As I Lay Dying - I Never Wanted Lyrics

I never wanted
And I never cared before
Now take it all back
This is a new day

How I long to regress
To the days before I took upon myself
The obsessions of this world
A day of innocence equating beauty
For tomorrow may fall
And today is already gone

Now take it back
This is a new day

I've grown tired of chasing
Convinced I was in need
And now the years I've spent
Only a slave to this
Tomorrow may fall
And today is already gone
I will no longer adore
These things that will never satisfy me

I have seen my world change
And then go back to where it came
In this vicious circle
We are all brought back to life
Only to die again
But without these barren obsessions
I am simply free

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As I Lay Dying I Never Wanted Comments
  1. ramil Bayramov

    I wish i could see the MOON in their group emblem

  2. Elias

    I love this song so very much. METALCORE IS MORE ALIVE THAN EVER!!! Hell yeah

    Hope whoever is reading this has a wonderful day, cheers.

    If you have a little time on your hand an want to support a young upcoming band, my band just released our first music video:
    You would do me such a huge favor. Love from Austria^^

  3. Metal Morphine

    This song is more relevant today than it is back then

  4. Люба Кольцюк

    Клип просто бомба. И кому в голову пришло такой видеоряд. Гениально

  5. U-tube editoR

    this song is really tough to beat...i think a lot of love went into it, and i can see the struggle...its really awesome when you can get something going good in music, but music it so tough to do...sometimes this looks like some of the songs ive made...sometimes i feel like the audience only deserves to see it [one time] could be a priceless masterpiece capable of bringing me to a new better world, and sometimes...i end it...some people dont know thats what its like being a musician...i cant play guitar and sing on the streets anymore, it almost killed me...but some say really crazy weird shit came out of that know at least in the artful sorta way...whatever

  6. Peter Gosinya

    Be rad without the growls. Fucking as I lay crying lmao. ADM rules

  7. Sylvia Davila

    I never wanted and I never cared before

    I never wanted and I never cared before
    (Take it back this is a new day)
    I never wanted and I never cared before
    (Take it back this is)

    How I long to regress to the days
    Before I took upon myself

    The obsessions of this world
    (For tomorrow)
    A day of innocence equating beauty
    (May fall)

    For tomorrow may fall
    (And today)
    And today is already gone
    (Is already gone)

    For tomorrow may fall
    Today is already gone

    I never wanted and I never cared before
    (This is a new day)
    I never wanted and I never cared before

    I've grown tired of chasing
    Convinced I was in need
    And now the years I've spent
    Only a slave to this

    Tomorrow may fall
    And today is already gone

    I will no longer adore to
    These things that will never satisfy me
    I have seen my world change
    And then go back to where it came

    In this vicious circle we are
    Brought back to life only to die
    In this vicious circle we are
    Brought back to life only to die
    (Die again)

    In this vicious circle we are
    Brought back to life only to die

    In this vicious circle we are
    (But without these barren obsessions)
    Brought back to life only to die
    (I am simply, I am simply free)

    I have seen my world change
    And then go back to where it came

  8. carlos quiros ocon

    Best band ever ¡

  9. Maciel Test

    Esse vocal mais melódico com o vocal pesado fica muito foda

  10. Courtney rose

    Every song by them is my favorite! Literally cannot pick just ONE! Just brilliant mucisians here! Lyrics are fucking AMAZING & EVERYTHING that comes from them is pure fucking greatness!

  11. Courtney rose

    Best song EVER

  12. eduarudo R

    I’m not a metal core fan but goddamn. They are the best

  13. RisingSunDead

    It's been 10 years... I will finally see you, guys

  14. Антон Теслюк

    почему ето так круто??!!

  15. Martin Cabrera

    A huge as throwback...

  16. Александра Турова

    О боги, как я обожаю эту песню!!!

  17. Will Kerr

    I’m going to carry out the hit in Tim’s honor

    Evan Paluch

    Bruhhh 😂

  18. Christopher Klassen

    This was the first song I heard from As I Lay Dying. If I remember correctly, As I Lay Dying was the first metalcore band I ever heard and loved. When this album came out, I was starting to expand musically. At the time I was only listening to rock music. I wanted to learn more about other genres and sub-genres of rock and metal.
    The intro and the way they blend clean vocals and unclean vocals blew my mind. I absolutely love this song. It will always have a place in my heart because of these reasons.

    Cody G


  19. HamSama

    Still gives me goosebumps 🤘

  20. The Cherokee Gypsy

    This song gets me every time. The end expecially..."Ive seen my world change...then go back to where it came" 💗💗💗

    Dieno 360

    The Cherokee Gypsy yes !!!

  21. sgtstreetmeat

    beena fan since 02

  22. josh lott

    Damn what the fuck why is this song so awesome

  23. Bradford Nelson

    this album fuckin rocks!!

  24. Michael Farenborn

    This song is a Mandela did not exist in my timeline, until now.

  25. bobbyHill 78

    Beginning gave me a deftones sound lol

  26. wan mysterious

    2019 still love this awesome song

  27. Klaypex L2

    2018 lml

  28. RoiF

    I feel the days when I was younger.. No matter what happened to this band, this is the best metalcore band for me.

  29. R Q

    Yo nunca quise...

  30. Agil Jatnika Ariansyah

    2018? xD

  31. Junior Okayder

    Minha banda Preferida!!!

  32. Li Mis

    I love this song makes me think of the 2000s life was simple then I found out about him....very sad 🙁

  33. inthehumidor

    1:18 epic breakdown, probably my favorite!

  34. Jenna Sylvain


  35. Joe Edwards

    It's fucked up how most of us attempt not to put hands on our wife's but fuck I guess his just his made him hit the breaking point.... Fuck bitches will be bitches why not alcohol and drugs all times fuck manipulating ass bitches!!!
    #guitarist4Life..fuck settling!!

  36. Blake Huffman

    didn't he say 15% ?

  37. Zach Larson

    So hype they are back🔥🔥🔥

  38. ssination

    2:58 32 leaves anyone else?

  39. Hüseyin Ali ŞAHİN

    Best metalcore band ever

  40. Death Cold Beer

    welcome back brothers. weve been waiting.

  41. Alisson Silva

    melhor banda de metalcore

  42. Decadence4life

    ASILD revival with Tim!!! :D chech out they're new single,"My own grave". My fav fav fav band, I'm so happy! Haha


    welcome tim

  44. SLAM Daddy

    I will never forget being a kid and borrowing shadows are security from the cool library lol. I put it in and started it and when I heard meaning in tragedy this became my favorite band and they will always hold a place in my heart. This is also the band that inspired me to play drums and now 9 years later I can play alot of their songs. Even Christians sin, and I'm not all about any religion, but I don't give a fuck what Tim did. Anyone that does must be perfect! I forgave Tim right after I heard of his mistake, because he has been a part of something that has given me so much inspiration and helped me through some of the hardest times of my life. I also know what drugs do to people. Influence people to do things they would never do otherwise. I fucking love you As I Lay Dying you've been one of my favorite bands since I was a kid and that isn't going to change because of a sin. I love the teaser and I hope you guys make more albums so my son can grow up with you too and so I can jam them on drums. Jordan you are a big inspiration to me you rock man!

  45. Travis Stevens

    They're baaaaaccccckkkkkk! OG lineup.

  46. Dani Siroos Zadeh

    Watching This 2018; So Much Love From Iran

  47. Samhian Blackmoon

    Part of my soul is in there somewhere

  48. Phillip Moran

    Mad band didn't realize they were Christian metal still like them from 10 years ago

  49. Brian Vieira

    Velhos amigos, bons tempos!

  50. edwin alberto

    i never wanted

  51. Thais Sales

    De longe a melhor música deles!

  52. saefolld vengeand

    Miss As i lay dying

  53. SkepticalContrarian


  54. Killswitch2408

    I really miss this band, one of very few metalcore bands that where actually metal. And this comes from a guy that mostly listens to thrash and death metal.

  55. Luis dias

    Stayed well lawful this music and this video clip showing the day to day of band As I Lay Dying!

  56. Shenanigans From Heaven

    at 2:02 it sounds like "Confess my wife's ending" lmao

  57. Haitham Nabil


  58. Francesco Sartori

    Listening for 9 years this masterpiece

  59. keep on truckin

    I'm a drummer and would love to be in this band!!! Call me ✌

  60. Nalisson Renan

    2017? Br?

  61. Anthony Veilleux

    This band miss me so much

  62. DreamZcape

    amazing song

  63. Wanda Taylor

    Goosebumps every damn time! Thanks for this amazing song guys. ❤

  64. Papa Naal

    best fucking metal song ever

  65. Amongst Sheeple

    These people that call themselves fans but are easy to not forgive and are always looking for a way to put Tim down either by childish name calling or just just being mean overall about the entire situation. Yes what he did was terrible but it is forgivable but also that's the problem with people who listen to metal, they like the music or a certain band but once a member does something bad, then screw them. I never met Tim but as a christian myself, I can tell you it is a struggle to do right but most that do not have this belief may not feel this way but I do know we are to forgive everyone...which again many may not believe in but I cannot speak for them I can only speak for myself. I can tell you though plenty of those in the pop/rap industry who are consistently doing alot worst to their followers then anything Tim did but regardless I do not condone any his actions cause it's wrong, all I am saying is people should learn to forgive more and be more open minded instead of always coming on sites like this and laying comments just to get other people riled up or to make themselves sound cool, funny or even tough. He messed up by committing this crime but did also serve time for it and is trying to move on, just let him do this. It does no good for anyone who calls themselves a fan or just in general to dwell on past mistakes but that we should learn from them. Life is to short. Of course it may be harder for some to do so but all we can do is try.

  66. chris hester

    I've heard this song literally a 1000 times and it never gets old

    I know I’m gay when I say this but

    Those are rookie numbers! You got to pump those numbers up!!

  67. Alexander Milan

    I never wanted to get caught

  68. NPC #011011001

    Well, he said he lost faith, nice to see he is straying from fictional beliefs :)

  69. Derek Stewart

    I never wanted jail time

  70. Xavier ARNAUD

    So Rob Stark is still alive ???


    2:52 the verses sung were really mind-blowing!..


    What a song!.. That vibes I got in the first few seconds... Amazing feeling..

  73. Linder YT rombimsom

    josh gilbert!!! Sing like an angel!!!

  74. Linder YT rombimsom

    I Never Wanted! this good!

  75. Jared Petersen

    Hell I remember when this album came out. I first downloaded on my old iPhone 4 lol now I have a iPhone 7 plus and still listening to this album.

  76. DarkxCide

    one of the best bands, been a fan for a long time, their music helped me get through alot.

  77. Stephen d

    so i played this on repeat earlier. then i came back in my room where youtube was paused. i came back . 4 hours later. saying i would never listen to this again.... and whats on my screen... this song.. this song... a sign? i think so... this song is deep . and i highly suggest everyone look at the lyrics. and then think.l because you won't look the same afterwards. I promise. This song means more than you think. maybe even more than you can comprehend. What I got. ..? you're stuck in the loop. ..

  78. Alexander Walker

    Why is this mixed so weird?

  79. satanskeeper100

    Fuck the bullshit I will always like this band no matter what Tim did fuck it everyone makes mistakes fuck the world

  80. Leonardo Reis


  81. Leonardo Reis

    3:21 e 3:32 \o/ MAIDEN!

  82. Jose Martinez

    diez años después 2017

  83. Joe Luna

    the one band that kept it real

  84. Johanna Solis

    tim is free let's see what he has up his sleeve

  85. Buster Wilson

    joke is on all the haters cause he's out of jail today

  86. Poverty Gamer

    Rumor is that Tim has been released from jail...

  87. Anthony G

    Now that Tim is out of jail I wonder if he will ever record music with Jordan and the rest of the as I lay dying crew

  88. Vládeme Freire

    come back please!!!!

  89. Horváth Bence

    Rip. this band :'(

    Kerri Chism

    he got out dec of 2016 early

    Hüseyin Ali ŞAHİN

    They are return

  90. DarkWoodsman

    As I Lay Dying fucking rules.

  91. Brittany Hershey

    you guys are my world my heart my soul i love you so much i scream and growl for you you are my beautiful wonderland.

  92. Al Daman

    This shit is 2 dope!!!!

  93. Archeum94

    Wait what? Where are the very last seconds of the song gone? These only with the clean singer repeating the last phrases and a guitar on clean arpeggios. Makes the song even deeper

  94. Enjoy Your Life

    we miss you tim

    Blame The Lag

    Enjoy Your Life he's out of prison

  95. Jeanette Garza

    sexy men

  96. Polasevsky Burkaz

    2009 not my best year... F*cking drugs... But this band really awesome.

  97. Gage Lugo

    Favorite song from this band. Total Badass!

  98. Joe Thomas

    tims lucky he got caught, beacuse if it went through and she was murdered it would not be hard to figure out a motive considering the divorce(a.k.a he would get life in prison for acting on termporary rage and there would be a dead ex wife on his concense) a classic case of a dude pumped up on roids and a selfish,maniuplative ex wife trying to take half of his shit. he will be out of prison on parrole and and starting a new band before you know it( with some good deep lyrical content from his time in the slammer) tim if you read this and need a lead guitar player i got your back.


    Tim has been out since 08 and is working on getting a new band together. It will be named As I Lay Dying.