just so awesome! You guys signed my ticket! You guys made my dream come true please come back next year!

  70. Skylark

    "Pedophile Tones (fuck you, you know the song)"

    As It Is always seems to put the funniest shit in their videos.

  71. Nikkia Pacitto

    I'm so proud of these guys❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  72. navecamnedia

    veeoneeye tones

    Adam Kimm

    hahaha. You're now my favourite person.

  73. Bree Bree

    Never happy, ever after ...

  74. JU2TIC3 F0R A11

    same old generic crap, this is awful

  75. MichaelTF

    I love the fact that on the setlist they put "can't save myself" as "ocean avenue cover" because they know that the choruses of the songs sounds simular 😂😂😂

  76. Luke French


  77. Beth Xx


  78. C Hood

    why the fuck are they all so good-looking fucking unfair haha even the drummer is cute :) good music btw,new fan here! :*

  79. Mikayla Herring

    POST WARPED TOUR DEPRESSION IS KICKING IN!! It will have been two months for me on Friday. And like I got to meet Patty and Ben and they were so sweet and I also met deefizzy and i just cant omg take me back. Someone invent the Tardis 😰 #pcd

  80. Brianna J

    so glad I got to meet these guys at warped!

  81. J-Rod the Main Event

    I saw myself + feels

  82. Young Dumb

    Wish I could be there!!!

  83. J G

    Y'all had the best set, hands down!!!!

  84. sebastian


  85. Claudia Kate

    This got me so hyped for the Adelaide show oh my god

  86. A pyromaniac's retributions

    All he ever was, was sorry



  88. Bimu Is Dead

    I'll be up there one day! Just watch! 😄

  89. searc runsape gf type 123

    So does that mean Speak Soft video? pwease OuO

  90. James Kay

    are they going to come back to Britain some time soon?

    Chloe Does YouTube !!

    Their going on tour with sleeping with sirens in uk if this helps

  91. Mhairi Henderson


  92. Eugene Lizalde

    Soo glad I got to catch these guys at South By So What 2015!!

  93. Ell

    Patty Walters is my baby and i filmed a video with him.

    Jasmine Jade

    lol elliot, i saw that. you two are shipped❤❤❤

  94. Rodica EV

    Love it!

  95. Xed Addiz

    misheard the lyrics i heard was wasabi.??

  96. Xed Addiz

    was wasabi ..wut ???