As I Lay Dying - Confined Lyrics

That night that I never came home
Wandering souls captured my thoughts
Emptiness filled my mind
Urgency spoke her lies
In the confines of these grey walls
I watched them move together
Taking me places I cannot remember (remember)
We have been poured out
Into a loveless bride

How quickly I forget
That this is meaningless
How quickly I forget
That this is meaningless

In a world passing through my fingers
I still chase the wind

How quickly I forget
That this is meaningless
How quickly I forget
That this is meaningless


What have I learned from yesterday?
What have I learned from yesterday?

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As I Lay Dying Confined Comments
  1. Elion Jonotan

    This song is actually very heavy. & I've been listening to deathcore for like 12 years

  2. Bartimus Trashwalker

    AILD played this live in Dallas November 18 2019

  3. Jackson Rust

    How quickly I forget.... that this..... is meaningless!

  4. krissyfandubs2

    My intro into heavier music. Ah the nostalgia.

  5. J. B.

    I'm coming on 18th october 2019 to E-Werk n Saarbrücken. My lovely Buwwe with very good voice and good playing the instruments.

  6. Stephen Eccles

    So late to the party, but at least I’m here now.

  7. Max Emiliano

    That night
    I never came home
    Wandering souls captured
    My thoughts
    Filled my mind
    Spoke her lies
    In the confines
    Of these, grey walls
    I watched them
    Move together
    Taking me places
    I cannot, remember (remember)
    We have been, poured out
    Into this loveless bride
    How quickly I forget
    That this is meaningless
    How quickly I forget
    (How quickly I forget)
    That this is meaningless
    (That this is meaningless)
    In a world
    Passing through
    My fingers
    I still chase the wind

  8. Karim Tantawy

    Anyone here bec youtube recommended the video of the guy playing AILD on the street 😂

    Rono Salapunen

    same here

    FFDP and a bean can

    Yes that would be me

    Salvador Lopez

    I ALSO FELL INTO THE TRAP 😂😂😂 song is too sick I bump it like almost everyday also the other ones he was playing

  9. PTR Koulou

    Every metalcore fan likes praising Killswitch Engage. But I can't seem to like them even slightly as much as this band. Their breakdowns are among the best in modern metalcore, and their vocals hit much harder. So grateful they're back together

    Luis Garcia

    Some of the best drumming I've heard


    Not knocking you opinion but I am both a Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying Fan and supporter. Killswitch still has powerful lyrics and the vocalist has improved his sound a lot. Killswitch was basically one the founding father bands of the metalcore scene. I feel AILD is right there together with them. Id love to see both bands tour together.

    PTR Koulou

    @T-G_STEVE i mean of course I understand that they had a founding role for modern metalcore. But I never was the biggest fan of Howard's vocals, and the music, idk, never intrigued me that much. I like Jesse though. Still if you like KSE, more power to you man.

    Stephen Eccles

    Just got back into them and into Meshuggah. Hate my 14 yr old self for skipping over them after those 30 second ITunes previews lol.

    Jackson Rust

    PTR Koulou I am telling you it’s the drums the dude puts you in some type of trance 😳

  10. OneGill

    This song's defined my life

  11. Conteúdo Tóxico

    porrrra meus 13 anos nessa musica pqppppppppppp to com qase 30 agora
    vai caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarai

  12. Kalle Forsström

    How quickly I forget that my wife still isn't dead


    It fits so good too lmfao

    Spezek !

    That ones a stretch


    So original and funny ha ha ha.......

  13. RavenZero4

    This is always the first song to come to my head when I’m in the shower lol probably because of the music video 😁

  14. RavenZero4

    This is always the first song to come to my head when I’m in the shower lol probably because of the music video 😁

  15. Progressive Politics & Cannabis Culture

    First song I heard by them in middle
    school . Made me fuckin fall in love with them. Such an outstanding band and this album especially

  16. Aztec Whistle

    From Confined to Redefined

    Matthew H.

    They also have a song called Undefined. XD

  17. -CFH-ArcHitectoR


  18. Ichigo Kurosaki

    Best moment 1:22 🔥🤘

  19. vagg boyanov


  20. Ian Lacour

    Still rockin in 2019 4am laying in bed


    Hell yeah!!

    new found life

    trying to find a specific song from these guys cant remember what its called

    Sage Nelson

    Elephants love baloney

    Pro fanity

    Fortunately music never gets old. It's simply becomes the foundation for others to build on.

    John Oneil

    I never wanted?

  21. DraculaXHunter101

    This was As I Lay Dying’s final song on the last tour they did this year with Phinehas, Currents & Frost Koffin. It fucking fitted so well. That was one of the best nights of my life. To finally see these guys live and see them play a setlist that spanned their entire catalog was such a mesmerizing experience. The entire floor was a massive fucking mosh pit. Nobody stopped moving at all. So many voices echoed the room.
    I cannot wait to see AILD again soon.
    It was a true once in a lifetime experience.

  22. Robert Miller

    Boys are back in town

  23. Michelle Saad

    Tim. I'm no God to judge what you did...but your music spoke volumes. Sorry the demons nearly got the worst of you...they try us all everyday...

  24. generalPWNS

    oh yes, so many feels. need an increase in your max bench press? here you go 1:56

  25. Jefferson Ricardo


  26. jongmagee

    This was the song that truly started it all for me.

  27. Beau Bessette

    I broke the window again.. Dads gonna be pissed!

  28. Deanna Coutts

    WHY DON'T NEW BANDS MAKE METALCORE LIKE THIS ANYMORE???? 2000s metal was amazing. AILD, KSE, Trivium (first album), etc. If anyone has leads for new metalcore bands with epic guitar riffs and breakdowns, inform me please. Thank you.

    Jorn Voet

    I highly recommend Crystal Lake they are sick. Good one to start would be Omega but honestly everything is awesome.

    Greg Poulin

    august burns red, polaris, architects, fit for a king, crystal lake, wage war, breakdown of sanity


    miss may i

  29. Lucas Irrutia

    Damn this used to be my MySpace song 🤘🏻💪🏻 !!

  30. Crypto Boner

    how quick lee


    Very quick

  31. suffermydesire13

    This song remains me so many good things

  32. Grant Wilson

    This is the song that created a metalhead for life when i was 12

  33. Zach Haus

    It seems like yesterdayy this album was released

  34. Michelle Saad

    People make mistakes horrible things but who are we to judge them

  35. {Motorchrist }

    Do anyone actually understands this guy?

    Vinny V

    Look up the lyrics.


    Google the lyrics jackass.

  36. Keith adkins

    Always makes my hair stand up

  37. Sam Salem

    Lmfao "how-quickly-I -forget-that-he-tried-to-have-his-wife-killed"

  38. montmn

    My favorite AILD song. I'm glad they are back together. Bring some BRUTAL new shit!

    Mohammed Sherif

    Here we go

  39. Stigmatikk Soul

    Nostalgia like hell \m/

  40. Christian Wolfgang

    back 2gtr mthrfkrs

  41. Brian Posey

    Reminds me everyday, that everything is meaningless.

  42. Tom Sis

    I hope they will come play in my country i hope...😆😆😆

  43. Tom Sis

    Best of best drumer ever ! And song is miracefoul !!! 200/100 ! ! !

  44. 丂卂ㄒㄖҜㄖ 聡子

    Ahh. 11th grade ;-; I love this so much. I'm so glad they're back together.

  45. RycheRageForOrder


  46. Cole J

    you by far should not be posting videos. you have crap quality

  47. Robert Miller

    Come back boys it's time

    Quentin Bohannon

    Their back seeing thm next month.

  48. AlwaysSmellGood 83

    "I RAPE MYSELF, AND I DON'T KNOW WHY!...", bad...wrong song! 😉😂.

    Major Nugzzz

    AlwaysSmellGood 83

    Yay!!!!! A Caliban fan!!!

    AlwaysSmellGood 83

    Scott Dickfaces, I like both bands...not sure on how I feel about the new Caliban record yet though.

    Cody Pine

    Totally stolen riffage

    Rener Abano

    @Cody Pine melodic metalcore was influenced by the band At The Gates.

  49. Nitty Gritty

    Heard he grew boobs in jail

  50. RycheRageForOrder

    Mancino! your percussion work is pure crushing sickness.

  51. SKilledP0TATO

    Man such good memories this song brings back. This album came out at the end of middle school/beginning of High school for me.

  52. John Doe

    I remember when I thought this band was for queers by queers . Always liked this song though. Now that metal is dead , this is my new work out jam . Pretty bad ass , I'm glad I never tuned to these fools. Cause it's something old , but new to me .

    Not Available

    Welcome to the queer club......

    Papa Diogenes

    Look, op is projecting again

  53. zach

    I was 15 when this album came out...
    I need to stop getting old...

    Sesame Judas

    Yep, i was 14 when it dropped aswell.

    Sesame Judas

    @Blake King This Song/Album came out in 2005


    I was in Fallujah and about to turn twenty five, you have no idea how getting "old" feels yet.

    Bin zu unkreativ für einen Namen

    I was 2 and far away from discovering it


    I think I was 13 or 14

  54. ernie mint

    How quickly I forget...

  55. Luis roman

    i sware this song is perfect for when ur going to war and killing issis while ur listening to 2 army marching music


    Quattro 4

    COD warrior lol.


    You do that on the weekends?

  56. Ninjutsu

    Drums of war

  57. Bree Stone

    anyone else notice sex on the hyperlink?..... love this damm song

    Evan DeRouen

    Hahahaha!! pretty sure just you, cutie XD


    Evan DeRouen

    The Unknown

    @somanytakennames somanycriiiiinge


    @Evan DeRouen annd that kids is How I Met Your Stalker


    Confined (to a jail cell for trying to kill my wife)

    Hydralic Monkey

    +JIMMY ILARDI Dude that joke is on every video, Try again.

    Beer Wrangler

    Bitch was a button pusher

    Jlash 90

    Bro...until you are married. Do not judge this man 😂 we have all been there

    The Clearly Superior Specimen

    congrats for joining the legion of faggoty edge-lords who think that posting these jokes on AILD stuff is funny.... I mean don't get me wrong... it was pretty funny back when it first happened, but... your version is pure cringe....🤢

  59. Jason Wilson

    that this is meaningless.

  60. Velvet Potters

    well the album art is pretty...

  61. Rory Dean

    AILD is alive and well. Fuck the haters! Tim will revive the music when he is free from bars.


    I love AILD but fuck Tim, he tried to have someone killed.

    zach white

    somanytakennames forgiveness bro. or do you not listen to the music?

    Majestical Spectacle

    You’re trying to say to forgive a would be killer? You’re an idiot. And no one would miss you if a noose somehow wrapped itself around your disgusting neck. Pleb.

  62. Bradley Hauf

    Damn our demons off our backs.

  63. Bradley Hauf

    hang in there. the real test is if people can forgive you like you've advocated about through your song 94 hours. I forgive you. probably because i do not know if anyone else will. all too often signs are apparent and in front of our faces and yet we have not the truth to see. i forsake the lies that hide behind my eyes. i forsake my gullibleness that i've been succeptbile to believing lies. cannot wait till you are back in little churches playing again. like back to your roots and back thanking Yahweh on your albums, yet to come.

    Zeb parker Parker

    Full forgiven here

  64. Bradley Hauf

    The Sacred Blood of The Only Begotten Son To Banish the evil thing to the pit in The Name of The Father Son and Holy Spirit.

  65. John Smith

    Too bad Tim is now confined for a while.

    Fackin Boolsheit

    Did you just

    jd weber

    not anymore...

    Quattro 4

    He out nigga.

  66. That Name

    As i lay dying = one of the best bands in live

    larz Boosh

    Agreed sick mosh pits

    Nicholas T_bird

    Seen them live about 4 times....its always a new experience and effing hardcore

    Nicholas T_bird

    Mosh pits?! Last one my friend was in the middle of the mosh in a wheelchair and had the crowd circling him, it was next level!

    iim Blazer

    I can't wait to see them live.

  67. Timothy Von Senden

    Good times.

  68. Rob Murfskee

    how quicklyyyyyyy, i forgetttttt, that thisssssss, is meaning lessssssssss!!!

    Ant R

    something can "mean less" and be "meaning less" and obviously "meaningless" is a word, who the fuck are you trying to school..

    Progressive Politics & Cannabis Culture

    Ant R you said the song is the 2 word version and it isn’t . I may have just assumed you were saying meaningless isn’t a word so that’s why I explained that . Either way you were wrong lol. The song is the one word version “meaningless”

    Ant R

    @Progressive Politics & Cannabis Culture LOL all i fucking said was "and meaning less is two words" which is correct. everything else you assumed and thus YOU are fucking wrong, idiot, goodbye and get rekt.

    Brian Retrograde

    Lol, so much anger, calm down my brethren

    Jackson Rust

    Say it to myself everyday

  69. Obi Wan Cannoli

    Reminds me of when MySpace was still up and popular.


    Obi Wan Cannoli Hahaha right!!!? Used to have them as my song when you went on my page. Ahhh the good ol days.

    danielle dobler

    Yesss I totally had this song on mine in like 2006 at one point 😂💖 I miss those days

    Matthew Luna

    It is still up. I still have one. I miss like Facebook, and the propoganda they are spreading. All bull shit. Fuck Californian!

  70. thekazuya005

    this song takes me back to kindergarden LOL jk

    Rob Murfskee

    you youngin lol this takes me back to 11th grade wen it first came out

    Obscure Creation

    I remember hearing this in 3rd grade when it came out.


    @***** garden is on german.

    boi if you don't

    This takes me back to when i retired

  71. Lenetra Lashay Wysinger

    Here from pandora

  72. Schak_waR45__WOT

    Best Album :)

  73. Johnny Roland

    Lol Same here

  74. Anthony J. .Johnson

    Bad ass song.

  75. New Blood

    This song takes me back to high school lol