As I Lay Dying - Through Struggle Lyrics


Only through struggle have I found rest
With a piece of me taken away
I begin to understand
Hollow out this machine like chest

With its gears that turn to make me feel
And assembled thoughts that fade away

Only through struggle have I found rest
Only through struggle have I found rest

Remove from me (from me)
(This de...) This deception (...ception)
(That I) That I called love (called love)
(That I) That I called love (called love)


With its gears that turn to make me feel
And assembled thoughts that fade away

Remove from me (remove from me)
This deception (that I that I)
That I called love (that I called love)
That I called love

Only through struggle have I found rest
With a piece of me taken away
I begin to understand
I begin to understand
I begin to understand


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As I Lay Dying Through Struggle Comments
  1. Yans Daniel

    Bring my nemorries back to Senior High School (SMA)...
    Depok 2007 wakakakakakakaka

  2. Colvy Molv

    Saw these guys before Tim went to prison and when they played this just before Emmure came on, I nearly died in the pit during that last breakdown coz everyone went OFF lmao It was fucking sweet. Good times.

  3. SeldadleS

    2020 Stil...

  4. Henri Marques

    Ruslan Malyshev brought me here

  5. Austin Canter

    Im just now discovering this band 🤣🤣🤣HOLY SHITTTTT

    Kevin Chavez

    Austin Canter my favorite band do your research and it may be yours too


    You had to have been a fucking kid when this came out, sick band

  6. Tom

    Sad thing is the back up singer has a nice voice and this band would be amazing without the type of screaming.....

    Axel black

    Tom you don’t like the screaming ? I love the screaming

  7. riffage1588

    Dope riffs. Even with the lyrics posted I couldnt understand a damn thing he said lol. Brutal though


    same bro

  8. nasho

    Alguien que sepa los nombres de los que aparecen en este vídeo, me los puede decir. Por favor.

  9. Jag S

    I am here from metal in public. You too?

  10. Abinash Borah

    Only through struggle have I found rest
    With a piece of me taken away
    I begin to understand
    Hollow out this machine like chest
    With its gears that turn to make me feel
    And assembled thoughts that fade away
    Remove from me
    This deception that I call love

  11. あーちゃん


  12. henaish

    2019 still the best metalcore song

  13. Eduardo Godoi

    Remove from me, this deception that i call love

  14. Stellarion Prime

    is it just me or is the audio broken on this one towards the end ?

    Stellarion Prime

    @henaish yeha thanks pc overload that was

  15. Seven Ruatfela

    Somehow this song reminds me of Indying days

  16. Mike Mooney

    My work out music

  17. Frigorifero

    That outro

  18. Wesley Gartner

    This rock is so good

  19. Ripunjoy Medhi

    That old guy is me, one night before exam :/

  20. Henning Otterlei

    Anyone else who came here from the metal бабушка?

  21. Dmitriy Petrov

    Без вокала поприятнее

  22. David Éntheogeno

    Musica perfec ...voz fail

  23. 7BreadKnif3 -

    Music video here simmilar to woe is me.

  24. Ian Yeow

    Perfect workout/preworkout song

  25. Dustin

    I miss the metal era 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  26. Justin Mark Ligutan

    Great breakdown🎸🤘🏼🤘🏼

  27. Console

    I swear i'm watching an offspring video. The kids are metalheads alright?

  28. Ashraf Zamri

    welcome to Malaysia 2020!

  29. Kelly Mcgrath

    Here cause I just found out how good as i lay dying is

  30. Jack Nicholaus

    I like the music but the guy hollering is awful. Hollering into a mic is not singing. He could take some lessons from Slipknot

  31. Gonzalo Gordillo coronado

    Puedo decir que no soy de los que odian al Metalcore porque, la verdad no esta nada mal mantiene una fuerza y melodia muy buena, muy buena banda As i lay dying

  32. Jesse Winslow

    These guys give off a bullet for my Valentine feeling to me

  33. Slipping_The_ KNOT

    I cant exactly understand it but this particular band I’ll listen to

  34. MeMyselfandI UntilDeath

    Been around since the beginning. And this recent album, GOLD.

    Hard riffs and busted lips!


  35. Orest Hopiak

    The intro riff is so fun to play, and all guitar parts are just awesome


    Кто из 2к19 сученьки?

  37. Bohoz

    Like si llegaste por killercreeper55

  38. cory jofre


  39. Jimmy Scull

    I was the 666k viewer😂

  40. Roky

    The video has 666 k views hahaha

  41. Abid Djaka

    Happy headbang everybody🤘

  42. Adam Sinner

    First song I heard from them. I was blown away. This and atreyu back in the day

  43. Sweeneytv

    that peep hole in the door just makes me think of a hallway with a bunch of bands that you can look at. all with different genres.

    and a bunch of students are walking with a tour guide and he's just like

    this is pop
    this is rap

    and this is


    and all the students start taking notes really fast

  44. Yauh o verdadeiro e único Criador

    Conheci essa banda graças graças a um download que um amigo fez para mim do programa stay heavy e tinha esse vídeo e me amarrei nessa música apenas ; pois o resto da banda nem perdi tempo kkkk

  45. Laymissa Ahmed

    Just wew🖤

  46. Gary alan

    Rose of Sharon by Killswitch engage is pretty hardcore

  47. Rowmanez Dathyane

    Still.....The Legendary Metallcore riff ever...Best recommendation for any newbie metallheads...

    Orest Hopiak

    Well, if I would not say "newbies", but the all the riffs are really fun to play

  48. Rhoby Putra

    Cemetery dance club

  49. Lilia N.

    а в руке запись збереглаась

  50. Rezki Pratama

    2019 and still good🔥

  51. diego alberto gonzalez hernandez

    Iike si llegaste aquí por un poco de todo

  52. Federico galarza

    Alguien vino por un poco de todo ?

    Future Venture

    Que es eso?

  53. Dorchadas

    Aww the old man got a heart!

  54. Игорь Кулага

    Вот у них раньше были темы крутые! Счас новые альбомы послушал фигня полная или я старый стал!)

    Janis Trecy

    Старый стал. В Москве они дикий разъеб устроили в том числе и с новыми треками

    Егор Цыба

    Но запись сбереглась


    Братан, скорее всего ты просто повзрослел и поменял свои вкусы) Но я лично считаю что это одни из ярчайших металкор банд на данный момент. И они разъёбывают нахуй к ебеням весь этот современный сопливый металкор, с новым альбомом своим, он идеальный, мужики вернулись чтобы показать кто тут отец)))

  55. Active Scan


    Inquisitive Cameron

    Jesus metal*

    That's right... You're rocking out and praising Jesus.

    War Is good

    Inquisitive Cameron nope not me

    Дэн Токарев

    Руся ))

    Ludwig Van Normayenn

    BIG Y E S

    So great! :D

  56. MoonBeamGiant

    This was MySpace page song 🤘

  57. Danny Boy

    2019 and still this shit is still fucking amazing

  58. Micaela

    That breakdown

  59. Jason Good

    Will it ever end.🤘💀🤘

  60. John Sim

    How i can overcome working 20 hours each day with 4 hours sleep? I must do it for a year, i hope i will endure...

  61. TheMetal

    That riff is basically just Slayer‘s Black Magic in metalcore haha

  62. Gustavo Alexandre Guimarães

    Essa música me lembra muito a música "Immortal" da banda Dream Evil.

  63. Christopher colorado


  64. Philly Delphia

    230am. 2019. Fuck it.

  65. Leslie Goico P.

    3:32 amo esa parte!!

  66. cylex96

    Anyone else coming from Shaped by Fire to relive the good old days?


    not really, i've been listening to this for 5 years

  67. mamat emot

    old IS gold !!!!

  68. mamat emot

    old IS gold !!!!

  69. Samhrrr23

    After their new songs I had to come back to this classic

  70. Louis Venezia

    10 years later ❤

  71. Jonathan Núñez

    Pronto en Santiago de Chile!

  72. Im Me

    Man, Tim looks like a completely different person now.. Definitely have come a long way but still enjoy this good old stuff

  73. Gabriel Perez

    hace 10 años busque "metal" en youtube, éste fue el primer video que aparecio, asi conoci aild <3

  74. Seasides Lilo

    Aaawwww I was a teenager

  75. dilusik

    2019 !!!!!

  76. James Kost

    Vocalist in need of a band, please respond.

  77. Caio Alexandre

    No final da musical ele solta o kbrunco! !!!! -.-

  78. NoLuckScape

    best song they have ands down

  79. Mik D

    3:30 😍😍


    Im not into metalcore that much. But these guys are great. Without doubt thee best " metalcore outfit" slipnot and killswitch can fuck themselves for charity.

  81. Asif Zahir

    an all time metal(core) masterpiece...fucking love AILD!

  82. Kevin Kiso

    Fucking garbage.

  83. Rust

    это классика.... они великолепны....

  84. Dhimas Rafandho

    18 May 2019.
    from Indonesia!

  85. Mateus Costa

    *Finally 480p* :)

  86. Richard Chapman

    its 2019 and im waiting for a new song that matchs this video. common guys bring back the old magic.

  87. 六specs_heat

    so first time listening to this song, not a big fan of metalcore but decided to give this one a shot, tbh, fkn loved the pacing of the song up until 0:39, it had me headbanging like crazy, but then it sped up and it killed the headbanging for me lol, don't get me wrong it's a good song, but I wish the part at the beginning lasted longer lol.

  88. Thiago Reis 22


  89. Thiago Reis 22

    Na América do Sul só vcs e sepultura do brasil

  90. El Nieto

    What type of Faith + 1 is this?

  91. Kombat127

    No he didn’t kill his wife he hired a guy to kill his wife there’s a difference

    Emoji Movie

    sounds awful in both ways

  92. -CFH-ArcHitectoR

    Clint Norris Great Vocals

  93. Rev Fathoni

    Try to listen to this at 1.25x speed

  94. Josiah Allen

    Only through struggle have I found rest
    With a piece of me taken away
    I begin to understand
    Hollow out this machine like chest
    With its gears that turn to make me feel
    And assembled thoughts that fade away
    Remove from me
    This deception that I call love

  95. The Cosmic Inquisitor

    Take me back.

  96. Kent Harmon

    I need a tour... AILD, ABR and WW

    Егор Цыба

    And LP (Linkin Park)

  97. Moe Emmanuel

    Back then when Tim was a Lv. 1 Crook

    Johnny infamous Game review

    Way to be a shitty human casting judgment all the while being neck deep in your own fuck ups. You aren’t perfect and you’ll never be perfect. At least he has made true changes to better his life. What the fuck have you done with yours?

  98. Michael Sartore

    I came for the Adam D.
    ...wait that didn't come out right.
    too bad! \00/ !!!