As I Lay Dying - The Beginning Lyrics

I see who you are and who else can compare
I meant what I said
I promised to stand by your side
Until the end
That's where we begin
From here to eternity
We begin understanding
It is our hearts that define
What has meaning in life
Some will ask how can this be but it
Was you who made me feel

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As I Lay Dying The Beginning Comments
  1. breakingben 95

    Sounds a lot like a haste the day song cant remember wich one though lol

  2. Havihavilowlow

    From here to eternity!!

    dennis griffith

    You kinda look gay in your pic. Of course I've been drinking so..... Your arms look like they need to curl some weight before you show them. You kinda look like a 12 tear old boy. IDK. Don't blow me up over this. I hate notifications. But when I've been drinking.... You know... Mayhap you dont
    . Shit I forget whom you are and what I'm doing
    Take a nice night. Thamks

  3. Adrn Amrfs

    Obvious Iron Maiden homage riff

  4. Polaris Castillo

    Inspired by Iron Maiden's the Trooper?

    Matt D.

    i noticed that aswell hahah probably helped them write the riff


    Hebrews 4:7

  6. Gnaerles

    "I took a sh**, thats where we began!"

  7. Tyler Newell

    I love this song...BAD ASS!!!

  8. Bjorn .Andersson

    Did a cover of this :P

    Bjorn .Andersson


  9. adicto frenetico


    WeepyBow 1

    Tu también veniste por el Poop hispano :,D

    Ivory Tower

    @teboyadarorculo pre Y yo también :D

    Diego Robloxiano Diego Plasma

    Tambien yo xD, P1NGAS

  10. Diamondus123

    I'm gonna let this play at my funeral, that would shock some people hehe :P

  11. Davis777fan

    this might be my fav aild song, something about the guitar lines....

    self-aware420 xxx

    Davis777fan whole album

    Progressive Politics & Cannabis Culture

    Fuckin love it. I can’t help but be in love with Shadows Are Security though that album is just ... special to me. The guitar riffs in that entire album (and actually in all AILD songs but especially that album) . So good. Such a great fuckin band they were

  12. Kaiji

    omg totally awesome

  13. Alexis Trejo

    uno de sus mejores temas! si habre samarreado mi cabeza con este tema cuando era chico

  14. Christopher Padilla

    I'm gonna play this at my wedding!

    self-aware420 xxx

    Digital Nomad yeah brother