As I Lay Dying - Beyond Our Suffering Lyrics

What we see now is only a fraction...

Bound to learn the hard way (hard way), this is the human condition.
There is nothing that can be said to stop us from making mistakes.
When I look to myself as a source of ending pain, no matter how many times before I've failed.

It seems our problems solve themselves when... when we look beyond us to those truly in hell.

The more I focus on myself, then the more helpless that I become.
So why not erase this point of view? My suffering is trivial...
Beyond our suffering. Ya... ...compared to those who know real agony.

It seems our problems solve themselves, when we look beyond us to those truly in hell.
It seems our problems solve themselves, when we look beyond our suffering.
It seems our problems solve themselves, when we look beyond our suffering. Go...

My trials seem insignificant now.

Why won't we look beyond us? Why won't we look beyond our despair?
It seems our problems solve themselves, when we look to those truly in hell. Go...

Personal redemption cannot change the world,
unless we lay down our lives for those who still suffer.

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As I Lay Dying Beyond Our Suffering Comments
  1. Dylan Black

    By far my favorite record they ever put. So aggressive on this tape love it to death.

  2. DemolutioOn !!!

    Lo de este grupo ,musicalmente,es una barbaridad!

  3. Nilton Lima

    2:29, a mosh with this can murder someone.

  4. Maciel Test

    Foda pra krlh🤘

  5. TheBros2theend

    God bless heal and save you

  6. Dr. Dude

    He really whoops that air's ass.

  7. Iqbal Hidayat

    I play this song with my flute

  8. TheBros2theend

    Jesus Christ loves you

  9. Ramus Doyle

    I will die for this band. See you mother fuckers on the other side

  10. wilder steven benitez ocampo


  11. dylan parrott

    This song is a beast

  12. TheKkd123

    Without tap tap game from iPhone 3Gs I wouldn't know this song exist

  13. Brittany g

    I miss you

  14. Bradley Hauf

    Do you share The Lord's Prayer together? In arms? With Brethren, Sisters? Sophistically?

  15. Kafie Irsan

    best riff

  16. Whiphid437

    It fucking was. This video was filmed on the day at the location that I saw As I lay Dying for the first time. HOB Orlando the Cool Tour 2010. I caught a drumstick from War Of Ages and ended up getting a job at HOB and worked there for 5 years during college. \m/, Thank you As I Lay Dying. You literally created a moment that echoed for years.

  17. Whiphid437

    Are most of the shots in this video from HOB Orlando??

  18. Doomking Armageddon


    What we see now is only a fraction...

    Bound to learn the hard way
    This is the human condition
    There is nothing that can be said
    To stop us from making mistakes
    When I look to myself as a source of ending pain
    No matter how many times before I've failed

    It seems our problems solve themselves
    When we look beyond us to those truly in hell

    The more I focus on myself
    Then the more helpless that I become
    So why not erase this point of view?
    My suffering is trivial (Beyond our suffering)
    Compared to those who know real agony

    It seems our problems solve themselves
    When we look beyond our suffering
    It seems our problems solve themselves
    When we look beyond our suffering

    My trials seem insignificant now

    Why won't we look beyond us?
    Why won't we look beyond our despair?
    It seems our problems solve themselves
    When we look to those truly in hell
    Personal redemption cannot change the world
    Unless we lay down our lives for those who still suffer

  19. Abyss King Erixk

    If they make a new album, they better make it a fuckin bomb as a return :)

  20. Abyss King Erixk

    0:32 that scream doe🤘💯

  21. sy ian

    This song made me lost weight

  22. epicwinning18

    Anyone else nostalgic because of that old iPod game TapTap?


    epicwinning18 here


    Yeah I miss it

  23. Tyler Dees

    Badass song.

  24. Tyler Dees

    Too bad tim disbanded the group. Now its a whole new group the only original is Tim now.

    Jon Presley

    tyler dees False. New song with original members just dropped

  25. TheCrowX

    they sound so good

  26. maks sozinov

    как всегда на выстое

  27. ShadeN

    fuck eah! Love THIS band.

  28. Dan Lévai

    That fucking blast! OMG!!!!!!!

  29. Christoph

    early in the morning,headphones on and watching tired people in the bus...the inner smile is safe... ;-)

  30. Clifford Purk

    this song is so fuckin heavy...this whole album is. love this whole album

  31. Brandon Haynes


  32. Vince Gedeon

    tim is free yes but i dont see aild getyn back tgether nope sadly


    Vince Gedeon well they got back together and have a new album coming out 🤘

    Jon Presley

    SplitVelvet2012 NEW SONG IS DOPE AF TOO

    Marvin Smith

    Vince was totally wrong


    Eat your words!!!

  33. Kwame Coleman

    still gives me chills

  34. Creek da sneak

    This song made bench 315 for 7 reps. I'm a 12 year old girl

    crank retarded joker

    Aaron Knaus liar

    cactus witch

    Y'all realize this was a joke right? 😂

    Nejo Beigott

    12y old girl name Aaron...your parents didnt like you or somethink?...

    Nothing L

    This was funny af

  35. Marcos Nan

    This song is the brutality for itself
    Fantastic tune

  36. יובל נוריק

    Fucking awesome

  37. BuddhistDrummer

    1:28-1:45 THOSE KICK CHOPS. UNF. Hertas are SO tasty! :D


    BuddhistDrummer truuuuuuuu


    I never see anyone use the proper name for it but then again youre clearly a drummer yourself sooooo ye haha

    Louie McClellan

    Mancino is the sickest!

  38. Stancaflorin Florin

    cool band

  39. Tyler Dees

    fucking insane

  40. Jake Davey

    This gives me mutant strength in the gym

    crank retarded joker

    Jake Davey oh really


    Rich Piano smiles upon you

    Bob Ross Lives

    Me likey

  41. Joel Orr

    I like this song! Brutal and gives me more comfort to exhale and inhale

  42. Darren eagleboy richter

    Love it it brutal and heavy!!!

  43. LiL KRiZz

    Why can't the posers go die and quit getting involved in our metal community?

    LiL KRiZz

    Why be nice about it?

    LiL KRiZz

    No, not at all but whatever.

    LiL KRiZz

    Who cares dude, Like no one gives a flying fuck about what you have to say at this point.

    Nathaniel Lebaron

    You guys are both dumb.

  44. endorser

    I dont want to press "like" because it is 666 now :D

  45. RycheRageForOrder

    This song is another prima facie showing that Mancino is the sickest metalcore drummer. 

  46. Dave Baggs

    0:28 Lit a Ford from begging bread no man remington, people ruined you!

  47. TytagarustheMetalMan

    0:46 We must be Otters!!!!

  48. Over Toasted

    I am glad to see that As I Lay Dying has yet to be ruined by "metal heads" that are really fans of fucking shit like BOTDF and BVB. Seriously, so many good metalcore, deathcore, and death metal bands are ruined by annoying people like that...

    Over Toasted

    @Sunwell Cleanser Ok.

    LiL KRiZz

    They're all shit, bro. Listen to Gamma Sector, which would shit on BVB, BMTH, BOTDF and all of those poser bands.

    LiL KRiZz

    They aren't real metal, they never were. They do it for the money, not for the love of music. they're wannabes.


    nice meme bro

  49. Link Link

    :D Suicide Silence is amazing STFU all you haters ;3

    Kwame Coleman

    Trainer Red that band doesnt suck i just cant understand the meaning there for it sucks

  50. Aspacs

    Talking about being repetitive and repeating half a sentence. Ouch.

  51. Aspacs

    Even if they invented Deathcore, being repetitive afterwards could make them original. I don't really know about them but my first impression was, that everything sounded quite similar. Might not be true, but that's how they still could be unoriginal.

  52. Evan Hoover

    As I Lay Dying is NOT Deathcore... lol.


    I looked them up it says metalcore

    Tyler Dees

    There metalcore I fucking hate deathcore.

    Stephen Sturgis

    Who said they were?

    kok ly

    Evan Hoover ew. Deathcore sucks

  53. tyler hnot

    My phone says this was uploaded "january 1st, 1970" wtf

    Nati የጨርቆሱ

    Today is January 1 2020 haha

  54. jamesggdd

    And when I see people misspell the fucking word lose, I LOSE all hope in humanity. Holy fuck!

  55. BBProduction001

    Don't Call Suicide Silence SS I know something fucking bad that was known as the SS

  56. phoxius

    jesus fucking christ. these comments make me want to puke. fuck you all- nobody cares- we all came for the music and we're all entitled to our own opinions.
    then i see motherfuckers replying to trolls all serious like and i loose a little more faith in humanity.
    shit, guess that's enough youtube for me- i gotta go before i have an aneurism

  57. StickyInADarkBlueCut

    I agree about sucide silence. and yes I went on quite the comment adventure

  58. StickyInADarkBlueCut

    This isn't really windmilling music why are they all windmilling? This is more swing yourarms around music and fight pretend ninjas

  59. John S

    I don't try to mask the intent of my statements with grandiloquence. I don't like black metal. Its dumb.

  60. Ruben R

    there were so many other deathcore bands before SS

  61. Ruben R

    they are not one of the first xD

  62. John S

    Behemoth is fuckin gay dude. Black metal is fuckin gay. Listen to some suffocation or dying fetus if you like heavy stuff, not a bunch of makeup-wearing black metal queers

  63. Captain Muffins

    Last time I checked it was a video for As I Lay Dying....

  64. Baal Senial

    I don't care about musicians balls... I want to feel their music, not their genitals! I want to be unable to look down because of headbanging, not throatbanging! Maybe some of you ball-fond-people see this different...

  65. Baal Senial

    I don't like the shortcut SS because of historic reasons... ^^ But suprisingly, I also did'nt like the band...
    But well, however, it was damn fucking awesome :3

  66. corethroughveins

    deathcore? no sir!

  67. Rob I

    they are definitely not deathcore. this is death metal people. chelsea grin and whitechapel are core. and are fucking subliminal

  68. Heath C-c

    Why judge which is better? If it sounds godly when it hits your ears shut up love it and enjoy it

  69. Alex A

    @videogamerselite270 And their solos are bad-ass they sound like they have feeling they put their soul into it you know that's why i love them! ^^

  70. ToTheCrows

    @alankeki hahaha yeah dude :D

  71. Joe

    Old AILD was so much better

  72. Fukyour Namepolicy

    guess what, the more we talk about Suicide Silence, the more likely we will see it in the damn reccomended list. DONT THUMB THIS UP, and get the other SS references outa top comments and lets fucking headbang really hard >.>

  73. Jason Woelfle

    great song but the video needs to be in sync with the music

  74. Project_Nemesis

    @KaddJ1211 they were hiding from the beast ass drum solo.

  75. Anibal Osorio

    Fuck de cristo!

  76. zombie9466

    Besides the fact that they are epic they kick ass because they dont have big egos like some, they still play at a small venue every here and there and are great people to chill with AILD is the best

  77. Ronnie Belcher


  78. amaury lickmyass

    FUckin progress :'D

  79. Ilikepyro

    Um.. why are people comparing SS to AILD, they might be similar but different genre. SS has heavier lows and breakdowns with high pitch screams and heavily distorted guitars. but then again SS is deathcore thats why its taken to a bigger extreme. AILD is the best in metalcore but isnt as "br00tal" as deathcore. Last time i also checked this is metalcore video so fk off others?

  80. Miroslav Manolov

    the best metalcore band!!!!

  81. ToTheCrows

    wtf? this album sounds so much death...
    i love it :D

  82. Marius H

    @KaddJ1211 it was the drum solo of jordan ;)

  83. Death Knowz

    @NoRullezzz Just the drums.

  84. NoRullezzz

    @0stringking0 so my grammar is a fail, we can speak my language now? i wanna see if u can speak it well too

  85. 0stringking0

    @NoRullezzz Wait, what are you even referring to when you say "one more stupid"? Now I understand your name - NoRullezzz - you are referencing about grammar, it's cute. Hmm, was mettamy the first stupid? So that makes me the "one more stupid"? I can't talk this way, back to the subject at hand. This sounds nothing like lamb of god. I was originally calling you retarded because you have no sense of rational musical comparison......but now I am just calling you straight up retarded

  86. NoRullezzz

    @0stringking0 one more stupid

  87. 0stringking0

    @NoRullezzz You're retarded. Stop listening to music

  88. BeyondtheEndMetal

    AILD have some awesome melodic riffs...which adds a definition to their style....

    Check out Beyond the End metal for digitally corrupted stuff...

  89. NoRullezzz

    sounds like lamb of god

  90. ryan cook

    @lzflzflzf ABR is good and im a metalhead :p

  91. Don El Greco

    wann hear real metal? search for Peter Pan!

  92. Robin Krüger

    0:36 epic jump!

  93. hdheartless

    I like a scrub but is changing a bit too

  94. Andres Mejia

    This song is pretty damn good!
    I wish they did a Death cover! That would kick so much ass!
    Lack of Comprehension would sound so good

    Nathaniel Lebaron

    Andres Mejia yeah I dont know about that & why would you listen to a death cover when you can just listen to death.

  95. Alan Raygoza

    Now as I lay dying has balls : D

  96. timothy recio

    I fucking love metal right now. Thank you, God, for metal cuz it just takes away any bad mood I'm in. Holy fuck. This is so amazing. When we're visited by other intelligent life, this is what I would show off to them.

  97. alejandro pat hegg

    this is one of my favorite songs of this album since i heard it for the very first time on tap tap revenge (: