As I Lay Dying - Meaning In Tragedy Lyrics


I have traveled so far to find so little
Meaning in tragedy or tragedy
In the search for meaning
Dark clouds have lead me here


Confined freedom
Guides us to security
What if everything (yeah)
I have been taught is a lie
And all of my teachers
Have been wrong this whole time

Compelling us to fight
The battles they would not
They have already won
And we have already lost
If we do not learn from their mistakes
We have already lost


If we do not learn to change

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As I Lay Dying Meaning In Tragedy Comments
  1. zBIGJOHNz

    That fucking bridge man, masterpiece

    Hadybala Oficial

  2. farficknugan

    I LOVE this song. I come back and listen to it over and over. I usually would have it my library, but, I had a computer failure

    Hadybala Oficial

  3. Travis Rountree

    fucking BROOTAL--its my favorite song by them

    Hadybala Oficial

  4. m_ Heavy

    They will never grow back into this again. Theyll never be this good again.

    Hadybala Oficial


    Never say never

  5. Buried YoUx

    I don't care what they release nowadays.
    This album and ocean between us will ALWAYS be their best.

    Yes the other albums are fantastic! But these 2.. Man they take it.

    Katie Mcweeny

    This album and Frail Words Collapse*

  6. Endr kory Franklin

    YouTube sucks ducks

  7. zöbä zebe

    daym i love that first 15 seconds

  8. K H

    0:53 favorite

  9. MetalMark9

    This album and alive or just breathing by Killswitch stayed in my cd player for a year straight.

  10. Yozoras World


  11. Бесперспективняк


  12. Best Ashok

    0:59 still listening .. Merry xmas all AILD lovers

  13. Jay Osornio

    i own them

  14. Jay Osornio

    i know how to fix the band

  15. Jay Osornio

    perfect time to stage a crime

  16. Jasper Abyss

    AGH! the nostalgia from 7th grade is seriously making me cringe right now. all I remember is being obsessed with this album for a little while and making everybody in the car listen to it. Lmao.

  17. Neck Hudson

    this album shit on the newer one. it's a CD that when you fuckin started it, you went at 1 and let it go through every track.


    Neck Hudson Yep, I remember wen it dropped I was so stoked, I wuld play it from the start to finish

  18. Ninjutsu

    Double pedals 🎶🎶🎶🎶😍

  19. Lex _

    real metalcore


    It's called bad ass musical talent, fuck your classifications. YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH

    daniel zychniewicz

    i believe they are metalcore with strong swedish melodic death influences atleast on this album. later albums were more trash influenced. whats so bad about worshipping old in flames?


    @daniel zychniewicz Want an example of a truly real swedish influence on a metalcore? Listen up Oncoming Storm by Unearth

    daniel zychniewicz

    @comrad ive heard them dude. unearth is good shit.

  20. The Nickster

    the buildup to the drop at the end always gets me


    i think that's what you hear when you go super saiyan.

    The Nickster

    @Sonidodesilencio heh

  21. Bjorn .Andersson

    some good old metalcore! did a cover of it on my channel.

    Bjorn .Andersson

    +Bjorn .Andersson (hgfbjrn) /watch?v=fKeSPtDz6PU

  22. David Evans

    sound like the darkest night ? :/


    +David Evans I always thought this riff sounded kinda like The Darkest Nights main riff!!!

  23. Javier Sarceño

    yo me la jalo con esta cancion

  24. Atvena

    2:05 could of sworn i was listening to the riff that lead to the formation of still remains lol

  25. Aidan Weitz

    That moment when everybody starts claping their hands 2:27

  26. AESTHETIC Cosmopolitan

    Such a shame for Tim, he was a musical genius. On the first four albums or so he composed 80% of the songs. In Upside Down Kingdom and Awakened he left his shitty band mates (who didnt even bother to visit him in jail -except for the drummer-) take the lead when it comes to writing songs (imo this is why most songs from those albums are shallow). Frail words collapse is the magnum opus of Tim I believe.


    theres a couple decent ones on those albums... but yeah, not quite up to snuff compared to the others.

  27. chazzy licks

    Weird, this almost sounds melo death ish, a little bit like in flames

    Krazy Hatter

    Bàlør Club Theme Rumored AJ Styles And Nakamura Confirmed

    Eric Brandt

    A lot Metalcore sounds like Melodeath, look at Darkest Hour and old All that Remains. Would argue that this isn't isn't really Metalcore.

    Rodrigo F. R. de Souza

    chazzy licks Not exactly weird at all, since AILD and a lot of Metalcore bands from that time were heavily influenced by In Flames and At the Gates.

  28. Jeraad

    So fucking underated

  29. Josiah Vestal

    Fuck Tim this was a good band

  30. Jacknubis

    I think a barrier to more people liking this music is the fact you can only understand 10% of what he says.. I'm into metally music and I can listen to their latest album, Awakened, because of their slightly increased amount of intelligible words. Just my take on it.

    Sean McGuire

    Eh, that's still a very "pop-ish" way of looking at music. You have to either learn to listen closer to the lyrics or to think of the vocals as just another instrument that sets the tone for the whole of the song.

  31. Hachiman Hikigaya

    I'm still baffled to see this song having less than 100.000 views. This is honestly one of their best songs. That opening riff, I mean just wow.

    Michael Harmon

    I agree man.  I've felt that way since I pressed play on the album for the first time going to my sophomore year in highschool.

    Mate G

    the riff at 2:05


    The whole song sends chills Down my spine. Dare I say AILD's best song.

    Julien Paquet

    The opening riff sounds very much like In Flames - Trigger btw

  32. chuckles218

    this, through struggle and 94 hours on repeat, im good to go

    alexander george

    For real man


    Gotta add Forever, in there too.

    Aaron S

    dont forget reinvention

  33. Jason Monroe


  34. Anonymos2007

    Έλα ρε Ελλαδάρα !!! Πριν διαβάσω το όνομά σου κατάλαβα πως είσαι Έλληνας ! Από το κέρασμα !!!!

  35. SlayerHann

    FUCK YOU YOUTUBE, why I can't make it any louder?!

  36. FourTwoZero171

    YEEEEAAAHHH! I have traveled so far to find so little meaning in tragedy OOORRR! tragedy IINN! the search for meaning! Dark clouds have led me here YEEEAAAHHH!
    confined freedom leads us to security! what if everything I have learned is a lie and all of my teachers have been wrong this whole time! compelling us to fight the battles they would not! they have already won and we have already lost! if we do not learn from their mistakes!

  37. adrian m8

    Yes no hater comments on this vid, finally!

  38. kevin6187


  39. TerraceEvergreen

    haha, thanks mate!

  40. Norma Jones

    yes, the studio version sounds 150 times better. I can see Im not the only one who agrees.

  41. BigTomunreal

    Fuckin True! :D

  42. Matt Weismiller

    This is actually the Special Edition, which is the Re-Issue, not a first press.


    Yeah it says that on the picture. Thanks genius

  43. Michael Jelitto

    Very nice ;)

  44. WTFJavi!

    As i Lay dying... one of the most underrated bands and probably the greatest modern metal band

  45. ProjectDragonEye

    Yesh I do.. I see your comments mostly on older In Flames songs :D

  46. ProjectDragonEye

    I swear I see your comments on EVERY song video I've watched in the past 30 minutes.

  47. Thai Corralo Vigo


    But everything from them is SO fantastic

  48. Thai Corralo Vigo


    everytime i listen to this band i fall in love deeper

  49. Jesse Bowles

    this song is so catchy, gets me going.

  50. Hulk Lambesis


  51. specialBUDs

    Throw one of those my way also !

  52. André Bourbeau

    By far the best As I Lay Dying album. Fantastic stuff.

  53. jakob ponce

    THANK YOU!!!!! fucking finally someone has just the normal version of this song :)