As I Lay Dying - Distance Is Darkness Lyrics

The contingencies of another day unravel my senses
And now your distance is darkness
And now your distance is darkness
My hope has been beset by your absence
I decay from inside
From inside
There is love, there is love, there is love
It all there is love, there is love
There is love!

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As I Lay Dying Distance Is Darkness Comments
  1. Nati የጨርቆሱ

    I love it!

  2. Bob Marley

    I thought for a moment that Chino Moreno was here lol

  3. new found life

    blaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i wat i heard

  4. Maciel


  5. Eduardo Hernandez

    I played that song On Acoustic Guitar and Played with the only intro Change I sang I Never Wanted intro verse and I sang the full song Change by the Deftones and after that I sang the final verse of I Never Wanted......

  6. Mr Possy

    The contingencies of a day unravel my senses
    And now your distance is darkness
    My hope has been beset by your absence
    I decay from inside
    Underneath it all there is still life
    Despite it all there is still love

  7. anarchyamp

    So good.

  8. Insert Clever Username

    The ending is fucking powerful

  9. R35_ STONESkull1

    I'll still be listening to this song in 2019 and beyond awesome song

  10. aTROLLwithBlades

    I thought this song was called "my eggroll" my eggroooooooooolll my egroooooooo-ooooooool my eggrooll!!!!


    I love that eggroll

    Keenan Descartin

    Never have I heard such strong passion for an egg roll before

  11. Nice Guy

    You can feel the emotion in Tims voice


    Nice Guy that’s not Tim lol it’s the bassist lol he has always done all the clean vocals in the band

    John Caulfield

    @MR.YOUTUBE not at this period, Clint only joined after the recording of Shadows are Security. So all the vocals on this album, including the cleans, is Tim himself.


    John Caulfield Clint was in from around 03-06 and that’s him towards the end of this song, the current bass player is josh who joined in 06

    Keenan Descartin

    John Caulfield no they actually got a few extra musicians to record the additional vocals on FWC; I’m not exactly sure who sang on this track though

  12. Sardik Kadronas

    As I Lay Dying always lacked a piece to me. None of their songs fully clicked, just went part way to where I can enjoy them if they're on but I won't seek them out.

    This song has that extra piece. It's too short unfortunately but the clean vocals add so much to the song. I'm not even one that pushes for clean vocals I just really like the way they're done here.


    Sardik Kadronas elegy? through struggle? confined???

    Sardik Kadronas

    Keene yeah none of them have that bite I'm looking for.


    Sardik Kadronas elegy is a perfect song imo, great chorus, nice opening riffs, and good fade off towards the end


    I always felt the same way. Check out the band Misery Signals.

  13. XXxxPusYYCrUSHERXXxx420xxXX69x

    I love the pain you hear in his voice

  14. Hollywood Starlett

    he laid embers in her eyes...haha

  15. Greg Romo

    sound like chino from deftones

    Eduardo Hernandez

    @Lord Sorceron I Can't Get out of my House Sorry

    Lord Sorceron

    @Eduardo Hernandez Honestly me neither G. My step dad is trippin on some curfew type shit.

    Eduardo Hernandez

    @Lord Sorceron oh but I don't use any bad words

    Lord Sorceron

    @Eduardo Hernandez can u front me a gram til next friday?

    Eduardo Hernandez

    @Lord Sorceron ¡NO.!

  16. Greg Romo

    this shit hard as fuk brah