As I Lay Dying - Repeating Yesterday Lyrics

This is what I am
This is what I have become
Repeating yesterday
Drain me of my very essence
To form again what lasts

This is what I am
This is what I have become
Repeating yesterday
Drain me of my very essence

This is what I am
This is what I have become
What is love without (what is love)
What is love without (sacrifice),
My tears hold no weight
If my commitment is only failure
Each day I
I am

Repeating yesterday
Each day I am born (I am born) again to be (again to be)
A child (a child) in the eyes of love
Repeating yesterday

Drain me of my very essence
To form (to form) again
To form (to form) again what lasts

This is what I am
This is what I have become
What is love without (what is love)
What is love without...

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As I Lay Dying Repeating Yesterday Comments
  1. Wina iFoods

    Inilah saya 
    This is what I am 

    Saya telah menjadi seperti ini 
    This is what I have become 

    Apa itu cinta tanpa pengorbanan 
    What is love without sacrifice 

    Air mata saya tidak terasa berat 
    My tears hold no weight 

    Jika komitmen saya hanya kegagalan 
    If my commitment is only failure 

    Setiap hari saya dilahirkan kembali untuk menjadi 
    Each day I am born again to be 

    Seorang anak di mata cinta 
    A child in the eyes of love 

    Mengulangi kemarin 
    Repeating yesterday 

    Kuras aku dari esensi terakhirku 
    Drain me of my very last essence 

    Untuk membentuk lagi apa yang bertahan
    To form again what lasts

  2. JR Garrido

    Does anyone have the lyrics to this?

  3. JR Garrido

    I love it

  4. Oxbig 951

    This still SLAPS bro

  5. Dylan Vializ

    Good intro of the song to end a movie and show credits XD

  6. Christoph Trispec

    I love you @Nacho Cheese

  7. Lee Daniels

    Wow that’s all i can say

  8. trimas hardiansyah

    And then me in 2019

  9. CeaselessDischarge

    one of the few good metalcore bands

  10. Trevor Grabowski

    Did i just have an orgasm from the continuation of reflection????

    Trevor Grabowski

    How bout forever? We was suppose to open up to these great musicians

  11. Trevor Grabowski

    Suck on this "the Crow"

  12. Daryll Nongkhlaw

    favorite song.....ever...👍☝

  13. Youtube User

    I cant stop repeating this everyday❤

  14. Nick Librizzi

    This song should be worth billions now the Stephan Hawkins is dead. Right? Or am I an asshole like everyone else he despised as ignorant HUMAN!!!!!!!

  15. sir gun

    Killswitch GO HOME!!!

    whois askin

    killswitch still dope dude. don't hate
    this fire- killswitch <3 <3

  16. nick librizzi


  17. Cameron Green

    Carry on

    Rocco Foxtrot

    Cameron Green In a moment I’m lost

    Keenan Descartin


  18. Semion Sonnik

    the best song the world ever gave!

  19. Living Syn

    Fuck yeah.

  20. Nerdy John

    Is that Microsoft Sam in the background?

  21. Neck Hudson

    keystone 30 blocks, hair to below shoulder level power length and everyone tried dropping guitars to C suddenly trying to play these songs.. Nostalgia
    fuckin goosebumps n shit how did I forget all this solid gold. I feel the same about bleeding through, they slay tang.

  22. Daniel Turner

    When well it stop

  23. Hanniel Duarte Silva Hanniel

    oooou God, my life in you way in your mind, leluias

  24. cemre Sütlü

    I've found my whole life in this song. These lyrics reach the soul and there are no words to describe how it feels. His screams reveal all the pain.. This song is everything to me. I'll keep replaying it everyday of my life

    Spectrum of Insanity

    If you enjoyed this check out: Spectrum of Insanity - Interrogation. Good octaves on guitar and punchy drums

    Jeff Adams

    cemre Sütlü If you are close to Michigan I would put a ring on your finger right now : )

    Gandalfur is Otherworldly

    God hasnt been very nice to any of us buddy, I personally chose my own path


    Yeah don't listen to the god freak. He's even more unstable than the rest of us. Take some mushrooms and you'll realize we're the gods of our own fate. Time is now, not after. There is no after. Once you die, that's it. You rot in the ground lifeless, soulless. There is no heaven or hell, no secret magical man in the sky to heal all your sorrows or insecurities. THIS IS YOUR LIFE. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.

  25. Boogie 93650

    I bought this album in '06.I had never heard of aild at the time,I just took a chance an a random band.BEST DECISION EVER.

  26. Jason Hensley

    good band

  27. Saustall Punk Rock

    as i ordered a hitman for killing my wife

  28. Christian Searcy

    So few views! This song is so emotional and makes me ponder life.

  29. m0rdecai89

    Ft Steven Hawking?

    Pat Hadden

    @m0rdecai89 AHA!!


    m0rdecai89 Underrated comment. So, so underrated.

    sir gun

    If S.H wanted to compose a perfect song: Here it is....METALCORE is WHOLE and true

    Heath Kallen

    m0rdecai89 Very faint in the intro. The Browning features him a few times too. Funny connection between Hawking and great music I guess.


    One of the greatest, most natural, voices out there. That Stephen hawking intro gets me every time bro

  30. jason750

    hey guys im new to "as i lay dying" and so far i think they are fucking i was wondering whats up with "poor tim" comments? what happened ?


    @brian vanvlack Lol... so true, so brief. Wow. XD


    @brian vanvlack looking around at comments on AILD's good to see everyone still remembers them for their great music, and there's no shit talk about that.


    +jason750 he got put in jail for a hitman on his wife
    the hitman turned out to be a undercover cop


    @samatic bad luck brian 

  31. Frank Smith


  32. Yuuhi Kurenai

    As My Wife Is Dying..

    Frank Smith

    lol naruto fan here too bruh

    Anthony S

    Yuuhi Kurenai lmao

  33. RycheRageForOrder

    Love the intro and outro. Metal has a vitality of its own.

  34. Kylo Buffalo

    This song plays in my head at work as I do my daily routine

  35. ami2evil

    ...there is no love without sacrifice 

  36. aris30813

    "What is love without sacrifice...?"

  37. RycheRageForOrder

    No prob bro! He is a very famous "metal star", he has cash.

  38. 12jax56

    Yeah I know, I apologize. after writing the comment I watched some stuff about it and how he made a 2 mil bail. Which I have no clue how he did that, i should have looked more into to it prior sorry about that.

  39. RycheRageForOrder

    He is out on bail awaiting trial. Even though he posted bail and is not in "constructive custody", he is wearing an ankle bracelet. He is being monitored. That is not free ,nor is using a bondsman. He should have posted the full bail. Then when going back to court you get it ALL back.

  40. 12jax56

    he's Free dude!

  41. RycheRageForOrder

    Yeah, it sucks. If Tim did not retain a "competent bad ass" criminal defense attorney he will do prison time.

  42. diego reveco

    the best ever !!!!

  43. Adam Eriksson

    yeah, i know....... but i'm from sweden

  44. Preston Thornton

    There from California

  45. Christopher Padilla


  46. V77710

    ''poor tim'' only aplies if he is proven innocent, if not and if he really did it, then let justice have its way !I really hope hes innocent

  47. Dan Bronconut

    "This is what I am. This is what I have become. Repeating yesterday." \m/ \m/
    Definitely one of their best songs!

  48. IronXC

    Thanks for uploading in good quality.

  49. Johnny Kozak

    Poor Tim!

  50. David Torres Martinez

    Repeating Yesterday !!!!!!

  51. phillip calloway

    prob my favorite song by them other than through struggle and I never wanted

  52. Chris Watts

    Thanks for uploading... this band was the reason I got my first tattoo . . a skull obviously x) \m/

  53. Nacho Cheese

    Haha I love this band.

  54. Adam Eriksson

    S W E D EN,
    soooo FUUCKING awsm sooong ! as i lay dying fooorever<3