As I Lay Dying - Hellion Lyrics

Hell hound!
Hot leather on your legs,
They're smoking power kegs
Your ranting on means
It's hell bound!
And you're the one they claim
Is going down in flames
You're acting in Hades grave
Hellion! The devil's hellion in town
Hellion! We'll never have to die!
Well, child,
You're sweating and you're stoned
They've got to knock you down
Makes you crazy all night!
You're in never ending pain
And drink the devil's rain
You're screaming out your name
Hellion! The devil's hellion in town
Hellion! We'll never have to die!
The Gods you worship are steel
At the altar of rock and roll
You kneel,
A slave who forever rocks
His tail in the devil's locks
A slave like the bloody exile
Hellion! The devil's hellion in town
Hellion! We'll never have to die!

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As I Lay Dying Hellion Comments
  1. Customer Service

    Just some dudes vibing

  2. fadli zubair

    Better judast priest

  3. siri sinclear

    กูว่า กูเห็นเสื้อเบียร์ช้าง

  4. Paul Underwood

    They did awesome sounds great until they start singing

  5. Devin Bunn

    Love the first gen Chevy C10 at the end

  6. Alex A

    Jordan was like *"hmmmmm this looks like a good drum set. I'll take it!"*

    Harz Matt

    He'll be nominated as the first man who drum on a strange space scorpion

  7. Jandry Lascano

    Quien viene por Guitar Hero 80's jaja :v

  8. Metal Avalanche

    This is better than original 🤘🏻

  9. Spin Dryer

    I've never liked any band that sings in this style. lol "Wraggrhhhfffrawwgg" It 's a fuckin idiotic vocal styling ,it's shit and always will be shit,this cover is shit.

  10. MrLeoben2

    Great mixing. Death vocals were there but not predominant.

  11. Yuiop Eggs

    This Is Satirical As Fuck

  12. Sky delos santos

    Where can I buy the scorpion drums

  13. Gerell PZ

    Quien mas en 2019?

  14. Lars Poen

    This isn't a little [email protected], it's over the top [email protected] It's like if someone never heard of Priest and they heard Judas Priest for the first time and thought their cover song of Electric Eye just killed this band and wiped the floor

  15. Just Ride

    I'm calling Peta. This is a Scorpion abuse!

  16. Loulou Ladouceur

    Best cover of the entire world of music ♥️♥️♥️♥️ will ever be my ringtone

  17. Strath Attack

    The cover song is awesome but the music video makes me laugh my head off, the hell is going on with that scorpion dude? 😂

  18. Astro de Verste

    Bad ass cover !! They’re also the only metalcore band i can stand really

  19. ZeldaLegacy

    I think this is better than the original.

  20. Wilford Grimley

    Its about time someone covered this song

  21. Scambot_Terminator

    Don't worry everyone, they will do a cover song from the scorpions next and this will all "make sense" finally!! By the way, in 2026 the electric eye will be replaced by a photonic metiograph- so there you have it!!! Now go write a song about the photonic metiograph!!!

  22. DyersEve

    His voice kind of killed it for me. I LOVE heavy metal but I can't stand listening to bands whose singer sounds like he's screaming while choking on a massive dick all the time lol. Just my opinion.

  23. Tyler Dees

    For those of you hating on this. Rob himself has came out and said and I quote ( they did a fucking great job) so they got the approval from the man himself. And it is a awesome cover.

  24. Bert Lamil

    Heavy Metal...🤘

  25. tempo529

    Vocals suck balls... and not in a good way lol.

  26. mark glent

    I love Judas Priest but honestly i personally think this cover is better

  27. GiantTortoise

    Most great songs that are covered don’t turn out to be better. As I lay dying took this song and enhanced the fuck out of it

  28. metalhead 666

    I fuckin love this cover of Judas priest

  29. metalhead 666

    This is a cover a Judas priest electric eye

  30. Sebasthian Medina

    4:42 is that a representation of Rob Halford? :0

  31. k i

    Bad ass cover. The video spectacularly hilarious.

  32. Lee Broderick

    HEY Not bad!!! I'm not gonna lie.. I thought this cover was gonna be shit! But I was wrong! They did a fucking awesome job..I like it!! Cool video too

  33. Юрий Георгиев

    JUDAS PRIEST COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Esta cansion es para hombres de verdad no las mamadas de regeton para putos

    jose kira

    Te apoyo xd

  35. John Roger


  36. celestiall

    Lol this is ridiculous in every possible way...

  37. Crazy Raizy

    Could he not sing like a dying cow

  38. Pasi Vaan

    Rob Halford's steel sound is much better, but good try.

  39. SixToothSon

    Lol what the fuck is this video? This doesn't make any sense with the song or at all.

  40. matt kluge

    Actual footage of me during a cross country road trip somewhere around Arizona and New mexico

  41. Ndef Genji


  42. Patrick Hamning

    this gotta be corniest concept I've ever seen. I hope they never hire the guy who came up with the video concept

  43. Martin Parra

    "Electric eye" is by Judas Priest, not by "Scorpions"...

  44. Harun Vazquez

    Excelent cover!!

  45. eulldog

    Vocals like this give modern metal music a terrible name. Not a fan.

  46. Armando Bronca

    La mejor cover con los peores efectos xd

  47. SamWilliams_Music

    Sometimes I wonder what goes through people’s minds when they hit dislike on really great songs

  48. Carlos Quezada

    Electric guy

  49. Carlos Quezada

    That's how you charm a giant scorpion make it headbang

  50. Carlos Quezada

    It's the giant rad scorpion from fallout lol

  51. TÁLTOS

    I think I have the perfect way to describe this song: If I didn't know the original existed, I'd be listening to this all day!

  52. Travis Magee

    Such a bad video for such a great song lmao.

  53. Carlos Alberto

    Mi grupo favorita es JUDAS PRIEST y en todas las versiones que se han echo de este tema esta es la primera que e escuchado en donde se respetaron todos los solos de guitarra prácticamente...No conocía a esta banda y no tengo ningún prejuicio en contra de ellos pero el echo de que respetarán los solos de guitarra para mi Como fan de JUDAS PRIEST habla bien de ellos. La verdad es que no soy seguidor de ese estilo moderno de METAL con voces guturales pero ciertamente está versión me gustó mucho. Por cierto una pregunta el estilo de esta banda sería Deth Core ? Por favor alguien podría aclararme esta duda ?

  54. GouVahsi

    They look like job for a cowboy

  55. Bartimus Trashwalker

    I like when he rides the scorpion playing drums on its head

  56. Lillian

    The tone should be different on the scream lol. More loudddd there it's the same as the original but with scream

  57. Brandon Relkam

    Birdemic budget CGI going on here. If you've never seen a movie called Birdemic, the CGI in that movie was atrocious.

  58. Mehmet Ziya Aypar

    Just one more reason for me to never like "core" shit in metal music. They fuck up even the simplest covers.

  59. Paul Penry

    If you look very closely, you can tell the scorpion is fake

  60. lord heavy

    JAjjajajajajajajjajajajajj WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Kizia Karol

    quando o cover é melhor q o original

  62. Scott Sommers

    It's not a bad cover. The problem is that covering Judas Priest is a serious challenge. And this song? Very hard.

  63. superbleeder98

    Good god that was horrible CGI

  64. Garybaldo

    I need to know what kind of wheels the drummer uses to run away from a giant scorpion while playing a Judas Priest cover

  65. Captain Tripps

    I think they did this song justice and even made even heavier and you can here a touch of robs vocals in the background

  66. Debby Putra

    Fun video, must be inspired by india action movies.

  67. Crystal Lava

    this cover is so much better than the original <3

  68. punisher lbc420

    Welcome home🤘🤘

  69. Alexander D'Alessandro

    MISS THEM NO MORE!! AILD fans.. we must EMBRACE pulling Tim ''The Lazarus” Lambesis back into this life with the unexpected return of him being a commendable man returninmg from prison, literfal Hell on Earth,

    Awesome cover,, welcome back Tim.

  70. Don Arturo

    They're back madafakas!!

  71. LYNN Chang Jang

    i miss them ;__;

  72. Zach The Anime Hunter

    Wtf were they thinking when they made this video

  73. Micky Lo

    This is the second greatest Judas Priest cover of all time. Death covering "Painkiller" is #1

  74. Allan Vitor

    HAHa wtf...this scrorpion is very this cover of eletric eye of JUDAS PRIEST is the best of the world!!!

  75. Abyss King Erixk

    Ok i was reading the comments, and damn some of these people are fuckin idiots. Is like they don't the meaning of "cover". It's a cover with THIER. OWN. STYLE. It doesn't have to be the same as the original. Like damn people need to stop bitching

  76. Abyss King Erixk

    Better than judas hands down, don't start attacking me (IT'S MY OPINION)

  77. James B

    This is so trash compared to their old stuff jesus what happened

  78. MultiCappie

    This is the best cover of Mr. Crowley I've ever heard! Well done.

  79. Necessary Evil

    Special effects by GWAR apparently

  80. Jaron Miller

    HOW IN THE FUCK AM I JUST NOW COMING ACROSS THIS?!?!?! I’ve been listening to As I Lay Dying for about 8 years now and never knew about this! I just saw Priest last Thursday and they put on a killer show! And when they played this song, I got the chills! And AILD did a fucking outstanding job on this cover! Taking their own spin on a classic! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  81. XenotheWise135

    You gotta at least admit that solo was spot on.

  82. Methalusa

    Instrumentally, this is fucking great.

    Vocally, it's so confusing. You can clearly sing the song pretty good, you're talented. Why did you throw that talent to the wayside in favor of talentlessly screaming garbled bullshit? Any kid and their dog can do that, not everyone can sing that well.

    Sometimes musicians are their own worst enemy, man.

  83. Moin Khan

    0:15 Skipped

  84. JJS

    Kings of metalcore

  85. Michael Manopla

    I love priest but this version killed it!!!! I can't help but say it's better than the original!!!

  86. Tyron Smith

    if this cover had clean vocals it woul be better than the original, instrumentally it is the best.

  87. Sound Sound Conter

    I love more then old song

  88. Sound Sound Conter

    Scorpion mix and judas priest

  89. Garybaldo

    First time I came here 1 year ago I was checking out the band, now I'm here because I can't stand the vocals on Priest's original version despite loving the band, and this is the only song I really like from AILD, it's kinda weird how I came back to this from something completely different

  90. DamnGood_1 DG

    Don't worry everyone, they will do a cover song from the scorpions next and this will all "make sense" finally!! By the way, in 2026 the electric eye will be replaced by a photonic metiograph- so there you have it!!! Now go write a song about the photonic metiograph!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  91. Timmie DeSpain

    I love As ILay Dying...they Kick A..

  92. Anthony Kester

    Sick as fuck nick kills the solo

  93. Stone Cold

    By far the best metalcore band on the planet. RIP.

  94. never ever

    one of the best band in 21C

  95. jose ornelas

    Both bands are so fucking great, nice cover from as i lay dying. ‭

  96. nick raatz

    Good sound bad vocals. Death metal is a bit too far from the good classics

  97. Jacob Thomas

    more likely to find a metalcore band shooting a video in the desert than water