As I Lay Dying - Paralyzed Lyrics

What is certain I have ignored
I have spent most of my life
Trying to complicate everything that I believe
So that while paralyzed
In thought I will always have an alibi
Just another excuse (just another excuse)
To hesitate (to hesitate)
Delaying true progress with passivity

The answers that I've found
Are all the same
They uncover questions
That still remain

The answers that I've found
Are all the same
They uncover questions
That still remain

What is certain I have ignored
And what I know is simple
If I am honest with myself
My soul is broken yet easily fixed

And what I know is simple
I must die if I truly want to live

The answers that I've found
Are all the same
They uncover questions
That still remain

The answers that I've found
Are all the same
They uncover questions
That still remain

The greatest of us have become the least
I must be reborn to revive a heart that hardly beats
Keeping alive this hollow frame
I must be reborn
I must be reborn

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As I Lay Dying Paralyzed Comments
  1. Wells Bibo

    There's something about this song...the melody...the dark, existentialist vibes...really speaks to my soul.

  2. Bigfoot Forest

    0:50, 1:40

  3. Nati የጨርቆሱ


  4. Keenan Descartin

    0:45 “delaying true progress with MASTURBATION!”

  5. Markus

    Still loving this at 2019, what an awesome band

  6. Christopher Fortin

    I can feel this song in my soul

  7. John Cena

    2019 still kicking 💞

  8. ItsChopsMF

    "And what I know is simple, I must die, if I truly want to live."

    "Buried alive inside of my own grave, and there's no one else to blame."

  9. Gustavo Pereira

    2019 🇧🇷🇧🇷🤘🤘

  10. A Human

    "Hey so let's write an intro to this song"
    "Nah its fine"

  11. Sith Lord9224

    God that opening riff and solo is incredible

  12. Sachin Vinith

    This songs chorus is similar to overcome chorus I think

  13. Reworu Amon

    Funny that this Song was actually recorded for "The Powerless Rise". Maybe because there were already enough awesome tracks :)

  14. Trav Ass

    Gotta familiarize myself with AILD now that theyre back together haha

  15. Alec Nichols

    I remember being blown away when this came out

  16. Shdwdip

    Sounds like a song he would've wrote before attempting to hire the hitman but thats just me


    How original.

  17. bkriegel95

    I miss this band so much.

  18. Stephen d

    This song is beautiful..

  19. Big Trout

    Do not know why my metalhead friends don't like this band. Cuz this tune is fucking wicked

  20. ElMorse

    I wonder no commentary

  21. Stephen d

    Why is this like the most badass lyrics video I've ever seen

  22. Raksha


  23. mulyavenged 7x

    Vokal Like august burn reds ..

  24. hes out now \m/

  25. Vincent Choi


  26. Michael Kraemer

    Atomic mutated telatubies

  27. Zach Nelson

    Everyone I have an urgent message for all of you: Jesus died for ALL SIN!!! All we have to do is fall out to him in our hearts and he WILL find us!!!

    Taylor Smith

    Zach Nelson amen


    Grow up douche.

  28. Toby The Part Time Magician

    this is a much deeper song when you listen to it as his suicide note.

  29. The Piratey Weenie

    "As I Lay Dying"? More like, "As I Lay Serving Time in Prison," amirite?

    Saved Spirit

    Nope ^_^

    Theron West


  30. Pierre Joubert

    Can hear from these lyrics how Tim started struggling with his beliefs.

    tim m

    If u listen to the songs that were written right before he got in trouble u do see that a lot. A greater foundation is the same story

  31. Da Dark Hamster

    Out of any font, you guys picked Times New Roman

  32. Jason Malhotra

    who the fuck would dislikes this ??

    Caleb Frey

    Jason Malhotra Tim's wife

  33. Jacob Upton

    I like how heavy this song is, can anyone recommend any others like it please?

    Jacob Upton

    thx dude

    Command & Conquer Fitness

    and parkway drive

    D Dunc

    every single song by as I lay dying parkway drive and august burns red

    A Glass Of Milk

    For All Those Sleeping - Mark My Words GREAT SONG

    Matthew Erz

    Jacob Upton whispering silence

  34. Lucas Rosa Santos

    Awesome opening riff.

  35. Adam Bullock

    This song is one of my all time favorites, totally badass!


    +Adam Bullock
    (•_•) ..
    ∫\ \___( •_•)
    _∫∫ _∫∫ɯ \ \


    +BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india HAHAHA

  36. Scott Trempe

    wovenwar sucks!!!

  37. Big Bad John Kienle


  38. Bosco Rodriguez

    love the opening guitar solo

  39. Jinxs

    My new favorite heavy metal song <3
    Thanks to Pandora on my car radio, It's ghetto as fuck but aye, it leads me to a damn good song <3<3<3<3<3<3 OBSESSED!

  40. Steven Pearce

    Tim wrote such heavy dark lyrics. One thing I do miss is his lyrical writing

    Trav Ass

    Well miss no more friend and get ready for their new album 🔥🔥🔥

  41. Marchael Barras

    A band know to be Christians, now seen as atheists. I miss the old As I Lay Dying. The new band isn't bad, but it's not the same.


    Pyrithion is great

    Saved Spirit

    Marchael Barras we will see what the new Tim thinks

  42. Scotty J.

    #AS I LAY DYING~ Paralyzed (LYRIC VIDEO)              

  43. magicD_drummaguy

    What album is this song from?

  44. JexMavik

    2nd best song by this band, only behind "Overcome".

    Saved Spirit

    JexMavik Very hard to decide.They have sooooo many good songs

    Geoffrey Drehobl

    Eat a dick. Listen harder

    Nati የጨርቆሱ

    Overcome is my favourite too

  45. Imara Johnson

    Why oh why did Tim try to kill his wife .... I miss this band :(

    Just Your Shadow

    @Blake Davis you speak as if you know that for fact. Thats just your opinion, so state it as such. Otherwise you sound ignorant.

    Blake Davis

    +Just Your Shadow I speak as though I know what for a fact? That the Judeo-Christian God is a fictitious entity backed by no demonstrable or verifiable evidence and by which the contradictory mythology itself defies basic logic and critical analysis?

    You want to know what is truly ignorant? Blind faith and indoctrination. Oh and tagging me on a 2+ year old comment. Simpleton.


    Hardhome Rescue  if you need a higher power (of whatever religion) to control your own life - then there's definitely something wrong with you.

    Tanner Whitehead

    @Blake Davis I have a question for you. A serious question. If you don't believe in God, why judge others for believing in him? I myself am a Christian and before you say how I've never taken a biology course like you've said to others, I'm actually a Psychology major, and I'm in my Junior year, so I've taken multiple biology courses by this point, as was required in my first 2 years, and some of my psychology courses I've taken since then actually STILL involved a little bit of biology. But yet I'm still a believer in God. You may ask why. Well, cause even though science has taught us a lot, keep in mind that throughout the centuries, science was proven wrong along the way at some points, such as when people used to think the Earth was flat, eventually that was proven wrong. While science isn't usually proven wrong as often today, it STILL can NOT and probably will NEVER be able to say whether or not God exists. So science, this huge thing you put so much of your belief in, I hate to break it to you, but famous scientists, such as Stephen Hawking for example, tried to find proof of God, and they could neither prove he was real or wasn't. What does that tell you? Cause it tells me that science can't find an answer for EVERYTHING, nor will it ever be able to, as science will continue to change and evolve as it has since the beginning of time. So before you go around telling everyone that science is an all knowing thing, just remember that it's actually not. Once again, LOTS of things can be proven with science, NO DOUBT. At the same time though, NOBODY, not even you, or ANY scientists, knows what happens or where we go when we die, if anywhere. It's all about perspective, and what makes sense or feels right to you. I'm not judging you for what you think, cause that's your perspective, but don't go around judging others for their beliefs cause you disagree with them. Just have a discussion about the different views on things but don't be a douche about it.

    Blake Davis

    @Tanner Whitehead ​ Simple question to answer. I am a harsh critic of blind faith and indoctrination, as they are inherently dangerous concepts. Accepting ideas without evidence (blind faith) and teaching children to do the same (indoctrination) are bad ideas for obvious reasons.

    You should know how the scientific method works by now. Create an idea/question, develop a hypothesis, test the hypothesis, analyze the data, accept what is proven, reject what is unsubstantiated. The scientific method is based on basic logic, reason and critical analysis. To blindly believe in an entity (or any idea) without evidence, is to directly reject the basic methodology of evidence, logic, reason and critical analysis.

    The hilariously flawed argument of "science was proven wrong before" is so weak that I'm surprised that it's regurgitated so much. Guess what proves science wrong? SCIENCE. SCIENCE CORRECTS SCIENCE. Never once was science proven wrong by magic or a God of any kind. Again, science was the answer, not magic, not any Gods, not any religion.

    It’s very clear that I never said that science knows everything. Again, I never once made the claim, nor would I ever make the claim that science knows everything. Science is simply the best method we have of attaining knowledge with evidence, logic, reason and critical analysis.

    Just because an idea hasn’t been disproven doesn’t mean it exists or is logical to believe. It's not practical to prove a negative. The one who makes the claim has the burden of proof, this is self-evident. Science could never and will never prove or disprove the existence of an invisible Flying Spaghetti Monster God that exists outside the realm of time and space. Does that mean that it's logical to believe that this God exists because science cannot determine its existence? Of. Course. Not.

    I will continue to harshly judge people for blindly subscribing to ideas without evidence, and you should too. Challenge your cognitive bias and critically analyze your unsubstantiated belief system.

  46. Shawn Poe

    Awesome song

  47. sant yyc

    Best fucking guitar solo.

  48. ANT1CHRIST999

    i love this song!
    btw, nice video!

  49. Quentin Arrigoni

    Kinda good feelings!!

  50. James Davis

    Chicken nuggets are dudes!!!

    Hearty Oatmeal

    hahah not quite


    James Davis jajaja gracious jejejejejajajajaja


    Oh no... You meant human flesh nuggets?!

  51. 3DHDcat

    2 of the only good songs from Decas 

  52. Mitch Earwood

    I miss this band.

    Northern Ninety7

    Theyre back

  53. Jarod Escareno

    This band is badass

  54. Discorded Whooves

    the answers that I've found are all the same


    They uncover questions that STILL RE-MAIIIIIIN! \m/

  55. RRay Mann

  56. Kevin Adam

    When i write that i was very bad in english. (im french)

  57. RycheRageForOrder

    No human is perfect nor immune to sin. The dude made a mistake. Forget and forgive! Move forward...

  58. RycheRageForOrder

    The dude is a deep writer. I am still a believer, but not a follower. In a country where everyone is supposed to get a fair, if not equal, shot at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, I have been prejudicially harmed beyond repair.( See Gov. Code Section 68152 (j) (7), judicial misconduct, and ineffective counsel. There is no such thing as rehabilitation in the free world ; one criminal conviction and your'e out, no jobs above subsistence level for you.

  59. Bullet F7R

    he tried!

  60. RycheRageForOrder

    Tim is not locked up. He is out on bond. You are going by what the media is saying. God will punish him.

  61. RycheRageForOrder

    He is only facing a maximum 9 year sentence.

  62. DJ Groff

    Ravi is the man

  63. Phillip Mond

    You dont know the backgrounds, why he did this to her, hmm?

    So dont talk about something, you dont understand.

  64. Conner Miller

    Everyone is always talking about Tim's personal life and this is the same idea as Michael Jackson however many years back. I don't give a shit what he's done. It doesn't make him any less good of a singer. This song kicks ass as well as just about every other As I Lay Dying song

  65. KingArthur

    He's not being a dick he's helping him improve his English.

  66. Cameron Smith

    As much as I love Time and the amount he inspired me, I do agree with you. Although he did have his reasons, and in his defence, the steroids were really messing with his ability to think rationally. But it still doesn't excuse him, but hopefully it will get him a lesser sentence because I don't think I can wait 25 years for another As I Lay Dying Album.

  67. Brendan Cavaciuti

    look at his picture he is a zombie! how can you expect him to have perfect grammar when his face is dripping flesh?

  68. Jake Ped

    That opening shreds! So brutal!

  69. Nathan Karman


  70. RycheRageForOrder

    Even though Tim was raised Christian, has a doctorate in theology, and writes some profound lyrics that shed light on God's power, truth, and love he fell away. I too have fallen due to His Church. ( See "Has Christianity Failed You" by Ravi Zacharias ).

  71. RycheRageForOrder

    Mancino is the sickest metalcore drummer! Period. August Burns Red and Texas In July are just not at these guys level of sickness.

  72. Ken - Kunal K - Kansas

    One of the Best Intro i've heard in a long while!!

  73. Shawn Higgins

    harsh dude, lol

  74. Ym3

    I support spousal murder!

  75. Trollin' Derp

    why does religion matter? :p

  76. MaximusGarcus

    Que maten a su vieja, chingado y liberen a éste cabrón que los quiero ir a ver tocaaaar!!! MY SOUL IS BROKEN YET EASILY FIXED!!!!

  77. Matt Squires

    I'll* be* honest* this is* best* I* heard* related to* thanks* I* Lay* Dying* making*

  78. OurShitLives

    So much ignorance.
    The Boston Bombings were done by two Islamic Russians after they visited a part of Russia that is well known for its radical Islamic beliefs - and a strong hatred towards the United States and much of Europe.
    They were "radicalized", and it is strongly believed that this motivated them to do what they did.
    It wasn't America, got it? That statement doesn't even make any sense.

  79. tommy hil

    Tim is the man, i would do the same exact.....but i believe its a set up, they try to control him....

  80. TGVSW

    Now I hear ''chicken nugget rescue'' XD

  81. MattYourFriend

    that's the point its fucking hilarious

  82. DOGSO1D1ER

    Tim has been a hero for me, and one who I can listen to and feel the message he sends... I don't care what happened, still love the guy

  83. Sandra Segura


  84. EagleFan760

    I support my ALLEGED wife killers

  85. Joshua Mitchell

    John Gilbert(i believe) does the clean singing.

  86. Joshua Mitchell

    Who Tim did what????

  87. arsan salaryfar

    Who is the one singing the chorus?

  88. TheBr0seph

    They need keep keep Tim locked up..awesome guy or not he tried to have his wife murdered therefore he needs to be punished.

  89. Fro st

    7k to 1.000.000

  90. Josh Lawrence

    fuck the boston bombings who gives a fuck, one, america deserves it, two prolly fucking setup here in america anyways....

  91. TheFolu


  92. Nicholas Carnahan

    Unfortunately, I don't think he'll be treated like the pop singers and rappers. The courts will probably show the same mercy to him as they would to you and me

  93. Tony Roy

    Has anyone heard what he actually did. He definitely should be freed from what I've heard he was taking steroids and it clouded his judgement. So hopefully those douche bags realize the world needs Tim to keep AILD going!