As I Lay Dying - Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes Lyrics

Reach inside of me
Far beneath the encasing of ashes
Bleeding red
Still showing signs of life
Remove the darkness
Take me away
A Stream of Hope destroy this corrupted cell
(Leaving me desolate in the face of perfection)
Unable to hide I am drawn to the fire
It is this pain that brings me likely do

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As I Lay Dying Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes Comments
  1. Jon Williams

    Exactly how AILD is in my memory. Went to a small show in 2002 at shadow ridge church in Vista CA and was in awe. Was given the CD for free back stage at age 13 by Tim and Jordan.

  2. jeff lund

    All these retards complaining about sound quality need to get at least a 7.1 sound channel motherboard and some studio headphones

  3. zakIzak


  4. GoodGoy Productions

    Their riffs have definitely gotten better but I really enjoy and appreciate this for the fusion of genres and no cleans. Does this even have breakdowns? Sounds more like black metal honestly

    Joshua Jackson

    This is far from black metal other than the shitty quality of the recording.


    @Seth Beard what autistic made up genre is this?


    It is no where near black metal.

    Seth Beard

    @kaboose111 It's not made up, crust punk is a real genre if you've actually explored different sub and cross-over genre's of metal and punk. Look it up. Blackened crust punk would be crust punk with some black metal influences. Looking back i don't really think that old AILD is this, but I think there is some definite crust-punk influence. But all in all, it's early metalcore for sure.


    @Seth Beard Metal and Punk have so many special snowflake sub-genres that are just terrible.

  5. Carlos Quezada

    this rocks never listened to this elbum before

  6. NrG

    is the full album in drop C??

    Eduardo Hernandez

    NrG yes drop C Tuning:C-G-C-F-A-D

  7. Cheyanne Gonzales

    holy crap!!!! I love this playlist!!!!!!

  8. Words Records


  9. Raul dos Santos Vieira

    IS THAT TIM ??


    Sounds like Dan from Zao

    Caleb Liu

    +DAVID BROWN Yea they even admitted themselves that they took heavy influence from Zao

    Ryan T

    The screamer for Zao has a much higher pitch to his scream.

  11. John Giles

    Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier....much better version then the Frail Words Collapse version.

    The Nickster

    +John Giles no

  12. The Nickster

    literally 90% of this album is palm mute on low e string

    Jay Pond

    meh it still sounds cool

    The Nickster

    @Joseph Ponce not really... oceans between us is when wild really started sounding good

    Edu Nogués

    except it is tuned to drop C DXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  13. harry_sandusky

    This kind of reminds me of parkway drives split cd and first ep where the lack of technicality gives it a more brutal sound imo

    Mason Likes Punk Rock

    dude those records are fucking awesome

  14. Sami Zaki

    Was Tim using a potato for a microphone back in 2001?

    Ethan Hazelwood

    a sweet potato actually. that's why he sounds so sweet :P

    Joe Higashi

    Sounds great.

  15. Live Wire

    Love this but the guitar playing is what changed AILD sound and got them where they are now.. let's not forget productiin...

  16. Daniel Keeter

    Thought I would never hear this cd again. Perfect! ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Eric Chambers

    This definitely is not deathcore. Not really any death metal influence here, mainly hardcore with metal influence. Metalcore back in the late 90's and early 00's were much darker sounding than whats put out today.


    I never said that Zao has anything to do with melodeath. I know what real metalcore is, I'm saying that even this release isnt pure metalcore. I don't consider melodic metalcore to be an actual metallic hardcore genre. It's mostly SotS worship with a more accessible feel. Thats my point, AILD abandoned whatever similarities they had with metalcore right after this album, In favor of what Overcast pioneered.

    Eric Chambers

    mrkas1995 I see now. Your point was not very concise originally so I misunderstood.

    Seth Beard

    To me, as someone who has explored a lot of sub-genres and cross over genres of both metal and hardcore punk, and maybe it's not what they were going for, this is DEFINITELY crust-punk. Correct me if I am wrong. Check out crust punk, like Cult Leader. Sounds very similar genre wise, even though Cult Leader is newer. Crust is a cross over of English Anarcho-punk with any kind of Extreme metal

    Redneck Zombie

    It’s music who gives a fuck... seriously 😒

    martin rodriguez

    true! indeed there are some not well known bands that are the basics before this (Only Living Witness, Kiss It Goodbye, Premonitions of War, Starweather, Deadguy)

  18. Peter Lion

    This album is so original. Got it's own flavor for sure. I think I've listened to most As I Lay Dying and the rest of the albums are big yawners.


    +Bearded Rizz "the difference between Bring Me The Horizon, Issues, and Attack Attack! are not as noticeable."

    Words Records

    @nanomachines yes all are cookie cutter metalcore.

    Words Records

    Aild and say Poison The Well are very unique.


    @Bearded Rizz But neither sounds a goddamn thing alike..

    Sole Technician

    +nanomachines I completely agree.

  19. licky

    rip tim

    Eduardo Rodrigues

    rest in pieces

  20. Juan Deag

    This is so boring in comparison to As Hope Dies, Endthisday, Rifles At Recess, and Coma Eternal

  21. DropdaLTDtoB

    Lol the spoken word album opening predicts the future of how AILD would dissolve. 

    Edu Nogués

    What does it say? I can't understand it

    bard icus

    +Edu Nogués
    'I thought it would keep us together forever, for me, it was our finest moment. I can still see the flames'.

    Sole Technician

    +bard icus omfg that's fucked up


    @Sole Technician No it's just beautiful. Like Tim reflecting and regretting, looking back to a time when he had it all. A fantastic job where every night thousands of fans scream to tell him what a good job he's doing, four other friends to share the music with on stage and in the studio, grand fulfilment after every show and a home, wife and children.

  22. DropdaLTDtoB

    Holy Shit Tim's vocals are epic on this. What happened.

    Edu Nogués

    They got better recording set

  23. trumpmakemehappy

    what started it all. great album.

    Boxed Terrapin

    American Tragedy split.


    american tragedy was after this

  24. Nicholas Morales

    I feel like it was all downhill for this band after this album. 

    Edu Nogués

    I feel it the other way around


    Not sure how ripping In Flames riffs is less boring than this. They were never a technical band. They went from a bad Zao clone to a band In Flames clone.


    You're one of those obnoxious hipsters that only listened to shit that sounds like it was recorded in an unfinished basement. This is their worst album.


    +Kas fucking what?? In Flames? You lost all credibility with that one.

    Joe DeSimone

    Clearly it wasn't

  25. chuckles218

    thank you for uploading this :)

  26. Matthew Rodriguez

    I love this album. No matter the shitty production quality, still awesome.