As I Lay Dying - Blinded Lyrics

Have you ever been blinded by the pain?

Blinded, blinded by the pain
Unwilling to see, senseless
So blinded by selfishness
Only focusing on myself
And ignoring anyone else

Becoming driven by despair
Feeling trapped into a corner
Losing more and more of reality
Perceiving all the hurt only one-sidedly

Have you ever been blinded by the pain?
Losing yourself inside the heartache

Losing yourself
Feeling too powerless to change
Stuck and unable to escape
Incapable to see another way
I need someone to shake me... to wake me

I don't even need full clarity
Just to start the shift from blind to blurry

Have you ever been blinded by the pain?
Losing yourself inside the heartache
And does that mean we cannot change?
Or will we always be seen that way?

Will we always be seen that way?
And does that really mean we have not changed?

Or does it only mean
The truth is not in how we're seen?
But in the actions that we're now determined to take
Revealing the new path we chose to mend the heartache
Was it a pattern or a disastrous mistake?
Is the truth in what you see or what I say?

Have you ever been blinded by the pain?
Losing yourself inside the heartache
And does that mean we cannot change?
Or will we always be seen that way?
Be seen that way
Blinded by the...
Blinded by the pain

And does that really mean we have not changed?

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As I Lay Dying Blinded Comments
  1. Aiden Marie

    I was scrolling through my dad's Facebook reminiscing our times together and he had some pictures with you guys. One of his favorite bands. I just want to say thank you for existing

  2. Erasto Lpz

    Fucking love As I Lay Dying 🤘🤘🤘

  3. Brian Satria

    fuck this video needs more view bro, it's frickin underrated as hell.
    i fckn had chills when tim picked up the mic, lit. so lit.

  4. Aldi Rinaldi Ramadhan


  5. Beto rocky

    Pura testosterona for my workout! Greettings since México

  6. William Laliberté

    this music is killer. get it badum ts

  7. Charitous Kanaley

    I thought the band was done because one of the band members hired a hit man to kill his wife??

  8. Alexander Kozlov


  9. lonostalgia

    For the first notes, you know the fucking metalcore kings ARE BACK

  10. ResurrectingMan

    I’m not sure you guys will ever realize how thankful I am for your music. In my darkest moments, listening to one of your songs has literally prevented me from pulling the trigger, pulling me back from the brink. One more day. I can make it through one more day.

  11. Josh Wiberg

    Fucking wow.. Hints of the old aild! Rockin

  12. Mateus Hendler

    It's like a remedy to your soul

  13. Anik4Life

    Damn, this music video released on my birthdate.

  14. Владимир Львов

    сука,как же вы ебошите!!!!!это божественно!!!!спасибо мужики!!!

    Владимир Львов

    я вспоминаю свой 2007!!!слушая эти треки!)это дорогого стоит!

  15. Brad Finn

    Finally figured out how to release a timeless metalcore album.
    -Attempt to kill wife
    -go to jail for half a decade
    -be released from jail
    -rejoin former band
    -punch the air a whole bunch
    -success achieved

  16. Pablo Z

    this video was recording in mexico right? the people looks like mexicans. By the way im mexican!!! and i saw as i lay dying the past year in mexico city

  17. Virtual Glory

    Badass, i feel young again !

  18. NickyBoii96

    Wow, Rollo is doing well for himself..

  19. Nikola Milenkovic

    Me after skånetrafiken

  20. Erik Janation

    Desde 2005 não via uma banda tão foda tocando tão bem assim. As últimas que acompanhei no passado: ill nino, mudvayne, papa roach, limbizkit, Korn, rummstein, disturbed, deftones, coal chamber, slipknot.

  21. d.arturo

    Heavy metal 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  22. chase

    Your music is amazing!!!

  23. Matt T

    I will always support you guys...we all make mistakes but we can all push forward and make a change

  24. Jerry Wiggins II

    Looks like aild made it through the struggle

  25. AskTheBigGuy

    When metalcore isnt about hate, misanthrope, drugs, and everyone in the band lifts.
    Sign me up.

  26. d b

    Lol no-one can touch Tim lyrically. Dudes fucking amazing. Fuck the past brotha keep dropping shit like this.

  27. flyinggeneral

    Just watched them two days ago. This was way awesome live, and my neck still hurts from the intense headbanging.

  28. Thomas Hirschmiller

    I don't often listen to this song, but when I do, so does my neighbour

  29. On The Rise 100 Podcast

    Never gets old. As I Lay Dying 4 life. #streetmediahouston #ontherise100podcast

  30. lucyferina

    2:41 🔥

  31. MegadethDude2001

    When that one retard says their favorite band is Five Finger Death Punch...

  32. Edison H. Navarro

    Tim: He vuelto modafokar

  33. Evez Eliyev

    all tracks are the same

  34. UrinatingTheCrowd

    Gotta lova steroid metalcore

  35. Ai Oa

    Is the true in what you see or what i say

  36. Vanz Andrade

    Love it x1000

  37. Marcos M

    The ending is very gay, nobody talks about it? ridiculous.

    Nati የጨርቆሱ

    You are gay. Get help

    seek n detroy

    I dont understand what was gay about it

    Евгений Заруднев

    End of your comment is gay

    Marcos M

    A sweet vocal that sounds like teen pop in the middle of a hardcore metal sound that should be '' brutal '' or 'aggressive', is it serious that you didn't notice a discrepancy or how ridiculous it is?

    Nati የጨርቆሱ

    @Marcos M what the hell is wrong with you

  38. Maisha Sheldon

    And live, they're just as amazing.. It's unbelievable, especially with everything they've gone through. One of my top 3 fave bands of all time.

  39. Diego Miranda

    Killswitch Engage, August Burns Red and As I Lay Dying are the fucking kings of Metalcore. Yeah!!!

  40. Diego Miranda

    Metalcore is back, warriors!!!

  41. nushi

    Yes... this is a revolution <3
    I love the way their music alternates between confusing loud chaos & slower deep emotional music...

  42. EST N9NE D

    0:18 Spencer X

  43. Gavin Sahabandu

    Tim's multiple downward air-punches make me feel I can take on anything

  44. Pete Welsh

    Seriously AILD have built a career from plagiarising At The Gates now their titles aren’t even pretending they’re not. FFS this is basically cut and paste Terminal Spirit Disease with a few clean vocals.

    Евгений Заруднев

    Pete Welsh wat?

  45. zumoku_ANBU

    Got to watch AILD live last night. Unforgettable experience hope will get another chance to see them again

  46. akatsukijonny

    Love that Phil in Saosin now too but love his sound and the solos he does here too🤘

  47. Oana Alexandra

    2:22 <3

  48. Kushal Bhattacharjee

    Thanks for visiting India ❤️

  49. L0rdNikon 606

    Still one of the best Metalcore bands I have ever seen live. Keep it rocking guys \,,/

  50. Кузя Кузнецов


  51. Desert Rat Porter

    I've been listening to these guys since the days when Tim was scrawny. My first time hearing AILD was on a demo cd that Hastings was giving away. All these years and I never got to seen them in concert. Years went by and after the events around Tim I figured I'd never get to see them live. More years went by-I grew old, joined the corporate world and made babies. Then a new single came out. Then another. And another. Then this album that I just cant stop listening to. Then a tour! I just saw them this past November here in Phoenix and put me and my buddy on a balcony that looked right over the stage. THEY KILLED IT!!! FREAKING EPIC.

  52. rohanb2711

    Saw them live last night! Can't fucking believe it! And they started the set with this song.

  53. bird thailand

    Welcome to Thailand 15/1/2020
    I love u

  54. Cross Daily

    I love you guys, but this shit sounds like the power rangers theme song

  55. Ryan Senquiz

    If AILD band members can forgive Tim I can too, AILD is on fire!!!

  56. † Îøri †

    Banda foda d+ ❤️🇧🇷🎶

  57. KharmaGuess Official Channel

    Metalheads: - Metalcore is dead.
    Lambesis: - Hold my wife!

  58. Tasaporn Srivichai

    If it was back in years i thought i would never see them live again.
    But here i am. I feel so sad for those who didn't make it out alive.
    At least I live long enough to see they come to Thailand and going to see them this Wednesday.
    My life accomplished. i'm crying!! SO EXCITED!!!

  59. xýpnios I gńosi

    When my Chihuahua listened to this song, it turned to a pitbull.

    When my Kpop sitmate listened to this, he emmediately left and deleted his kpop playlist.

  60. Samuel Dain Thomas

    Awesome Track! MOSHPIT is Killer!

  61. Sartom Inghi

    Waiting For Your Tour At Guwahati 🤘

  62. ben franklin

    RIP to the cameras that got moshed..

  63. David Mathes

    Love them, caution to bass player on vocals, Soilworks as a band already exists.

  64. Brian Hubbell

    Unearth wipes their ass with you pussies

  65. Brian Hubbell

    Y'all used to be good .. Mainstream jesus fucks now huh .. Fuck off

  66. Kieran Stevenson

    Holy shit 😈😈😈😈😈

  67. Руслан Napalm

    очень не плохо ,уууххууу 👻😈🤘🏿

  68. web2yt

    Was watching CroCop KO everyone with wild boys by duran duran in the background. Then this. Good times.

  69. Santiago Torres

    I just... I love you AILD :')

  70. Кашин Александр

    Back in 2007.

  71. Dhiraj Kumar Das

    They're coming on 12th January in Guwahati (India)

  72. Whatsit Touya

    The intro reminds me of "Turn Down for What"

  73. Victor Palomo

    Can hear this all day I'm soo glad my favorite band is back! Crazy but never thought I'd see it but damn!!!. This is some awesome shit. As I Lay Dying the God's of metalcore. Keep going guy's....

  74. Alpha Omega

    That fuc kkink n Drum

  75. david chappel

    It all started with...Nothing Left

  76. Chunky Junky

    Is Tim's favorite video game Hitman?

  77. Shinski

    this brings me back to 2010 for some reason

  78. RanautGaming

    3:50 is definitely my favorite part of the song, and the video somehow managed to make it 1000x better

  79. dRuNK UnKLE

    As i lay dying and killswitch are the only two bands who consistently put out great full albulms everytime


    August burns red dude !

  80. Josh Miller


  81. Leonel Aranda

    00:12 https://www.

  82. Leonel Aranda

    Power Ranger Opening

  83. Cole Anderson

    2020 people where you at? Starting off the new year with this banger!

  84. Jonatas Adriano


  85. Memo Saldierna

    omg what a nice return, im always been a fan of you guys

  86. Mr0Fly0High

    This track let my head bounce =)

  87. Maxime Guyot

    Unbelievable clean vocals!

  88. Rock Head Petch

    See u Jan 15 Bangkok

  89. ThunderLips

    Fuck Yeah!

  90. Vitor Silverio

    this is a fucking band ///////

  91. 加藤賢


  92. Howie Ewalt

    That hook creams my corn.

  93. Kaktus


  94. Quincy Perdue

    Damn steroids really changed his voice up

  95. fbprof2 fbprof1

    Always the best

  96. TopGun05

    I just noticed that all of August burns red is in the audience

  97. Cody Mitchell

    I fucking love this new album

  98. Cheddar323

    Prison did this man good