As I Lay Dying - Overcome Lyrics

All these moments of pain
Must add up to something,
Our bodies have been trained to keep it all in,
But our hearts, still hold on

Some say to release it, forget about your past,
Instead we count the cost, it's part of us
That doesn't mean that we cannot move on,
It's just a memory of what we were once were

No matter what it is we've faced
It's now part of us (part of us)
We can overcome

Why rid of fuel that can make us stronger
When properly put behind us (put behind us)
And in the same way that
Everything good in life can be taken away
So can all this pain

No matter what it is we've faced
It's now part of us (part of us)
No matter what we've faced in this life
We can overcome

Trying to forget is a burden we can never bear,
When facing trials openly,
There's nothing left to hide,
New paths of strength come alive

No matter what it is we've faced
It's now part of us (part of us)
No matter what we've faced in this life
We can overcome

We can overcome

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As I Lay Dying Overcome Comments
  1. Ijlal Monawwar

    My favorite metalcore song by far

  2. Patrick G

    I'm pretty new to this band. I come from maiden, metallica, sabbath, DIO, etc. but I'm digging these guys. Love the riffs, and vocals flow

  3. Dez Lovecraft

    Perfect Gym Song, you know it's time to change for the better. 0:47 Tim is speaking directly to you and you start.

  4. Moin Khan

    3:30 the best part to me from all of AILD tracks.

  5. Mustafa Mercan

    turned me to a warriorrrrrr!!

  6. Shelby Goodall

    This song has helped me through so much. I remember when I first listened and had the lyrics pulled up I instantly felt hope... such as moving forward and accepting life for what it is.

  7. Shawn Kloter

    I listen to this song everytime I hit the gym

    Nati የጨርቆሱ

    It's an amazing song for sure

  8. Jared Stombaugh

    For some reason this song pumps me up but also makes me wanna cry. It's the theme I guess. Lol

  9. Svetlin Sofiev

    Their best song

  10. Sam theSixth

    I personally prefer Deathcore but Metalcore is also really the same. <3

  11. Jay Warrin

    This music is beyond powerful too. The heart!😉🤘👊❤❤❤🔥

  12. TheBrokenbutterfly66

    I enjoy this song at 1.75x speed, it sounds more cool and savage lol

    Doom Guy

    It basically turns it into a Thrash song lol

  13. Ferdi

    Criminally underrated!!!!!!!

  14. Mr. Skeleton

    we can overcum

  15. Tiffany & Brian Cooper

    This and ocean between us 2 best albums ever

    war gaming

    I think the powerless rise and an ocean beetween us

    Tiffany & Brian Cooper

    @war gaming Mm ye honestly I love every album by them can't dislike any of it even like Austrian death machine some

  16. Mr Core


  17. RJC

    Absolute banger \m/

  18. Allen Hall

    All I can say is yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  19. Kratos_God_of_50_BMG


  20. MindSpark09

    Sounds like killswitch engage but a heavier version lol

  21. GrandMaster Kesu Ka

    How am I only finding these guys now??? YouTube do your job give me More Metalcore

  22. Morzan the God

    Oh and speaking of Metal........The new Judas Priest album sounds just like their pain killer song. Check out Firepower, Necromancer, and Lightning Strike for starters lol

  23. Morzan the God

    This is a seriously underated song. I personally believe this is their greatest song. Followed my condemned, Sound of Truth, and no Lungs to Breath.

    I don't understand why this doesn't get the recognition it deserves. The guitarist might as well BE THE BAND. With his Clean ass chops and amazing tone with his bends, hammer-ons, Pull offs, pinch harmonics and his amazing vocals as well.

  24. Ancient Foundations

    This song is so badass

  25. Luciano Jr

    Intro from Symphony x ?

  26. War624

    Still can't believe the other guys got back together with Tim. Glad AILD is back, though.

  27. Ent

    2:58 <3

  28. Karl Klaas


  29. Destiny Kirchhoff

    This gives me more motivation to improve my life than the average inspirational song

  30. Alec Nichols

    Such an amazing song!

  31. Veton Ademaj

    When people say metalcore is emo...

  32. muru muru

    Bullet for my Dying

  33. Alex Jianu

    I miss this band 😢

    jacky lin

    They are back, go to check their facebook page.

  34. Courtney Schlacter

    Just OMG man. This band makes me mad

  35. Aaron Blakely

    sadly i can´t find any good tabs online for this song. maybe some of you can help me out . would be awesome

  36. Amnesios

    Every fucking time this song helps me to overcome my problems,a matserpiece in terms of "mental strength" and motivation in my opinion..its also the first metalcore song i ever heard..So much respect to As I Lay Dying

  37. Suchorit Rahman

    Metalcore is fucking orgasmic if done right \m/

  38. IRanee

    i hate every other metalcore band,i dont think as i lay dying should be called metalcore.They are way to talented and great to be called metalcore.

    existential dread

    Yea As I lay dying seems better than metal core

    Acegamer Platinum

    The right thing to do would be not to categorize all the cringy bands of nowdays as metalcore because THIS is the true metalcore and it doesn't sucks.
    Check out Unearth, Killswitch Engage, early All That Remains, Parkway Drive, Hatebreed, Trivium and many others

  39. NighTxBadBoy

    WE CAN OVERCOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. danermanerkider

    Okay maybe I won't kill myself just yet

  41. Ancient Foundations

    Good song but the dude got arrested


    Tooey Does Music Ironic, considering how uplifting their songs usually are.

    Keenan Descartin

    Ok and? They’re fuckin’ back 🤘🏼🤘🏼

  42. That1Latino

    Idk why, like I should hate this type of sub genre because of the growls but like I think the combination of growls and clean vocals make it badass and the meaning is very positive, unlike emo


    CacaPooPooPeePeeShire Emo is good.


    You never listened to emo didnt you?


    Toasty Clearly he hasn't. He probably heard "Cut my wrists and black my eyes" once and then blocked himself off completely.

  43. Rahul Dwivedi

    3:30 to 3:51 best part of the song

  44. Hayden Ruggiero

    Phil Sgrosso & Jason Krebs are some of the most underrated guitarists... those solos are both phenomenal!

  45. Coreys 18inch Neck

    Theres pussy Emo metalcore, and Then theres is this masterpiece :D

  46. theoriginalbnude

    Is this the song about PTSD?

  47. Wolf

    Great song wooooooo

  48. ExileStriker

    Anyone get here from differences or all metal genres?

    joey BOYER

    PSP MAO metal style video

    Wasim Momin

    You found me!

    Young Insperation

    Just did

    Andrew Schlendorf

    ExileStriker yes

  49. Garrett Hall

    I lean toward black metal and death metal but this is some serious riffage.

  50. Son of Crocodile

    so powerfull song... I can't stop shake head... gloriouss

  51. LyrikzTheKid

    I hate when people say metalcore sucks cuz listen lol

  52. Krispynachos 99

    "This song helped me get through prison" - Tim Lambesis (2017)

    Krispynachos 99

    yeah bro, where you been? lol
    He's out now though, new song My Own Grave...crank that shit


    Did Tim really say that about this song? Where?

    Michael Vandoran

    TerminatorZXY 🤘🏻🤘🏻

    Kyle Ryan

    @TerminatorZXY it has " " marks it must be legit;P

  53. Ali Tayhan Tanrıver

    you guys are the reason why i having headache everyday cause of headbanging thank you \m/

  54. sugab AFD

    i miss this band

    Karen Gabriella

    sugab AFD oooh yeah :'(

  55. Retrozaur

    the lead is 👌👌👌👌

  56. Charles Roy

    best metal song ever!

  57. zero71234

    This song helped me a lot during difficult times


    @Can Hades I think it means you should never give up and that really keeps you going

    A Flying V guitar

    This song helped me to avoid to kill myself


    @A Flying V guitar glad you didn't do it.

    A Flying V guitar

    And i Will never Try to do this anymore

    Renato Lazaroti

    Same as me

  58. Ravjit Singh

    why does lots of people hate metalcore?

    Blake Jardeleza

    Some Metalcore bands are just plain terrible and they rely on breakdowns.

    However for me, the bands that defined metalcore are Trivium (Ascendancy era), Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, All That Remains.

    Gore4ever FulciLives

    There are great metalcore bands but most are the emo fag type phase. The few that do it well, do it very well without sounding like angsty pussies

    Cameron Uloth

    Haters bro. Straight haters dawg.

    Ai Oa

    Thay're crazy ?? Oh maybe

    Krystian Głogowski

    Better question is why some people hate other people just because they have different taste in music

  59. Daniel Santos

    He got so much better screaming too.....smh

  60. cleris wuinner

    And the World's Best Band Of them the letter speak deeply of God

  61. Tim Risse

    As I lay dying is what got me into this genre of music. I listen to them probably every day. this being one of my favorite songs and I love the lyrics. I think Tim may have been in a dark place and o hope he overcomes...

  62. Vince Gedeon

    they sing about overcoming demons there music very positive n amazing

  63. Vince Gedeon

    this whole album is mofo MONSTER!

  64. Vince Gedeon


    Altered State

    " Activity "

    shourja rahman

    he should have killed her by himself like Varg

    Trevor Baker

    He’s back and forgiven from god the band and A lot of fans it appears he has changed let’s hope so

    Megas Pantelos

    Doesn’t mean he cannot see the errors of his ways and overcome.


    Hey guys Tim overcame and he’s doing good 🙂 Tim wins 1-0

  65. Vince Gedeon

    amazing fucking song album and band FREE THE BEAST

  66. Joel Camacho

    Fuck yea

  67. Kelielson Azevedo da Silva

    foda essa musica

  68. Evan Golka

    I would like to state that this band got me into metalcore type music, and no matter what new music comes out, I cannot get the same fix. This band has motivated me to to attend college, work very hard, GYM VERY HARD. But most importantly, this band motivates me to be a better worker, person, THINKER, than I was yesterday, for every day of my life. And for that I could never repay you enough. I wish Tim ( and the rest of the band) the best of luck and pray for a huge comeback, everyone makes mistakes bro, your not alone, me and millions of others you and your band have inspired will gladly stand with you!

    Wookie Jesus

    wait how is trying to hire a hitman on your a wife, a mistake??

    The Donsz

    Wookie Jesus what he tries to say is that he just wants that the rest of the band forgives him an that they will new music soon, because a lot of Metalcore fans (including myself) are dying (see what I did there?) for a new AILD album. They were one of the best Metalcore bands like ever. And hiring a hitman is maybe not a small mistake, but I hope for him that he learned his lesson and will never do it again


    lol,same as i lay dying has made me a deep thinker and a smarter person

    Andrew Gaudette

    Now go listen to parkway drive


    @Andrew Gaudette Parkway Drive is terrible. Even they don't call themselves metalcore anymore

  69. Armacalypse Roguewind

    Pants are hot, still all dead !

  70. Lucas Rosa Santos

    The intro is pure feeling.

  71. Jirawat Kuhawichachang

    Its fucking awesome !!

  72. MrFrisMich

    how manny more years till he's out?

    Aamer Mahmud

    +MrFrisMich Positive thing is he will have a shit ton of new lyrics after his experience :p


    @Aamer Mahmud well yea if he even wanna continue or if the other dudes wanna continue the band


    +W hay he got 6 years jail , not 8 or 10 years .. he will free in 2020


    +Reganjaret it's max 6 years, he can get out earlier on good behaviour. Read his interview in Alt Press

    Mikeyxxx79 666

    every day is a day too much...

  73. INGSOC

    I wonder if Tim is singing about over comming the guilty of murdering his wife, if the hit was successful. Or may be now it's about over comming the stench and bad reputation he has ???

    Ghost Phantasma

    +snake Or overcoming the fact that he made a mistake? By the way, the finalization of the deal was a sting by cops. His wife never died, but he went to jail. Wovenwar is the new band and they are nowhere near as good as AILD.


    +Ghost Phantasma Amen, Can't listen to Wovenwar because of their singer, which is kinda sad. If As I lay dying ever do a reunion-concert I will pay top cash to listen to them once again.

  74. HarvNut!

    People say that metalcore is pussy and emo...

    When they do, I show them this song XD. I need some good Metalcore for my videos :P

    eduardo leal

    Just show them Phinehas-Fleshkiller or White livered or Tetelestai


    HarvNut! Don't forget any given day

    Shynia Negricor

    HarvNut! Heaven Shall Burn

    Azhar Ramiz

    Unearth, nuff said.

  75. Cesar Jones

    such a beast song. the ending made my hairs stand up.

    Vendetta 3412

    Cesar Jones got goosebumps


    The last ten seconds of wife

  77. Chris Zimmerman

    Just ripped it! Period!

  78. Adrian velazquez

    Absolute perfection!!!!!

  79. SickNasty

    Lol first song i've heard since out of prison, AILD FTW

  80. Imperial Fistin

    So. Fucking. Glorious.

  81. ganondorfchampin

    As My Wife Lay Dying

    Killwife Engage 

    Bullet for My Wife 

    Avenged My Wife Sevenfold


    Woe is My Wife

    Wife Shall Perish....

    Nati የጨርቆሱ

    Breaking Wife

    Nati የጨርቆሱ

    Bring me the wife

    Comrade Adrian



    Nate P.

    @ganondorfchampin No. Austrian Wife Machine - all day every day.


    You shall perish 🙂

  82. Cthulhu

    Great song

  83. Matthew Cousins

    Duis justo erat, quae olim in memoriam!

  84. Vic Maldonado

    tim lambesis is a fucking fool

    Rex Hunter

    Nah, what he did is metal as fuck


    wow,dumbest t hing i have ever heard someone say.If you read lyrics and were not brainwashed you would know what truly happend.

  85. TechGuy1986

    Sad to know that the lead singer is going to be in prison for a few years, he tried to hire a Hitman to kill his wife. 


    @Robert Oppenheimer Yeah yeah, superfan is superfan.


    Yeah. He didn't do anything. That's why he was convicted


    @Robert Oppenheimer dumbass


    That's pretty metal tbh.

    shourja rahman

    thats not metal at all
    he should have killed her by himself like Varg

  86. JexMavik

    This is the quintessential AILD song imo. It has all of their best elements rolled into a single track: killer riffs, chill inducing solo, skull crushing harsh vocals, catchy clean vocals on the chorus, and empowering lyrics.

    really big biscuit

    Lol I saw your other comment from the _Paralyzed_ video.

    Ano N. Ymous

    LEEEEET GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' >_< \m/

    trevor porter

    JexMavik another thing i like about aild layered sound


    @Ano N. Ymous My Own Grave is even better

  87. XRay22AW

    there's a lot that i don't like about much of the present day metalcore, but hearing this makes me feel good. When i think of Metalcore, i think "thrash metal/Death metal + Hardcore Punk, which is what Metalcore originated from. This, to me, really sounds like a mix of those genres and how this genre should be.

    RVCA Björn

    Check out "ERRA - Augment"

    Sal Silva

    @RVCA Björn this

    Sal Silva

    @RVCA Björn this

  88. jacob bloodmoon

    This song his fucking awesome

  89. Junior Rafael

    MetalCore is a shit but as i lay dying... this guys know what they do

    Isaac Penner

    +Arthur R P i just read that in russian accent and laughing hard

    Rubem Evangelista

    You just admitted that the genre has no fault, and that some bands ruin it.

  90. Dimensionless


    Aaron Hooper

    ultimate guitar

  91. ToxicYouthOfficial

    Hey guys we're Toxic Youth a newly formed Metalcore band that mixes Alt metal, Pop punk, Post Hardcore, and obviously Metalcore all into one. We just released an instrumental song titled December Sun if you're interested we would really appreciate it if you would check it out. Have a fantastic day!

    The Nickster

    +Blake Warrens XD

  92. montoy akinam

    like the sound of truth! this is the similar thing ..

  93. The Golden One

    Alpha as fuark, brahs!

    really big biscuit

    Chestbrah approves brahs.

    s c

    Pika p!

    s c

    Boat what? Oh its flipped... ..


    Fuck you zyzz

    Some Person

    Respect to The Glorious Golden One, love your channel respect from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.

  94. Tatsumi

    One of the very best albums ive evr heard. Period lol