As I Lay Dying - Undefined Lyrics

What is this world, what is it we've created
In the burdens of this life I cannot rest
this world means nothing

Everything we hold will pass away
with a void of completion comfort will ever fade
I long for this wind to cease

Everything we hold will pass away
Everything we hold will pass away
I long for this wind to cease

We once held undying devotion
now dead to our thoughts, undefined like our love

Everything we hold will pass away
Everything we hold will pass away

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As I Lay Dying Undefined Comments
  1. Wafflez-Man-

    2019 still think this is one of my favorite albums ever. This song just moves me man , this album is true

  2. Ruined Ends

    came after hearing redefined lol

    Kerry TheCreature

    Same 😂

  3. Phil Pacific

    0:00 instantly gets up and starts destroying everything.

  4. Some Kinda Dude

    0:55 Another amazing breakdown

  5. EchoInEternity

    That fast two step beat to this day still gives me shivers

  6. Gino Rupertinski

    yeeeerw solid

  7. Daniel Gonzales

    Pets and animals

  8. RycheRageForOrder

    This bands music moves me like no other.

  9. Michael Hammel



    Still relevant to this day

  10. Cristiane Ribeiro

    doida de mais top

  11. RycheRageForOrder

    Mancino is godlike on the drums.

    Omer Cinar

    As well as the guitarist (I don't know his name)


    Jason Krebs


    Krebs sure loves his fish

  12. RycheRageForOrder

    This song is a prima facie showing that Mancino is the sickest. 

    Devin Ingram

    @RycheRageForOrder yeah but i believe those are the guys from oh sleeper. If you haven't heard them you really should!


    @Devin Ingram What are you talking about? Tim and Jordan are on this album.

    Devin Ingram

    @RycheRageForOrder​ I have no clue what I was talking about. I know this album like the back of my hand -_- it doesn't make any since looking at it now lol

    Devin Ingram

    @RycheRageForOrder​ ahhhh further investigation lead me to your comment on the new band. Yeah it's nothing like aild, but the lead singer for the new bad are from oh sleeper

    Michael Hammel

    This and Nothing left 🔥

  13. RycheRageForOrder

    How Mancino headbangs while playing fast super technical drumming blows me away. Dude is the sickest metalcore drummer. 

  14. ChrisT Endson

    this is great song

  15. RycheRageForOrder

    Mancino is the sickest metalcorer drummer!

  16. chuckles218

    that makes 2 of us buddy