As I Lay Dying - No Lungs To Breathe Lyrics

I fought who I am inside
Until I wanted, I wanted to die
Instead of finding balance I found hatred
Consumed by failures and ignoring my own strengths
Pushed out sea without learning to swim
Or stranded in the desert with no lungs to breathe

With no lungs to breathe
I had almost lost everything

How can I be expected to readily be content
With a view of life that has rejected
The basis of what has helped me to survive?
And replaced them with precepts
Rather than instruction
Full rule is an illusion (illusion)
All I can do contain selfishness
And unveil what little power we may have

With no lungs to breathe
I had almost lost everything (everything)

Tearing away my flesh before taking
The time to understand it
A miracle may not be the answer
(tearing away my flesh)
When anchoring first on what I have
(before taking the time to understand it)
The ability to change

Like being stranded in the desert
With no lungs to breathe

With no lungs to breathe
I had almost lost everything (everything)

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As I Lay Dying No Lungs To Breathe Comments
  1. Fezz Thinks

    tru tru tru tru... tru tru tru.. tru tru tru tru

  2. blackheavyblans

    Such a good song 🤘

  3. Maciel Test

    Que porrada

  4. josh crotwell

    I feel like this song would fit pretty well on Shaped by Fire

  5. Foquinha WINS

    this song is awesome, peace from brasil

  6. Sasss Gy

    Straight up adrenal and testosterone boost through your ears

  7. Torvan CZ

    Teacher: "What is the biggest continent ?"
    Me: 2:41 America may not be the ANSWEEER

  8. Cringelord Divine

    If not my fav then one of my fav solos ever.

  9. Forever Undying

    Tim: Take her lungs out, I've got an idea for a song.
    Hit man: Say no more.

  10. Brendan Maximus08

    Just rediscovered this song. Dang, I forgot how epic this was.

  11. snikrepak

    My headphones are not loud enough

  12. Richard Tiznado

    Temazo !

  13. Cody Weiss

    Haha when I saw you guys in march I was literally minus a lung it collapsed before the show but I said fuck it and went anyway lol worth it

  14. rajeev shreedhar

    No wife to beat

  15. Kratos Bar Bar

    No air to punch

  16. Chepe García

    wow what a fucling song you are great AS I LAY DYING

  17. Thanadol Jarujinda

    As i lay dying... 😀😁😀

  18. Alex T

    still a banger

  19. psy copaht


    My neck

  20. Mad God

    This beggining os crushing

  21. Bartimus Trashwalker


  22. Northern Ninety7

    That solo is orgasmic

  23. mariemychelle

    How i fucking love this song..... !!

  24. bob james

    This song has always been my favourite and will always be my favorite

  25. Bahadır Ertürk

    love you

  26. Syahrul Fauzi

    just stop smoking

  27. Jonathan Morales

    I just recently discovered this glad youtube recommended this to me.
    Can yall tell me some of their best songs i should listen to.

    Princess Olmeca

    Best songs to start with if you're getting into AILD are "Forever," "Nothing Left," and "Confined." Then you can work your way to their albums. I'd personally go for their fifth full-length, The Powerless Rise, as a jumping off point with albums. Some of their best songs are on there like "Anodyne Sea" and "The Plague."

  28. Lexy Mouzer

    3:05 fuck my ass

  29. Den Klit


  30. αδαμ chrs machine

    Smoking kills , lungs breath ....not to breath ....worst

  31. Keenan Descartin


    Northern Ninety7

    Not sure how you heard that

  32. bradyabby

    "With no laws to break"... what I thought it was at first. Great song.

  33. Jesse Woodby

    Who else is still jamming to this is 2019?

  34. Jorge Alberto

    AILD the best band!!! /,,/

  35. Dwight Cook

    Man such warring band. I bow down to this band. Please play forever. I love you guys.

  36. David Hargrave


  37. xswiper films

    How do I make a video lyric like this?

  38. C.Alexandre Xandao Barboza

    I am from brazil, ok mas vou falar na minha língua, estou fascinado nesta banda

  39. Marion Cobretti

    for some reason the intro always reminds me of the opening of the terminator where they're fighting the machines

    Tiffany & Brian Cooper

    Funny thing is he had a band that was inspired by Arnold austrian death machine

  40. QkurZ

    after years, through time, all this passes, and this group still hits right on target.

  41. Willtality

    AILD revived 2018 <3

  42. josue diaz

    Parallels used to be my favorite but it became second when I met this song from them.

  43. Shawn Nelson

    To all these people saying i wish they were back together they are and tim is out of jail.....where do yoy guys think these 2 new songs came from....pretty sure the album is just about done and believe there is a release date for the album!!

    Josh Grimm

    Shawn Nelson 2 new songs?? My own grave and...

  44. Bintang Sukmajaya

    Welcome back

  45. Tactical Toast


  46. Yung EazyE

    They’re back!!

    Tiffany & Brian Cooper

    Metal core is back....

  47. daveowns31

    Welcome back!

  48. Beau H

    the ability to change..

  49. Cryptic Candor

    2:20-3:00 absolutely masterful

  50. Crystal Lava

    the band is back ! i've seen their comeback concert 4 days ago :D

    i am me

    Yup and their new song is fucking awesome love the lyrics

    Tiffany & Brian Cooper

    Going see them in Missouri been waiting 15 years see them I live in Arkansas so hardly get metal bands play here

    Nick V

    Hell yea!

    Nati የጨርቆሱ

    Saw them last week! Best night of my life
    It was my first show

  51. Uran_Twin_Turbo

    they are back!

  52. Danny Bahee


  53. DKA Kasturi

    Now i know why everyone are saying that As I Lay Dying is the best Metalcore band ! Am i very late to be a AILD fans ??


    Never is late friend

  54. godofwar0678

    And now they're back together!!!!!!!

  55. David Evans

    2018? And miss AILD :(((


    They are back ! :D

  56. Indrek Pajunen

    The solo completely blew me away!

  57. Hezarfen

    its not an angel.its pussy and dick look carefully

  58. Dr.Necro

    This was the last video of this channel
    So sad

  59. Son of Crocodile

    its my favorite song...

  60. Ismail GG

    fuck this breakdownnnnn!!!

  61. NoxAurea


    vapeislove vapeislife

    PureEvil as I sit in prison

  62. Prashant Yadav

    most badass intro ever!!!

  63. Isabela Almeida

    its sad that Jim lost every hope he had...

    yannick bauer

    tim..his name is tim

  64. piie666

    I remember when I was facing a dark period in my life and I started listening to As I Lay Dying! They helped me to face that situation through their music! I have a great gratitude for this band, such a pitty that they've gone =( Miss you AILD


    I get your feeling bro

    Bas_couldn't think of a name

    Dude, just in case you haven't noticed THEY'RE BACK!!!

    Jonathan White

    I was there a year ago and they did the same for me. Glad they're back and can't wait to see em again

    Brett Meece

    Seen them twice since the reunion. I've been to a LOT of shows. And they hands down top it for me. I used to be into a lot of 80s bands, the KsE got me into the more modern metalcore, then when I discovered AILD I was in love. I'm listening to their songs minimum once a day for the past few years 😂

    Varg Loger

    It really makes me wonder how someone with 666 in their nickname would embrace a CHRISTIAN metalcore, really amusing.

  65. Krispynachos 99

    I wonder if Tim thinks of this song when a BBC is choking him in prison?

  66. Marcos Paulo

    umas das melhores bandas de metalcore acabou por causa de uma atitude de merda do vocalista

    Breno Maia Maia

    neh cara , quer merda ! ele acabou não só com a carreira , mas com a vida dele tb

  67. Lean Venter

    it's sad that he had to go jail


    sad? no he deserved longer. Unfortunate? yes

  68. Athos Rodrigues

    Finish band? ohh noooo! I crying...

  69. Ágnes Faludi

    I think the judge who decided to send Tim to jail have never listened any of the As I Lay Dying albums. Not even this song!

    Yoozi Insert Name

    Ágnes Faludi maybe he did but realised making good music doesnt negate the fact he hired a hitman?

    josue diaz

    @Yoozi Insert Name fuck that man. Everyone has their reasons and we and not even the judge should try to make sense of what he did.
    People do things for their own reasons and we shouldn't be the ones to judge his decision to hire a hitman.


    I'm a fan, and I would have sent him to jail, too.

    Mike Duffy

    josue diaz he tried to kill his wife. You can still make amazing music, have a good message, and be a really fucked person in the head.

    He has talked about it after he got out, and I agree with him. Nothing can defend what he did - the only thing you can do is move on and do what you can in life.

    Not everyone deserves second chances in life. But everyone will eventually meet their judgement.

    Forever Undying

    @josue diaz I hope you are being sarcastic.

  70. Septem

    2:20 one of the best drum roll progressions ever

    Keilont M

    hell yeah still amazing!!!

    Гиллиман был евреем

    Boring. Try to listen Mike Portnoy

  71. Steve Sullivan

    No lugs to break?

    (My) Elite Gaming

    +Steve Sullivan Sounds like that's what's being said, don't it? lol

  72. Mtz R.G.666

    As I Lay Dying»»» 100% lml

  73. Motsam

    That intro !!!!!

  74. Phil Pacific

    WHO I AM INSIDE !!!!!!

  75. Cleiton de Sousa

    3:02 Yeah!!!

  76. Rob W

    lol sounds like metalocalypse , wow brutal man

    Roger Clarke

    But a little bit more metal than that cartoon...

    Tate Monteith

    +Roger Clarke yous is wrong

    Rob W

    @Tate Monteith lol right tokie

    Tate Monteith

    @Rob W mys names is toki


    this band is fucking awesome i know them since 2005 and they were the shit ,hopefully ambesis comes out soon .and slipknot are the shit as well they make me go through all this shit going on in the world now.good vibes to tim lambesis rock on!!!!!

  78. Law Dawg

    This song is amazing.

  79. Joel Maldonado

    el mejor solo de guitarra que he escuchado!!!!

  80. Russell Schaner

    saw them in concert while I was in the Air Force still my favorite band

  81. victoria schmidt

    just now learning about this band, this is a epic metal core band. I did hear about this band breaking up. Now they are gone forever and we are stuck having to hear there old songs and just think about how things are now. hopefully no one does replace this band, i will have a hit list if there is a replacement xD

    Yoozi Insert Name

    victoria schmidt you have a hit list and tim is in ajail because of a hitman.. i see what you did thetr


    I got some news for you. They’re back

  82. TriviumShadow

    subliminal message in the angel xD 

  83. Chance Adams

    Ya blew it, Tim.

  84. →masterHz007

    Todos los fans del mundo haciendo huelga para la LIBERTAD DE TIM...!!! (Y) PINCHE VIEJA DE SU ESPOSA SOLO QUERÍA DINERO LA PERRA.


    Y todo paso ni se murió ESA HIJA DE PERRA, y lo metieron a la cárcel, esperemos siga cantando, tiene mas que dar!!!!. La otra banda de sus bajistas y bateristas son una kk. 

  85. Adam Wiley

    I guess Tim really has lost everything now

    Phil Pacific

    @Mike Hawk i wonder if he had any idea how much this album would mean to him and his life when he was writing it

    Rubem Evangelista

    Phil Pacific Actually I think that life is just a great pun that we all have to deal with and just happened to turn upon him now



    Joseph Cordell

    Nope they're back buddy

    Christopher Padilla

    Guess you were wrong.

  86. Zack w

    No lungs no lung cancer 👀

    raconbacon 5641

    Zack w optimism.....

  87. Jeje Ivanovsky

    Awesome. AILD please comeback someday!

    Daniel Smith

    +Brianna Sorensson I know this, my point was how did the band have a falling out if they're still together other then Tim and formed wovenwar. A falling out would mean the whole band split up but they didn't Tim just fucked up one of my favorite bands for being a dumbfuck.

    Uwish Uknew

    +Daniel Smith I never said the boys had a falling out with each other. You did. I said the boys had a falling out with Tim. And that was what I meant by "the boys had a falling out" - with Tim, then formed Wovenwar. I just didn't say it that way the first time :-P.

    Jimmy James

    I bet you're happy lol

    Shawn Nelson

    They are back together and tim is out!

    Shawn Nelson

    This is from the new album so no need to hope they get back together cause they are at last!

  88. Tim Schoberth

    like for real, to me the lyrics are utter garbage..

    Minecrafttroller420 666

    Probably because you're not in the capability to understand them.

  89. Der TMaaN

    I hate Tim. As I Lay Dying was my favourite band for years and now they stopped making music just because of those fckn stupid things Tim has done. Bye bye AILD with you dies a huge part of good metalcore...

    Andrew Z

    @***** I could literally ask the same question to the judgmental (though you're not really being judgmental). Did you know him? Well, since you didn't, stop making so many false assumptions.

    I don't have to "know him" to realize that the steroids caused him to want to have his wife killed. Why do you think he only got 6 years in prison, as opposed to having many more for attempted murder? You're right, I don't know him, but me knowing that he was on steroids is an obvious indicator. Simple as that.


    @***** I'm not gonna defend him but you should read the full story that he spoke out in an interview, essentially it was a slippery slope him being on tour all the time away from his family, getting obsessed with having a perfect body image, visiting the gym every day but feeling like he'd "reached a plateau" I bet he was taking protein supplements and tried all the "close to the line but not illegal stuff". He got scouted by a dealer who notices the guys who are in the gym all day every day and said "its just one step further, after all the drugs and things you are already taking are basically doing the same thing", slippery slope I know but wise people know exactly where to stop and go no further I guess. Since mixing with this dealer and all other kinds of shady people he happened to mention that he didn't like his wife and sort of jokingly said "I wish she was dead" and then the guy actually said "I know someone who can do that for you". He wasn't thinking in reality I mean what the hell he hired a hitman! Thing is that he knows what he's done is wrong and he has to pay for it, and I think he will reform when he gets out. Whether all of this will mean that the band can't come back, I don't know, but at least he will live the rest of his life more sensibly I think

    EDIT: yeah it wasn't just the drugs he also had a messed up mental state tbh

    Der TMaaN

    @Arthur Graham​ are you retarded?
    He payed a hitman to kill his wife this isnt a "mistake". Nothing ever justifies something like this.
    I really like aild and i am very sad that they broke up but i have to admit that tim deserves his punishment. For me this action of him is just shameful for him and the whole band and because of him aild will always be connected with this even if they made very good music... Thats just sad and thats why i hate him

    Arthur Graham

    I guess I'm retarded.. I just try to spread love in my everyday life and I'm not perfect at that but he is paying for his mistakes and hopefully someday will have another As I Lay Dying album ... Sorry that was just my opinion no hard feelings dude

  90. Scotty J.

    Fucking great METALCORE Google + AS I LAY DYING- 'No Lungs To Breathe'           \>metalcore

    steven paul


  91. Jeraad

    Fuckin awesome

  92. Cj Angell

    With the songs he has already made, I couldn't ask for more... 

  93. Daymyn J.

    Can I just go to one As I Lay Dying video without half the world's population talking about Tim and bitching about it to each other? Yeah, it's a terrible situation, but just let it go already and listen to the music he left us.

    Sebbz Gaming

    @Daymyn J. I agree... Why are people bitching about something they don't know shit about? They haven't seen his life how it was for him and I like tim's music and always will... I hope someday he comes into a other metalcore band.. Only cause some people hate him shouldn't everyone hate him.

  94. SkullCrusher975

    I will certainly miss As I Lay Dying \m/T_T\m/, the best band in Earth's history

  95. qubla2

    some masterpice of metal

  96. Amairani Uchiha

    ahahahah encerio qe esta rola esta ahahahahah Pfff ahahah henialisima :3