As It Is - Horoscopes Lyrics

There's no god if this is all there is for me,
A temper and conceptions that I'm lonely.

When death comes, I'll be ready,
But I'll waste my life preparing.
There's so much more to life than breathing.

I see life through a dog's eyes,
A world in black and white,
A world that would so happily forget me,

I'm faithless I'm shameless

I just wanna believe in something,
But I think that horoscopes are bullshit,
I just wanna believe in something,
Anything at all, yeah,

I'm faithless I'm shameless

I make terrible decisions,
and I pay for them in the fear that keeps my eyes glued to the ceiling.

If I drown, will you drown with me?
'Cause I'd hate to leave you lonely
In a world that would so happily forget me

I'm faithless I'm shameless

I just wanna believe in something,
But I think that horoscopes are bullshit,
I just wanna believe in something,
Anything at all, yeah,

All great men die young,
Just bodies in boxes or dust in porcelain and,
Once my friends are gone,
I'll remember when we held the world with our fingers.

All great men die young,
Just bodies in boxes or dust in porcelain.
All great men die young,
And I'm so fucking scared to outlive all I've ever known.

I just wanna believe in something...

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As It Is Horoscopes Comments
  1. MisterMan795

    Sounds a lot like old Seaway

  2. Nicho Insertlastnamehere

    Honestly this song is very deep. I like it

  3. ハチ

    my favourite of them by far. There's something about the lyrics that really gets me.

  4. Jason Fultz

    Ben's voice in this song <3

  5. poketripper

    Probably my favorite As It Is Song!

  6. 96sasukefreak96

    Saw them at Substage (Karlsruhe, Germany) :3 . But it was a really shitty crowd -.-

  7. cho co

    I wake up with this song every day.

    I really love this song!✨

  8. thelonelydriver

    in 1:40 sounds like there about to do dial tones haha

  9. Trev x

    This song has been in my head for days.

  10. TheBlackjack182

    Love this guys!

  11. Ana Okay

    Saw them in Jacksonville and got to meet Patty, life goals!

  12. christina cortese

    omg come to Australia !! me an my best friend are dying to see you guys!

  13. Angela Viamonte De Pablo

    Omg i love this song an the voices and ahdhdhddvf it's amazing :)

  14. jonathan perry

    ordered the 3 LP set. 1 green, blue, and gold.

  15. Brianna Elms

    Going to see them at Warped Tour. I am so happy.

  16. masako nakamura

    Come to Japan plz

  17. Zackary Aqqad

    Reminds me of a band that would've been on drive-thru records. Which is a good thing. 😊

  18. lreyes

    I love the band! I don't mean any offence when i say this but i think the backup singer sounds a bit off key at some parts and needs to work on it. Other then that great work and i look forward to future songs!

  19. Ash

    I just came across this band today. Totally obsessed, you guys are adorable.

  20. Jake Nicholson

    Sounds ridiculously like early Fall Out Boy.

  21. Elizabeth Holcomb

    It's nice that Patty is from Minnesota because usually when bands do a tour by their hometown they go there. Finally someone from Minnesota!

  22. Lea Khan

    If you guys get big enough, come to Canada, pls? ;3; I've watched patty for ages, and I would love to meet him and the rest of you!!!!

    Hayden Koutras

    They will be in Toronto this summer, July 17th.

    Lea Khan

    Really? I thought they were only touring American and uk dates.. hmm.
    but that would be sweet since my 21st bday is the 18th!!!

    Hayden Koutras

    nope! all bands say american dates due to warped only having one day in canada.

  23. Frank Mezzelo

    Best pop/punk band ive heard in a while

  24. caitlan brewster-craig

    Leeds, please come to Leeds in England that would be so awesome :)

    Blame The Internet



    They're on the Save Your Breath farewell tour if you haven't seen by now, it's going to be amazing, get yourselves down!

    Miss Sophie

    @caitlan brewster-craig they are doing reading and leeds festival :)

  25. Jessica Hinz

    Your performance of this (and everything else) at Summer in the City was amazing!
    And Patty, when I met you you were absolutely lovely thank you :)

  26. Kat cx

    If my best friend Jake doesn't like you guys, because your songs really make me think of him and it makes my heart ache to think he's always hurting, I'm going to beat him with my phone.

  27. preshes1234

    come to california,us PLZ


    PLEASE! Please come here! :)

  28. sonicpride1







  29. artwxrks

    Please come near manchester or even liverpool please!

    Brandon Scott

    They've been to manchester twice now

  30. Larry M

    my favourite as it is song. just amayzing!

  31. shayla krijnen

    Amaaaazing song and album art

  32. Radiant Dawn

    Not too shabby, esp if this is your starting point in your music career. Your sound kinda reminds me of the Flatliners a little bit, esp your vox.

  33. leavesandbees

    You guys NEED to come to North Carolina ♡ And this is definitely my new favorite song

  34. Steven Mcloughlin

    This is fucking incredible live. Tbh, they're songs are incredible anyway but they're 100x better live, particularly this one. Saw them last night and met Patty and Ben, and I seriously can't wait until I can see them again.

  35. ProcrastinatingTV

    All great men die young- it pains me to know how true this is. Griff<3

  36. Timo Iks

    This is awesome guys!

  37. Lame Callum

    can't wait for this to come out

  38. Josh Renshaw

    This was fucking awesome live :D

  39. Renee Mendal

    for some reason this song almost made me cry i have no idea why I love this band so much


    The lyrics in the song are powerful as fuck.  I love this band cuz they're awesome, but also because of the fact that even though it's catchy punk rock, the lyrics are extremely clever and meaningful!

  40. Vanessa Martin


  41. Miki Trueba

    come to Arizona, USA your first tour (; please

    Brandon Scott

    There currently on there first Tour and there incredible live

    Dan Mellow Fellow

    @Brandon Waterworth They're*... Yep i'm guna be that guy xD.... Sorry dude

    Gene Paul

    @Dan Mellow Fellow *gonna.... I avenged him lol.

    Maggie Gordon

    @Dan Mellow Fellow I'm*.... Yep, I'm going to be that person as well.

  42. connor shelton

    U guys should come to California on your next tour

  43. rosiesmusicvlogsx x

    This song is so perfect<3 fucking love it! ~x~

  44. meagan doyle

    this in now 100% my new favorite song

  45. Kalebe Eduardo

    Musica legal ^^ i'm from brasil 

  46. Shara Smith

    It's kinda bad now I'm more excited for my birthday because y'alls EP comes out that day rather than being excited it's my birthday..ahaha. Looking forward to it, liking this song!

  47. Samantha May

    Can't wait for the EP!

  48. tjisatotalsellout

    New found glory? I hear the similarities. Fucking awesome.

  49. Eleanor Reeves

    I'll definetly be buying tickets when you guys come to wales, I hope thats really soon :D

  50. Karla Yarie

    Yes, this.♥

  51. Lauren P

    So good guys! Can't wait to see you in Glasgow :D x

  52. Kezza Jayy

    Loving it, can't wait for the EP.

  53. Doran Safratowich

    US tour...Please!

  54. KatieTheHuman

    That one person who disliked this -.-

  55. michaela mcginley

    Always loved patty's cover but was never really big into as it is but this song, can't wait for "this mind of mine"

  56. Connor Hughes

    I agree with Fiasco!! Ireland for next tour! Derry, Belfast, Dublin idc anywhere!! Need to see you guys!!

  57. Mich Elle

    great song!

  58. Ventiblonde13


  59. jackbaradog

    Radical track. Can't wait for the EP

  60. Eryn Renée Lynn

    This is pretty good :) really like this

  61. Madelyn Patterson

    So excited!!!! Come on tour to the states sometime?

  62. ProcrastinatingTV

    Holy shit this is amazing!

  63. Kenya Damian

    Two words: WOW. Amazing! :) ♥

  64. LKongmany


  65. CheesepuffsHD

    love this song so much :)

  66. Cheyenne Tobias


  67. Roselle Tejada

    i cant wait for the ep

  68. Roselle Tejada


  69. omgbeckyyouslut

    amazing eee i'm so excited for the tour!!

  70. PirateSwedenMania

    love it guys!

  71. not in use

    sooo good

  72. Rosie Cousins

    This is amazing, cannot wait for the EP!! Please come to Leeds on your next tour!

  73. flora


  74. Cameron horne

    This is a great song but the quality isnt that good o_O

  75. Felix Mufti

    Come to Liverpool pleaseeeeeeee<3

  76. Matt East


  77. Lis x

    this is amazing. I'm in love with this song

  78. Lenka

    Love it already :3 Can't wait for the EP

  79. HannahhBeashleh

    I fricken love this song. One of your best me thinks!!:D <3

  80. Lysandra Koon

    Gosh. It's amazing. Love it. 😄

  81. NarwhalesGoRAWRR


  82. - ̗̀ m a r c i a ̖́-