As I Lay Dying - Within Destruction Lyrics

If music is
A mirror revealing
The depths of my heart
Then I will write
The darkest song
For without
My soul is lost

[Chorus (2x):]
All that is hope
Within destruction
Comes from you
For I have fallen


[Verse (Quiet)]
If music is
A mirror revealing
The depths of my heart
Then I will write
The darkest song
For without
My soul is lost

All that is hope
Within destruction
Comes from you


For I have fallen
And there is nothing good
Within me yet I've
Been given life
I will
I will never
For without
Without forgiveness my soul is lost

[Outro (4x)]
All that is hope
Within destruction

All that is hope

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As I Lay Dying Within Destruction Comments
  1. randy lahey

    Well now I don't know what to do with my boner

  2. Drew Flowers

    I sometimes forget that there was a pre jacked Tim era.

  3. jason spencer

    holy fuck these guys rule

  4. Keenan Descartin


  5. jason spencer

    my man is killing it on the drums

  6. jason spencer

    heard this a thousand times still fire

  7. Jason Hess

    Gives me a metal boner

  8. jason spencer

    holy fuck this song is incredible

  9. jason spencer

    kick ass

  10. Maciel

    Pqp q som🤘🤘

  11. Miraculous Cat Noir

    this one blows anyone anytime anyplace up into smithreens. their artistic brilliance!

  12. Zucke .N

    кросовкиии гавнооо

  13. Zucke .N

    люблю срать порош хорошими фильмами

  14. Jason Hess


  15. STAIND12300

    Probably the smoothest transition from live to studio recording ever

  16. Alyssa Thorne

    God I fucking love this band! Takes me back to being 15

  17. Barnabas Jones

    Easily still one of the greatest modern metal accomplishments (regardless of your affiliations)

  18. oliever manjanssen

    Slayer heavy version

  19. ZeldaLegacy

    The only time I saw these guys I got kicked out for underage drinking. Fuckin sucked. Also missed In Flames and Killswitch Engage because of it.

  20. tyler dees


  21. Ericson Allibang

    Swing - parkway drive anyone?

  22. Tim Lambesis

    As i slay dying !!!

  23. Andy Salter

    This is the only song I like by this band because it doesn't have any fucking horrid clean singing !!!!!

  24. onceuponatimeinme

    My favorite song by AILD 🤘🏼

  25. Sleazy Salami

    It kinda sounds like that band “all out war”

  26. Malik Green

    Just saw these guys in my town in Jacksonville Florida, and I went in the circle pit for this song. This is by far my favorite song from one of my favorite bands!

    Billy Cribb

    That was a great show

    Billy Cribb

    That was an amazing show!

    Malik Green

    @Billy Cribb 10/10 would see again

  27. Nastic Naz

    Bring back As I lay Dying


    Man I think they are they have one new song out, I'm waiting for more

  28. Wrath Upon Eden

    So fucking epic!

  29. Vladislav Pustynnikov

    самый охуевший трек 2008, в то время пока все брейкдаунили, гайз наваливали высший мегарок \m/

  30. Warrior of Sunlight7777777

    How can people group bands like this together with generic, wimpy screamo music? Just listen to this. This is metal as hell. There’s a huge difference between pure, epic metalcore like this and generic emo music. Bands like this are super talented at making melodic yet heavy music. The guitar tone in this song blows me away. It’s just so aggressive.

  31. Tom Joe

    Had to check this out before listening to Alex The Terrible do his version of this song

  32. Ben the Ignorant

    Space aliens need to see this.

  33. CicadaPlays TM

    2:17 с таким будильником весь город встанет :)

  34. maxis

    0:20 metallica?

    Silver Hedgehog

    kinda, but reminds me of Slayer more

  35. Ruslan Tarasenko


  36. CicadaPlays TM

    0:30 ЛЮБЛЮ СИДЕЕЕТЬ!!!! 😂😂

  37. Maxime Cnt


  38. кот

    тот кто кричит,чуть голосовые связки не порвал

  39. Jordan Solko

    filmed in Omaha at The Slowdown and I got to be a wide to close up shot cameraman thanks to the crew who found me on youtube!  it was awesome

  40. ReignyDayzNW

    This shit is fire 🔥

  41. Barry AsILayDying McHugh


  42. Danny Bahee

    The Red Dragon

  43. Nathan Haug

    saw these dudes at soma awhile back, drummer in person is fuckin insane. had like a 8 minute drum solo that led into another song and he didnt even break a sweat, fuckin gnarbred. 94 hours live was like seeing the face of god just incredible, one of the best bands ive ever seen live, nearly tore the god damn building down

  44. Daniel Caldwell

    Who is happy as fuck they are back!!!

  45. Derek Stewart

    I always thought Phil of all that remains and Tim was some of the best screamers in metalcore


    Derek Stewart the lead singer vocalist of parkway drive is really decent and they are representing metal core really well

  46. Utsav Mishra

    Whenever i listen to this song i feel like destroying the world is the main priority

  47. Krispynachos 99

    Not sure is AILD or ADM?

  48. Lenin Pegu

    If music is A mirror revealing The depths of my heart Then I will write The darkest song For without Forgiveness My soul is lost All that is hope Within destruction Comes from you For I have fallen All that is hope Within destruction Comes from you For I have fallen Fallen If music is A mirror revealing The depths of my heart Then I will write The darkest song For without Forgiveness My soul is lost All that is hope Within destruction Comes from you For I have fallen And there is nothing good Within me yet I've Been given life I will I will never Deserve For without Forgiveness...

  49. Haeon Kalkoz

    Thrash Metalcore

  50. Tacitus Kilgore

    I'm still here dudes

  51. Rhyan Brandt

    good old omaha nebraska!

  52. woogiepooh2013

    i remember when this video premiered first on myspace

  53. Moin Khan

    Fucking insane riffs, This is what i call fucking metalcore

  54. jay 99

    10 years later still a killer track just hope as I lay dying will come back since tim out of prison and make music like this


    I know what you mean man. All i know is i am happy as hell. Between AILD making a return. Bleeding through returning etc. This is a good year for Metalcore.

    jay 99

    itsovernyanthousaand hell yeah and this is coming from a guy that hates metalcore but ASID and bleeding through are really good musicians


    Agreed man. I am more of a Thrash and Death Metal person. Hell, one of my favorite bands is Septicflesh. Both AILD and BT are fantastic for Metalcore. I would even say Killswitch. But not many more than that.

    jay 99

    itsovernyanthousaand Hell yeah I mean I'm hoping the new as i lay dying well being more thrash and death metal then metalcore but we will see how they're new album will be


    I don't mind what they do. as long as they keep the majority of their sound. All I know is I cannot wait to hear Tim's god like screams. When I saw them live he was one of the best screamers I have ever seen. And i have been to over 300 concerts. lol

  55. Super_Buick

    I have this lyrics tattoed

  56. Man In The Arena


  57. Yuliuz Sunjoyo

    Try no headbang???

  58. Damir Workout

    Кто от Сыендука?

  59. Prateek


  60. Evolutionary Being

    From 3:00 I imagine meteors and asteroids falling on Earth erasing human race.

  61. Jorge Rodríguez

    0:50 She Wolf XD

  62. Ryan Mentzer

    Fight fire with fire lol

    Ramus Doyle

    Wind always helps with that


    It does sound a little like Metallicas fight fire with fire especially the beginning

  63. Владиславкин ̷

    1:00 "любите сооок,уйди десторшин!"

    Владиславкин ̷

    Бля, это же я. Как давно это было, эх :')

  64. white lash 14/88

    I have a huge background of death metal and thrash metal, I’ve always liked these guys even tho I typically shy away from there style. I never heard this song until today is the rest of the album similar?!?

  65. Radiant Dawn

    ALL HOPE IS LOST...within destruction.

  66. Jason Kruger

    Dude.... they're not a metalcore band.

  67. HInata Calibre

    Neck Breaker

  68. Jasmyn Ketchum

    I hate Tim. He broke up this amazing band that made amazing tunes.......

  69. Jimmy Gray

    If music is a mirror revealing the depths of my heart, then I will right the darkest song. For without forgiveness, my soul is lost.

  70. Mike Jacobs

    fuck ya bud

  71. HInata Calibre

    ITs too Violent Guitar Riffs

  72. Elya laowjdkskalla

    Начало песни на русском звучит как "ЛЮБЛЮ СИДЕТЬ"

  73. Clement Bauer

    best fucking metal period

  74. Armando Gemei

    my favorite song by these guys! so brutal and heavy!

  75. Princess Olmeca

    Tim is officially out of the slammer. Here's to hoping a new AILD album is on its way in the foreseeable future.

  76. Rude boy

    best song

  77. maoribrotha53

    Very Slayer like.

  78. Ksee

    sounds like Lamb of God

  79. daniel cumiford

    1:52 Marcellus Wallus lol

  80. Xista

    от сыендука?

  81. Haya nascimento

    Que saudade de ouvir isso ❤

  82. Cory Lowther

    sounds just like a slayer song

  83. Daniel Flores

    2:09-growl. my alarm in the morning

  84. Ben Davis

    2:16 so fucking brutal

  85. Steve Sullivan



    Go away.

  86. SentientGhost

    They would've also made an amazing Thrash band! For real!!! Goddamn the powerful burst of Metalcore combined with Thrash! Instigates inevitable rush of adrenaline in my veins!!

    Александър Коларов

    They somehow do it,in Austrian Death Machine ....

  87. SentientGhost

    The glory days!!!! My beloved AILD how much I damn miss you! This band was the soundtrack to my Teenage years!!! When anyone asked what was my number one favorite band without a doubt or a question on my mind I responded with AS I LAY DYING!!!!!!! Forever a fucking fan no matter what!!!

    Lucas Gore

    Rynomyte you'd probably love sylosis, very similar sound

    Barnabas Jones

    As far as soundtracks to our youth.. you chose wisely young Padawan.

  88. Евгений Мазепин

    2:17 когда ударился мизинцем об шкаф :)

  89. The Super Alex One


    граф колхоза

    The Super Alex One Я тоже от Сыендука!

    The Super Alex One

    Ну а че норм
    если от сыендука

  90. Smashings

    Yup it still does

  91. Adriana Lopes

    this song is something.. best band ever for me i just hope they will get together soon ! 🙌🙏

  92. Stancaflorin Florin

    cool track

  93. Harry Potter

    Fuck man I miss As I Lay Dying :(

    Stancaflorin Florin

    i miss to as i lay dying

  94. Jeremy Louallen

    Love the lyrics "All that is hope within destruction, comes from You, for I have fallen.

  95. PlayerX

    still think Jordan Mancino es one of the best metalcore drummers

    Joseph Bastidas

    PlayerX Definitely

    Александр Игнатов

    Check out "Apologies Are For The Weak" of Miss May I, you will know what a technique is )

    Ronan F

    Alex Bent? He is obviously the best. Jordan is good, but Alex is on a different level

    Man In The Arena

    @Ronan F Matt Greiner is the goat. No one else is at his level right now.

    Ronan F

    @Man In The Arena Have you heard Trivium's newer stuff?

  96. resonant frequency

    The METAL

  97. Adalberto Lima

    Project46 - Violência Gratuita

  98. Хемего