As It Is - Pilgrims Lyrics

My early memories only come in handfuls
And those that follow span a decade uneventful
They live in VCRs that play my scrapes and scars on a screen for all
'Cause I was never one to look at them as anchors
But something lighter like a souvenir or postcard
I packed them up to drive and carry on 'til I called a new town home

I wanted more for myself than seeing life in the shade of this town
To always follow footsteps that never left I wanted more for myself

Just because I've got my head in the clouds
Doesn't mean that my feet are off the ground
And if we're meant for things, then maybe I'm meant to be here

I've got my head in the clouds
I've got my feet on the ground
And if we're meant for things then maybe I'm meant to be here

I carried on to drive and called a new town home

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As It Is Pilgrims Comments
  1. Obsessed Fan

    So proud of them 😭🖤

  2. Raxy

    What do u mean this was 7 years ago??
    And still one of my fa. songs to this day ♥

  3. [broken machine]

    I’ve been a fan for months, how did I not know this existed?

  4. Maya-Jade Huth

    1000th like!!!!!!

  5. Winter Naylor

    I found your band a couple of days ago. I'm obsessed. thank you.

  6. sol ja

    "They live in VCRs..."

    *-Hears: They live in the MCRs...-*

  7. Kat Anastasia


  8. Zander Myles Blake

    I've been subscribed to patty for a while and I remember when the band was formed I listened to a few songs and then kinda forgot about them (they're really good I just didn't an iPod or anything to listen to music on) and I recently rediscovered them on Spotify and went hold up isn't that patty band and I'm so freaking proud. they've gotten so popular and have grown so much as a band it's so great.

  9. Aidan Amphlett

    they should re-record this morning with real drums, this is rad

  10. Kerenza


  11. aviel kaei


  12. garconrouge

    I rememeber downloading this from their bandcamp while it was free... omf im so proud of them im gonna cry

  13. Kayla

    They should re record these songs and put them on a special edition of their next album

  14. Kit Kat

    Awh these guys have come so far- I love their music!!

  15. Hannah Edwards

    *petition to have them re-release this and We Fight back on an EP*


    Anyone watching in 2015

  17. Gemma Wilson

    fave 💖💖

  18. trinity gonzález

    I can't believe I haven't found this band before

  19. whenpapermeetspen

    what walnut disliked this video

  20. cerys hall

    IS anyone one else here watching this after watching dialtones bc i am and im so fucking proud of these guys x

    Anne Bettman

    same aah im so fucking proud!!!

    Dimitrius Brown

    @cerys paynemurs yaaassss ikr they have become so amazing

    Obsessed Fan


  21. Kellie Beam

    This like quadrupled in views because of dial tones and i'm so very proud!

  22. Amy

    This helps to drown out everything around me. Thanks guys 💚🌺

  23. hannahs3694


  24. PierceTheJazz

    Probably my favorite song, love you guys<3

  25. Nicola M

    Awesome 👌

  26. Jessica Graham

    I remember watching this when it first game out. I'm so happy for how far these boys have come ❤😍😊

  27. becky abby

    Still one of my fav songs

  28. sonicpride1

    Only if there was a download file link there just like on Patty's singular videos/covers....Or at least put this on itunes ;;n;;


    There is a download link :) in the description it says "Download 'Two Track'" and it's free, I listen to it all the time!


    oh thanks ^^

  29. Delilah The Alpaca

    Please put this on itunes! <3 u guys!


    This is so good!!!

  31. Lauren Martin

    Can believe I've never heard this before!! brilliance!!!

  32. shannon siddon

    i fucking love you patty

  33. TheUnicornKid1

    holy moly! this is some awesome stuff :D

  34. Stanley Salmon

    You earn my Substitution. :D

  35. Just Haz

    Love it :)

  36. Alessandra Barbanti

    OMG. this is fuckin' amazing! i love it! :)

  37. lizzietupman

    awesome :D

  38. Woe Is Tayler

    i love love lovee this. great job guys, i voted and hope you win! :)

  39. tara siobhan

    Just found you on tumblr :) really like this song :3

  40. Ahlea Lewin

    VOTEE! i might see you guys when youn tour!<3

  41. Matisa Doolally

    SO DAMN GREAT!!! <3

  42. Kirsty Williams

    This is great guys. You will get so fucking far.

  43. Anni

    I love this song :3

  44. AidanJCMcCarron

    These are so good :D

  45. Carol Chui

    Really great, love it!!