As I Lay Dying - Forced To Die Lyrics

Exhausted beyond repair
Stripped of all I had
Forced to die inside
Now I breathe a renewed Life
It is now I see without my eyes
If this is what it takes
To bring me to my knees
Then feed me pain until
I realize I am but a slave
Remind me of my need for You
Remind me of who I am

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As I Lay Dying Forced To Die Comments
  1. Nati የጨርቆሱ


  2. chermond

    love the song <3

  3. Matt D.

    check out my cover of this amazing song!!

  4. Lucas souza

    Miss them

    Nati የጨርቆሱ

    Well I saw them last week! They're back

  5. tallboy65237

    (Love the song, but the singing does it no justice, this is what it says) Exhausted..... beyond repair....Stripped... of.. all I had....Forced to die....inside....Forced to... die..Now I breathe... a renewed Life....It is now I see... without my eyes...Re.....mind..... me..... of my need... for You....
    If this is what it takes....To bring me to my knees.....Then feed me pain.... 
    Until I realize.... I am... but a slave....Remind me of who I am....

    Source: Love the band and their music, 20 yrs. old, been listening to them since 6th grade, everywhere I looked, I noticed the lyrics looked slightly off to me.

    Gia Jaymes

    tallboy65237 Thank you <3