As I Lay Dying - Shaped By Fire Lyrics

The wise before me chose to refine themselves
Melt away their shortcomings by enduring trials
A process we will all undertake
Even if we try to prevent change

Face it before you are pulled in
Face it while it's still within

Like iron shaped by fire
We aren't born this way
Shaped by fire
We are reborn through pain
We aren't born
We aren't born this way
We are reborn
We are reborn through pain

Though I too have endured fire
I wasn't wise enough to ignite the flame myself
But carried enough fuel for a flicker to excel

Face it before you are pulled in
Face it while it's still within

Face it before you are pulled in
Face it while it's still within

Shaped by fire
We aren't born this way
Shaped by fire
We are reborn through pain
We aren't born
We aren't born this way
We shall reborn through pain

Shaped by fire
We aren't born this way
Shaped by fire
We are reborn through pain
Through pain
We shall reborn
We all reborn through pain

The time has come
To watch the fire grow
Find new things to throw in
Don't let the flames get low
I've grown used to the heat
That makes me reevaluate
What I carry with me
And what should be thrown away

Face it before you are pulled in
Face it while it's still within

Like iron shaped by fire
We aren't born this way
Shaped by fire
We are reborn through pain
We aren't born
We aren't born this way
We are reborn through pain

Shaped by fire
We aren't born this way
Shaped by fire
We are reborn through pain
We shall reborn
We all reborn through pain

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As I Lay Dying Shaped By Fire Comments
  1. Ismael Nuraini

    My favorite band of all time...!!! Nice to see their comeback hahahahaha

  2. LoGiCaLFeAr2000

    AILD Back and Heavier than EVER!!!!

  3. daniel lopez

    Esta bien vergas si no entienden, aprendan español

  4. Mario

    Tim's air punches are the reason we have climate change.

  5. Jerry Wiggins II

    Either they did like 15 takes of the band playing, or that air space was mad crowded

  6. Brad Mcalpin

    Glad my face isnt near his right arm

  7. R C

    Drummer looks like he belongs in amon amarth tbh xD

  8. Jonh Snow

    Клип снят охуительно, динамично

  9. Maggs

    Emil Bulls is 10x better.

  10. Conrad Phạm

    Just at their gig last night. Yep Tim just keep puncheing everything.

  11. Sean Hales

    One of their best albums so far in my opinion

  12. Matt Berg

    These guys and KSE were a huge part of me falling in love with metal 8-10 years ago. To see both of them on the resurgence they’re on is so fucking badass.

  13. Andrew West

    Dislikes are shaped by turd!!!

  14. Asura

    when it's 26°C outside and you mildly start sweating

  15. Helsor 666

    They must have alot of headaches from all the headbanging but fuck it lol

  16. Mario

    Every time I hear this song my pube hairs get goosebumps

  17. Minute play

    It's happening live at my place 2020 January 12th 8:30 P.M

  18. Michael Basumatary

    If Fireball Fest brought you here then hit like 🔥🔥🔥🤘🏻🔥🔥🔥🤘🏻

  19. entrando dalla finestra ci sto

    gli AILD son tornati x massacrarvi i timpani bastardi !!...immensiiiii

  20. entrando dalla finestra ci sto

    MA CHE STRACAZZZZO DI SONG NON E'????? pazzescaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  21. Kaushik Talukdar

    Fuckin stoked to see them tomorrow in Delhi, India.

  22. Frank Foot986

    Been listening since first album. Prob the only band who gets better with every album. Even with the hiatus. 👌🏻

  23. Zachary Olson

    Since when did The Lorax start shredding the drums??

  24. Jeferson Ferreira

    Brazil 🇧🇷

  25. Anupiya Alwis

    Killer track..

  26. kaetsteak


  27. Tuhin Parkerson

    Great song

  28. Kristian Tyler

    So fucking good.Love it.

  29. Apollo Seven

    hate these ads wasting data and time of life

  30. bradly mangold

    11 air punches love it.
    Take a shot everytime Tim air punches.

  31. Brian.murphy

    this song is shit haha

  32. Jorge Salgado Jr

    Holy Aspect Ratio, Batman!

  33. The dilapidator

    Will undertow ever get a music video

  34. Jay Tuck Silence

    Me listening this song:

    My Neck: Stop please :c

  35. mouthforwar6

    This is like a heavier version of the wrenchedness inside, and right now, as this os my first time hearing this song, would say it's a little better than trivium's shit.

  36. FM Radio

    Kmac2021 wrote your intro 2 years ago in his djent wars against jared dines

  37. DJ Bond

    Too late. I will give the trophy to "IN FLAMES"!!! cannot wait to hear more.
    "Metalcore"has just begun. HA!
    this is not metalcore

  38. Elias Opelt

    Check out for some more air punching:

  39. Daniel Wright

    Why havent I heard of these guys WTF??!?! Shits good

  40. BlurPixelX

    Some loser: As I lay dying isn't that heavy.
    AILD: Hold my guitar... wait I need that. Stand back.


    They really are not that heavy. If you think they are then I can show you power metal bands that make this look like pop music.

    Chris Losh

    @Delain124 nobody cares about your gay nerd metal.

  41. Josh Farmer

    is anybody seeing the drumming here. an his beard is fuckn epic btw

  42. J M

    This makes me feel 18 again

  43. jacky lin

    Has anyone noticed that the old man in the beginning is the man who was in Chelsea Grin - Domination music video?

  44. Geovany Lizarraga

    Metalcore is making a comeback, I sense it!! AHHHH!!!!!!

  45. 松本幸祐


  46. Jhonatan motta meireles

    amazing band <3 amo de mais so os br de lei !!

  47. Elijah Nathaniel Ishmael

    I am the lorax I play the drums
    Insult me
    And I’ll break your thumbs

  48. Big Guy

    This is how many people headbanged even after the song end 👇👇👇

  49. Ezod Ewok

    play volume 1000 volt

  50. M124k1

    i just hear a 2006 song from this band through the Strugle and this outstanding!!!.

  51. Future one

    Can’t wait to see y’all in Chicago

  52. Joshua Hayes

    This is sexy to my ears

  53. Spencer Hopkins

    Can i get a Tim Falcon Punch count?!?

  54. Gravure Girlz

    As I Lay Dying - August Burns Red - Miss May I - Phinahas - Bleed From Within tour. Maybe best in the world 🤟🔥🔥🔥🔥

  55. Selfmade Group

    They are facking back!
    We waited for years!

  56. Shawayne Stewart

    Im not really interested in this genre of music but damn this song is amazing

  57. Anthony Hewitt

    Been one of my favs for over a decade. Got me into music.

  58. Sebastian Ring

    Is that Nick's son?

  59. Andrew Novitsky

    Oh man. I was missing those air punches for 7 years

  60. Keenan Descartin


  61. Nick Rabauliman

    Can't get enough of this! 🤘🔥

  62. Beka lima


    Jeferson Ferreira


  63. Thomas Marsh

    Kick ass

  64. Chris Pearson

    Ok now as I lay dying are back together and have a new album. Can we please have an Australian tour.........please

  65. World As War

    As I lay Djenting.

  66. K&D Variety Channel

    You guys did the right thing by signing them. They are still very relevant

  67. Justin Cronan

    This music video kicks some serious dick

  68. Eduardo Marroquin

    By far my favorite song from new ALBUM ..... #IMSHAPEDBYFIRE and the best metalcore band of all time #ASILAYDYING

  69. Dan Beam

    HOLY F*CK! shout out to my neighbor who head bangs with me! hell yeah!!

  70. Jacob Estrella

    1:31 is the best part of this song

  71. Netan1

    One of the best comebacks in motherfucking history!
    Out the feds and back reunited with his band 🤘

  72. OooZzzYyy JXI

    One of the best band

  73. Tony B

    Godbless them

  74. Ayush Tiwari

    Can't wait for this madness to happen in india 🙂

  75. Marco Clarence Mesina

    Shaaaaave myyyyy FUUUUUR!!

  76. Cory Conti

    I don't always listen to as I lay dying but when I do so does the neighborhood

  77. daredave77

    🌟VIDEO OF THE WEEK🌟- for the week ending : August 25, 2019 — 💚💛 As i lay dying w/ “ Shaped By Fire” 💛💚 Congratulations from VIDEO DROP BOX! 🤴🏻🤴🏻

  78. BreakingSabestian

    Jordan's beard flies everywhere 😂

  79. armando3086

    Best song 2019

  80. Prinz Osiris

    AILD is the cure for my stiff neck!

  81. Cjay Bruh

    Jus Crawled out of the grave after snapping my neck headbanging to this jam

  82. w0rlds0c0ld

    Never was an AILD fan but this album... HOLY S&!% !

  83. John Hash

    It's that a Guy Pearce cameo?

  84. Chris Webber

    Love the fact this band is back together truly hope they are not going back to their hyper Christian BS how ever

  85. Joe Leopold

    Im glad there back fr

  86. MrBobbyboy765

    I've been kinda suicidal... no lie... but then I turn this shit on and I cant help but smile

  87. Asura

    My neighbours objected to the volume, so I lit their house on fire for them to be molded and be able to handle the heat. Now they don't say anything anymore.

    True story!

  88. Dead Beyond Fear

    Great track

  89. Wrath Upon Eden

    Such an amazing song! --

  90. KHUN-F

    Welcome to THAILAND \m/

  91. Decaying Corpse

    As I Lay Djent-ing.

  92. Avannas

    Hate how the made two music videos out of the worst tracks off their new album.

  93. NT-D GreenMachine for Youtube


  94. Bottom Text

    3:00 thanos’d

  95. Aaron King

    Date and time of my death - November 30, 2019 - around 9 p.m.
    Place - Montage Music Hall, Rochester, N.Y.
    Cause of death - As I Lay Dying pit

    Jessie Georg

    Dude I am so jealous. I wish they came even close to our part of the world. Hell, I'd fly to Australia just to seem them

  96. Darkstar8473

    Insane year this has been ... this, fear inoculum and atonement just to name a few XD <3

  97. Sebastian Schneider


  98. Justin Cronan

    His ex wife must be really short