As I Lay Dying - Cauterize Lyrics

The truth of my heart
Is like a repressed tale
A censored and silenced story

Repression or restraint
It is a delicate balance
Between bleeding out what will make me drown
And closing in what I cannot afford to spill
Either way,
I must cauterize,
Cauterize the open wound

I'm caught between the feeling
Of being pulled apart
Or stuffed into a cell [x2]

And if these are the only options
This will be always be hell
Never ending
Though I still may be breathing
There is no quality of life
So I choose to risk it all for you
For you to be by my side

I'm caught between the feeling
Of being pulled apart
Or stuffed into a cell [x2]

A crowd is easy to deceive
But now I am a patient on the table

I'll give you the knife
Cut away as you see fit

Just promise me the patience
To wait for me to heal

I'm caught between the feeling
Of being pulled apart
Or stuffed into a cell [x3]

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As I Lay Dying Cauterize Comments
  1. Mark Lewis

    Metal blade has a sic ass editing team

  2. CrazyJimmi9

    I'm still listening to this album. So fucking good. Love shaped by fire as well.

  3. WooglySnoob

    Moms: Here comes the airplane. Say 0:02

  4. TheBros2theend

    God bless and save you Jesus Christ loves you

  5. Jason Bork

    Real talk

  6. Beautiful Blue

    "A crowd is easy to deceive 
    But now I am a patient on the table"

    Hit the nail on the head there didn't you Tim. Its like you predicted the future. Hahaha

  7. Grant Sundbye Music


    When you barefoot and unexpectedly step on a lego.

    Kristóf Kolos Nagy

    Or on a christmas tree decoration, or when go out to pee at night and you kick the bed

  8. Draxthos

    Best metalcore band

  9. Keenan Descartin

    I just realized how ominous this song was

  10. Amnesios

    The lyrics from the last 2 albums were kinda describing Tim's last years...

  11. IRanee

    Its so obvious that he was forced to kill his wife or spend time in prision,thats what happens when you join secret societies.Tim i now excatly what happend i can tell by ur lyrics.Also the media are liars.


    IRanee it sounds crazy but I was also thinking the same thing

  12. IRanee

    this dude was actually the good guy,but media has painted him out as a criminial

    Jyessi Terriaynt

    IRanee some wives are real evil bitches

  13. IRanee


  14. Original channel Name

    Ironically he was stuffed into a cell

  15. Proud heretic

    "I'm caught between the feeling of being pulled apart, or STUFFED INTO A CELL"
    Wow.. a bit of foreshadowing there, eh Tim? ;)

  16. Rey Garcia

    Somebody 2017!!!!!


    Rey Garcia me

    Rey Garcia

    JacksGaming we need another album from this guys!!!


    Rey Garcia the rest of the band had moved on without Tim...They're called Wovenwar. Not as heavy but they sound great. I just can't wait for Tim to create new content.

  17. milk man22

    i love when songs start with a scream like this

  18. Dylan Naljahih

    .....and sadly Tim WAS stuffed into a cell...haha

    Steve Marston

    Not really that sad. I love their music, and I'm glad he's out and they're back to making music, but he 100% deserved what he got.

    Roger Rabbit

    @Steve Marston true son, he deserved it son.

  19. freakinpro

    Guess who's baaaaaaaack

  20. NrG

    I guess tim was caught between the feeling of being pulled apart, or stuffed into a cell

  21. UnityDeicide

    Tim isn't Varg. Tim can actually heal.

    My Ex Demise

    Then again varg killed out of self defense. Both aren't the worst ppl on the planet

    Caleb Hohneke

    @My Ex Demise What's fucked about Varg's situation is that he seems to feel nothing from it. Most people who kill someone in self defense often regret that the situation even came to that conclusion and it haunts their mind. He seems to almost get off on the fact that it happened, which is a trait of a sociopath. The difference between Varg and Tim is that Tim isn't a sociopath...Idk man, I have known a few people who I would classify as sociopaths and the absence of emotion in their eyes is truly frightening. Like they are not looking at you, they are looking through you sort of thing. I get those same vibes from Varg.


    @Caleb Hohneke especially considering he knew the guy he killed. Even if they hated each other you'd think he would still feel remorse.

    Martin Bordeaux

    I don´t understand why are you comparing those people?

  22. TheMainManUSA713

    i thought he burned his hand in the beginning, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOW

  23. Abhishek Praharaj

    Their lyrics and music always help me overcome the bad days


    Abhishek Praharaj I hear you man, this album really helped me out during a bad time too!

  24. MetalGod 1990

    I'll be patient
    I'll wait for Tim to heal
    I'll be by his side when he comes out and does awesome stuff again (healed and clear)


    Prassy Venketesh he's been out since December


    ye..any news about him? I heard that he got married to a model,nothing else;/


    Ur not crazy,if ur familiar about the pieces of shits that run the music industry then you will see he was setup.If u look back they have alot of songs about looking for the truth but all the answers sound the same.Well they thought they would go to the worst people and ask these questions.The people they were asking these questions make you do things and if you dont there is horrible consuquences.I can prove he was setup by lyrics.Ok in 2012 there was wasted words,the lyrics said"All the wasted words i said in all the cities that i left,the last act of our precious play must not close with regret"So he is saying its the end of his career and they decived everyone into thinking they were Christians.Now u might say he was planning on killing his wife but that makes no sense,if you look at the article were tim talks about entertaining the idea.He said he never planned to kill his wife,but someone from his gym said they were a hitman.Now how did he predict the future in 2012 to the end of 2013 when some dude approached him saying that.It doesn't make sense.And then you look at cuaterize he knew what was coming.He says "i cant afford to spill"meaning exposing what was really going on,the they say"Im cuaght between the feeling of being pulled apart or stuffed into a cell.He was for sure framed.


    Hell of a big news... AILD just teased new music!

    Cameron McKeon


  25. buffaloboy169 O.N.I.017

    O.D.S.T./We scream bunngie... xbox live

  26. Austin Gardner

    Its creepy how this is basically him trying to decided whether or not to kill his estranged wife.

    Maaad Dogg

    I think it makes the song more exciting lmao

    Not Available

    Work on your logic......


    Damn boi, you are right


    Perhaps this is him telling his situation to us in a song. Damn he actually did it.

    John Jackson

    Sometimes ya just gotta kill your ex

  27. holydver

    @leeakametalman actually beneath the encasing of ashes doesnt have a skull on it.

  28. Michael

    great work on the video

  29. WesDesto

    stuffed into a cell? You betcha.

  30. Dallas Powell

    This is, really, a lot like their older music. Not that that's a bad thing at all. It's great.

  31. Riverization

    You know? On asilaydying channel, we Metal fans don't argue among us.

  32. Mathieu Turcotte

    Lol Poil de cul cest fucking drole

  33. Sam

    nobody care because ITS FUCKING AWESOME

  34. ender

    Yeah the hardcore riffage is kind of their staple. Sounds a lot like their old stuff.



  35. cabbage658

    sound like some of there songs from powerless rise album.

  36. phoxius

    pft, fuck you all- trolls or not i don't give a shit- i came here to bang my fuckin head. we're all entitled to our own opinions, why is that such an impossible concept for the youtube community? who the fuck cares if this sounds exactly the same as all the rest of their shit? all i know is tomorrow i'm gonna have to turn my head like batman because for 3 minutes and 49 seconds i was rocking the fuck out.

  37. Cruelleazy

    Simple nice

  38. GuMpAkC

    You again! Bye troll.

  39. SkillerSteve028

    Must be new to youtube as well....Telling a troll to go away isn't effective...You have much to learn.

  40. GuMpAkC

    Okay, you're the all knowing. So...go away troll shoo!

  41. SkillerSteve028

    No troll, you simply didnt read what i said. Ive supported As I since the beginning, been to every show they have come out for. I know what Im talking about, go take your polka cassette and hand it to your mother.

  42. GuMpAkC

    Oh you're here to troll. Well call me trolled! Don't like it? Don't support the band, go fuck yourself on down the street and buy a fucking polka cassette, you seem fit for that.

  43. SkillerSteve028

    I said structure so your whole blab was pointless.

  44. GuMpAkC

    You must be new to music. A band has their own sound, AILD has their own distinct sound and tone (drop C). So no, the songs may sound the same as guitar notes are concerned but they don't sound the same as in recycled tunes.

  45. SkillerSteve028

    You mustn't be AILD fan, because if you were, you would know that this song is structured like a lot of their songs, that's what they mean by the same. Because in a way it is.

  46. bigm832

    Love this song. Don't care if other people like it, pre ordered their new album because I support this band!!

  47. Scott Freeman

    That's exactly how I feel!!

  48. _____

    Meh, Cannibal Corpse did it better twenty years ago with Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead.

  49. Max Medlow

    Nah, Katatonia's new song is miles better. And don't say I'm a troll or something, I like both bands

  50. 坂上田村麻呂

    Hey, guys!
    Vote for As I Lay Dying!

  51. aarongtr180

    Geez, try something new for once. Doesn't help that almost every other band in the genre sounds almost exactly like this :/

  52. TuckerDrums

    The drums sound similar to Bury Us All and An Ocean Between Us but I still like this!

  53. GuMpAkC

    Recycling riffs? No. Having their own sound? Yes.

  54. cody harmon

    I mean.. depends what way you look at music. They are probably my favorite band. But, they're masters at recycling riffs. You can't tell me you haven't heard something similar before.

  55. Daniel Allen

    they are a great band but they should cut off the mainstream a little and go back into Melodic Metalcore. If not their sound well, I am glad still to stand ground with these guys wherever they go. :)

  56. JoshTehVideoMaker

    they played this song at mayhem glad AILD was at the first concert I've ever been to :D never headbanged so much in my life, best day of my fuckin' life so happy my tickets were free lol also after seeing asking alexandria live (they came after AILD) I must ask why does everyone hate them they were fucking awesome (not as awesome as AILD) but still pretty fucking good

  57. mitomen2000

    That's why we listen to uniqe metalcore bands like AILD who can come up with something new :)

  58. daTomster16

    This song should have at least 100,000 views more.

  59. hyeinla

    Agreed bro! I always love it when guys hate certain songs or groups yet it appears they have nothing better than to watch a video about the group they hate on youtube.

  60. Tyler Burke

    This sounds exactly like AOBU As I Lay Dying. I like. A lot.

  61. Javier Romero

    mmm lo mismo de muchas bandas no?

  62. Inevitibility44737

    I totally agree, but I'd rather them play the same stuff than taking the chance that they'll move in the direction that I hate. That's the whole reason I hate Metallica now is because they moved in a totally horrible direction contrary to my opinion. Some people liked it, some didn't. Basically AILD knows that no matter where they go, people will like it and people will hate it, but the people who are their fans now are who they owe all of their fame to, so they want to keep giving to us.

  63. darkhors3gaming

    Yay!!!! AILD is back, i disliked the powerless rise! but this sounds more like the AILD I love!

  64. Christian Matthew

    The bands that made the metalcore genre: As I Lay Dying, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, All That Remains ect. They made, and some still make great music! Now, just because every other band is copying their styles doesn't mean that the original bands have to change. So many of you are giving power to the imitators. You don't have to get tired of the genre, you can always stop listening to the crap and stay true to the kings. I'll admit the riffage, while great, is very similar to an ocean between us

  65. GuMpAkC

    Are you dumb fucks really serious? This doesn't sound anything like their previous music. Must be morons trolling...

  66. ReincarnatedOfficial

    Need some death metal ? Come check out my page...

  67. MetalGod 1990

    what's wrong with bands like miss may 1 and suicide silence and devil wears prada are you saying they are not heavy enough?

  68. I Am Redeemed

    bloody hell this song is a little ripper, slowly becoming my favourite band!

  69. Khairul Azeem

    I got to TWEET the feeling. Of being pulled apart or stuffed into a cell. Yeah, TWEET

  70. Grim Reefer

    Ps. Big Chocolate remixes Elegy for them on the Decas cover album they have, so I have already heard of him

  71. Grim Reefer

    yeah I touched on their progression in my comment and yes they didn't do anything mind blowing in this album we heavn't heard from them before, they just fine tuned their sound from the last album...bring me the horizon did it as well with suicide season, and Asking Alexandria already plays with electronic sounds and voice minipulation, Linkin Park arn't metal they are good but they are not metal and they have a DJ in the band who mixes as well..Korn however made a good electronic / metal album

  72. TheMoronica

    Trail Of Insects-The Dying Breed

  73. Jimmy Wise

    September 25th their new album, Awakened, comes out

  74. Branden Martin

    Nvm my comment. Lol.

  75. Branden Martin

    Are they coming out with another CD this year? Lets have some new shit. Re-recordings were cool. But lets get some original stuff again. But this song is awesome!!!

  76. Bombayshow


  77. Erik Martus

    Still a really great song, but I wish that they would do something a little bit different from the other stuff.

  78. A.P.

    As I lay Daying, please give us something new, this coming from a fan.

  79. Harem Kami

    :O thou hast tricked me!!

  80. Taylor Mac

    Pretty sure he meant this riff sounds exactly like their last album. Their last album sounded different from the one before it, and that sounded different than the one before that, so we were expecting change with this album.

    As for metal bands letting producers remix their work, look at Asking Alexandria's "stepped up and scratched" or even Linkin Park's "reanimation". It's been done before. If you want REAL metal/electronic, look up Big Chocolate.

  81. Jane Bell

    Is that what it sounds like when a vocalist go in for surgery and there is no anesthesia? O_O

  82. dannydemonic

    this song could have been on AN OCEAN BETWEEN US????

  83. Joshknoff

    I agree.

  84. Zachary Kean

    I like it, never listened to as I lay dying before

  85. Harem Kami

    yeah, everyone knows a good emote only uses two symbols, not three. :D

  86. Grim Reefer

    well go listen to those other 1000 bands then...As I Lay Dying have been progressing through metal the last few years and have been doing some things some metal bands have but they are trying alot of new things like their last album was remakes and mixed with dubstep, which is in right now but no real metal bands are doing it...takes nuts to do what they are doing and really it's almost impossible to create something new in music right now without going in a total new direction

  87. UnStoff

    This song is off Oceans Are Security... if you know what i mean

  88. fallen8293

    stop use :") or :-) things,it make you looks like a gay.that's not what metalhead should type.

  89. CaRRioN2811

    If they make some new with new sound it is bad, if it sounds the same as previous work it is bad for you...WHAT DO REALLY WANT? Try to make some song, it is even harder than writing here...try to be in their shoes...I love this song so much, it is maybe nothing new but it is AS I LAY DYING and AILD was my first metalcore band when I was 16 or 17 and I love every song :) :) <3 I cannot wait to hear new album AWAKENED :)

  90. Harry Johnson

    good song, but the lyrics don't really make sense

  91. LinkinSimpson's archive

    Awesome! Can't wait for the new album!!

  92. MetalGod 1990

    and the solutions to overcome them. thank you Tim!

  93. MetalGod 1990

    this song is so deep in its meaning. wow as always Tim has expressed the realities of life in his lyrics!

  94. MetalGod 1990

    no they sound just fine and are constantly improving. all their members.

  95. MetalGod 1990

    the have their own style. every band is unique in its own way and that's what makes them special. you like them for what they are and hating them for what they are not is like hating water for not being fire. this song sounds so evolved within their own style of music.

  96. Alex Martins

    Nothing really new but still a work of art by my fav band

  97. Joseph L

    Its the same fucking thing...never heard of a sub-genre? Apparently not.

  98. MutilatedMetalhead

    The metalcore genre itself is just getting played out.